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More puzzling pieces

Check this out. And this.

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Saturday Update: Lots of press on this controversy. I'll give you the highlights.

Globe - Liberals float theory on Cadman compensation.

CBC - Daughter urges Dona Cadman to run as independent.

Jodi Cadman asks the question that is on everyone's mind:
...Jodi Cadman told CBC News she talked to her mother by telephone on Friday and asked, "Why are you running for the Conservative Party if you are accusing them of this?

"If it was such an indecent proposal, how are you in good conscience running for that particular party?"

I hear Jodi in an interview yesterday saying that she only heard of the fact that the "bribe" was included in the book a couple of days ago. I wonder why she didn't see the manuscript ahead of time and yet Paul Martin had it for a year? Or was that portion left out of manuscripts sent out for review?

Star- Cadman affair sparks election threat.

Star - Cadman's daughter wanted to go public:

Jodi Cadman said her mother was surprised at the furor raised by her revelations.

"She's probably a bit more naive than I am." As for why her father didn't go public about the issue, Cadman said he was tired and knew the controversy that would result.

Star - Terminally ill `uninsurable' for $1 million, experts say.

And here's the can of worms that Dona Cadman likely didn't count on opening - Chuck Cadman's ethics.

I wonder if Chuck had wanted this story to come out posthumously. Somehow I can't imagine it.

A good man's legacy and reputation is now being dragged through the mud and he's not here to defend it.

It's a shame.

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Sunday Update: Charles Adler: Questions that need to be asked about Cadmanscam - Post.

Garth Turner wants to bring down the government

Garth Turner thinks the Cadman affair may worth toppling the Government over (Globe):

“The questions have not gone away, and each day more evidence has come forward that this is a serious issue. So, unless the government refutes that very quickly, or comes out with a statement of clarification, then I think we ought to be thinking about bringing these guys down,” he said...
(H/T National Newswatch)

If so, I'm wondering how Mrs. Cadman is going to field questions as a Conservative candidate out on the hustings.

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Update: Great audio clip at the Globe - Cadman discusses Conservative overtures (June 12, 2005) Scroll down a couple of paragraphs to hear Chuck Cadman discuss the offers with Dan Cook.

What do you think?

Sunday Update: Liberals not ready to deliver knockout punch - Herald.

Of diapers, thongs and coffee

I have a question for Ontario Liberal voters - Are you happy with your decision?

Today's Post discusses the flippant use of Michael Bryant's YouTube messages as a way to deal with potentially embarrassing questions on the Second Anniversary of the Caledonia dispute - Minister uses web to mark native protest.

This arms-length 'media relation strategy' was also used by McGuinty handlers during the last election to prevent unpleasant news clips from being aired on the evening news, although they weren't always successful.

While Warren Kinsella hailed MikeTube as SMART POLITICAL USE OF THE NEW TECHNOLOGY, opposition leaders saw it otherwise:

"I think the notion that the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs for Ontario would appear via YouTube to the public and to the media of Ontario and not make himself available to answer questions about this today is just typical of how this government handles things," Mr. Tory said.

"This government's all about sideshows, whether it's talking about wearing diapers as a means of trying to address the terrible indignities that are being experienced by some of our senior citizens, or now appearing via some You-Tube sideshow from Caledonia without being accountable. That's what they're all about. It's all about sideshows and not about actually doing anything."

So, Liberal Lemmings, is this the way you want your politicians to be accountable to you? - Through YOU-Tube???

Keith McArthur, senior director of Media Innovation at Veritas Communications tells us that "the YouTube strategy makes journalists' jobs easier, and helps politicians spread their message over the Internet through blogs and e-mail."

Well for sure, because then reporters only have to write down a link before heading out for their coffee break. (And be sure to make that a Timmies!)

And BTW, does everyone in Ontario have access to a computer? What about seniors?

Oh, yeah. I know let them eat Depends - Health Minister George Smitherman finally chokes out an apology for trivializing the plight of soiled seniors in nursing homes with his diaper stunt - and for those gruesome mental images.

Christiana Blizzard
reminds us that this isn't the first time Furious George force fed us more information than we needed:

...Look at his history of public confessions of things that are best left private. First there was a front-page picture of him weeping over the plight of abused people in long-term care facilities.

Then in 2006, he admitted to using "party drugs" at a time he was under stress because his father had been incapacitated by a stroke.

Last year, the openly gay minister mused in a scrum that he was considering wearing a thong to his wedding...

So I'm asking the people who voted Liberal in the last election, Are you happy? Is this what you were after?

I just want to know what the flick you were thinking.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Michael Bryant moonlights in ads for Timmies

What's he pushing? Policy or coffee?

If he keeps dealing with Caledonia this way, he may need one of George's diapers.

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Update: Courtesy of the Prince of Darkness, who calls this SMART POLITICAL USE OF THE NEW TECHNOLOGY, we now have the whole set of Tim Horton's ads. Bryant is admirably non-partisan regarding outlet locations.

Strange things going on

If anyone is looking for a good blog post about today's nebulous events, Hunter has done a great job covering it. The comments are worth reading too.

Also check out MDL clips for more surprising information.

As for me, I'm just too disappointed with Dalton to do much more blogging today.

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Update: Excellent summary at Bene Diction - Chuck Cadman, Conservatives and connecting the dots.

Star - A soap opera with lots of dirt (Political background at the time)

Record: "...However, the publisher of a soon-to-be-released book on Cadman's life was offering tapes of Harper -- at $500 a copy -- discussing a financial offer three years ago..."

Shotgun - One Question for Dona Cadman.

Beyond frustration

Today is the Second Anniversary of the Caledonia dispute, and my frustration with the McGuinty government has reached its zenith.

First we have the arrogant Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant responding to the HDI extortion policy with the following:

"My experience with developers . . . is they didn't just fall off the turnip truck,'' Bryant said. "They know very well what the rules are and the laws are. The only fees that need to be paid are paid to municipalities. That is the law.''

So what the flick does that mean? If they were farmers, then you'd step in and help?

He maintains that "It's up to the police, not the province, to intervene and press charges."

Well everyone who didn't just fall off a turnip truck knows that the OPP has to follow the mandate of the McGuinty Government, which has been so intimidated by a fear of an Ipperwash reoccurrence, that it has effectively castrated Julian Fantino and the OPP in terms of any power to enforce the law regarding native disruptions.

This story alone could take up the whole post, but it's hard on my blood pressure to dwell on it too long.

So we'll move onto Health Minister George Smitherman, who feels the need to announce several times that he's going to wear a diaper to test out the modern incontinence products.

Pull-eeze! Spare us the gruesome mental images and just do something about those poor seniors sitting in their own waste in nursing homes!! We're talking about human dignity here.

And if the Liberals are so into first-hand experiencing of problems, why hasn't McGuinty gone to Caledonia yet? Or Fantino for that matter?

Finally, I am sick and tired of Dalton McGuinty's knee-jerk response of pointing his finger at Ottawa whenever a reporter or taxpayer raises an issue.

For example, he is in shock that the Feds aren't going to bail him out of the manufacturing crisis in Ontario, which Jim Flaherty suggests could be eased somewhat with provincial corporate tax cuts.

McGuinty refutes this suggestion stating:

Mr. McGuinty said it is easy for the federal government to cut taxes because it is awash in cash.

"We're in a slightly different situation here," he said.

No kidding - Because the high costs of a continual policy of appeasement, incompetence and bending over will catch up with you in the end.

He's great at giving out holidays, banning stuff and taking away prayers though.

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Update: Jeff Allan is discussing this issue right now, and suggested in his opening rant that maybe we need UN peacekeepers right here in Ontario. Right on, Jeff!!

Jeff found this remark particularly disturbing:
"We're simply not in a situation in history any longer where Canadian governments are going to dictate solely to First Nations how and what is going to be done on First Nations land,'' Detlor said.

John Tory was just on and said we shouldn't be negotiating while these extortion tactics continue.

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- Caledonia at a glance. Excellent history of the whole sad story. Check out the $$$.

Spectator - No going back. First of a three-part series.

Friday Update: Spectator - $54 million: Total cost of Caledonia dispute.

On McGuinty's finger-pointing solutions - Flaherty wins allies in Ontario attack (Globe)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You're not the boss of me-e-e!

Senate passes crime bill. - Céline was not impressed:

...There were more fireworks among the Liberals when Ms. Hervieux-Payette told the leader that some Liberal senators did not like the Tory crime bill and were threatening to amend it, clearly challenging his leadership.

Mr. Dion told his Senate leader, according to an insider, that this was unacceptable and that the bill must pass. Even Mr. Goodale got into the act in an attempt to talk her out of it...

Well whatever the motivation, thank you for passing this important legislation.

Is the issue religion or tradition?

Gerry Martinuk draws a line in the multicultural, secular sand - MPP hopes to rally support for prayer. (Record)

Abortion: The Untouchable Discrimination Enabler

It's incredible to me that in a supposedly civilized Western country, we turn a blind eye to the blatant gender and handicap discrimination of selective abortion.

Some people see handicap discrimination less morally reprehensible than gender discrimination - even if we're talking about a mere cosmetic deformity such as a cleft palate or a club foot.

Gender discrimination seems a bit less palatable, but the practice is facilitated thanks to the ease of sex-testing via test kits and 3-D ultrasounds, and the availability of unconditional publicly-funded abortion in Canada.

William Saletan's editorial in today's Post shows how the once taboo issue of gender selection by abortion is now in the process of becoming legitimized as one of consumer rights - How did abortion become a consumer-protection issue?

Which means that children are a commodity.

But as abhorrent as that concept is, we can't compromise the sacred right to abortion on demand.

So in the future Darwinian world of perfect males, the feminists who stubbornly refused to budge an inch on abortion rights should theoretically see their gender's numbers thin out by natural selection.

And it will be harder than ever for the Liberal and NDP parties to meet their minimum female candidate targets.

RMR hits Question Period

Harper just mentioned the Mercer Report in today's Question Period. Who says Conservatives don't like the CBC?

In case you missed it, last night's was one of the best - Message from the Liberals: We're adaptable. (Second clip)

Furious George messes his pants

Health Minister George Smitherman is pondering the possibility of putting his butt where his mouth is when it comes to his conviction that modern adult diapers have "greater absorption capabilities" which can justify "a diminishment of care" in nursing homes.

He may actually wear a diaper in order to test his theory.

Seniors and nursing home aides were overheard to have muttered, "That's one big load of @&%#."

I'm sorry. I tried to ignore this one, but it just wouldn't let me.

The political implications of yesterday's budget - With gossipy update

The vast majority of media pundits and bloggers seem to be suggesting that the Federal budget is basically a snoozer. It's a safe proposal with no 'poison pill' to infuriate the Liberals - and not a whole lot to either cheer or jeer about.

In today's Sun, Christina Blizzard moves on to the underlying political ramifications of the budget, such as Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan's pronouncement that it was a 'missed opportunity' (Flaherty has little for Ontario).

So what, you ask? Well according to Blizzard, the big deal here is that he said it en français. Good French in fact. This from a man who had previously declined to comment in anything but English. She sees this as a sign that Duncan is readying himself for a provincial leadership joust.

Which may put more credence in the rumour that Dalton is planning to move on to Federal politics at some point within his present mandate as Premier of Ontario.

...Federal Liberal Leader Stephane Dion said he will not force an election on the budget. So he gets to hang on to his job longer. I suspect there are more people in Canada who believe the Earth is flat than who are likely to vote for Dion. So once he disappears over the edge of that aforementioned flat Earth, there is wild speculation McGuinty will move to federal politics to restore federal Liberal fortunes...

One can only hope. (That he will move on - and share the misery)

...But if Flaherty's budget was really such a "missed opportunity," then Dion could surely force the issue and vote against it. Sure, he'd precipitate an election, but he'd send a message to voters in this province that he cares about us. Then again, since most ridings in this province -- especially the cities -- vote Liberal with knee-jerk regularity, perhaps he takes our affection for granted....

Did you hear that Ontario? Federal Liberals don't care about us and take us for granted!!!

The more Stephane Dion sits on his hands, the more Dalton McGuinty is going to look like a knight on a white charger poised to deliver the Federal Liberal party from the throes of political impotence.

It may end up as the big battle of two former Ontario premiers for the country's most coveted Liberal position.

* * * *

: Check this out courtesy of National Newswatch! Liberal decision comes after long, testy meeting - by Globe's Jane Taber:

...Mr. Ignatieff is on the "hawk" side of the caucus. Many of his supporters want to go to the polls now so as not to be seen continually supporting the Tory economic agenda.

But he was shot down, most significantly by national campaign co-chair David Smith, a veteran organizer and senator from Ontario. Mr. Smith said simply that the party wasn't ready to mount a national campaign, one insider said.

Others argued that they should not acquiesce to Mr. Harper by triggering an election that he seems to want; the election should be called on their terms and timing.

"It's a mess," said one MP about the state of play in the caucus over triggering the government's defeat. Some MPs believe that if the campaign team is not ready, after being put on notice as far back as the fall, then the leader should fire them all...

Of course, any regular readers of this blog know who's really pulling the strings.

* * * *
Excellent post here by A BCer in Toronto: If not now, when?...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kitchener Council makes the Mercer Report!

Anyone following the story of how Kitchener City Council members scored free Elton John tickets as a matter of entitlement should check out The Mercer Report this week (Season 5, episode 16).

One of Rick's clips highlights Mayor Carl Zehr's explanation of why councilors need to be there gratis - to understand how the auditorium works, of course.

Quite reasonable.

Why do I think Mayor Zehr and entourage are going to have a hard time living this one down?

* * * *

Wednesday Update: Tale of two cities' take on tickets - Record:

The Aud's general manager, Kim Kugler, said 61 tickets went to members of city council and their friends or family.

Here's what city councillors acquired (in addition to their single free ticket):

Coun. Geoff Lorentz
-- 19.

Zehr -- seven (and he referred one acquaintance who also bought six tickets).

Coun. Berry Vrbanovic -- seven.

Coun. John Gazzola -- seven.

Coun. John Smola -- five.

Coun. Kelly Galloway -- three. (*)

Coun. Christina Weylie -- none.

* * * *
Record - Rick Mercer on Elton John Tickets.

So Kitchener is now officially the laughingstock of Canada.

Which makes MP Karen Redman the Honourable Member for Laughingstock.

* - Update: Councillor gave away free Elton John ticket.

Mayor makes no apology for enjoying Elton John show -Record.

No poison pill in budget

CTV is reporting that Flaherty's budget does not appear to contain a 'poison pill' for the Liberals, so it is likely that the budget will pass. If the Liberals don't support it, the Bloc likely will due to recent poor polling numbers.

I would say the the chance of an election in the near future is very remote. Don Martin declares the "True Blue budget leaves Dion in the lurch".

Cool headline!

* * * *

4:45 Update: Duceppe says they can't vote for the budget and the NDP won't, so it's up to the Liberals. Dion was already interviewed and said there wasn't enough in there to force an election. So will they actually vote for it? Or will they just walk out again?

4:50 pm: Dion say no election over budget - Globe

7:30 pm: - Budget Report Card - Post.

You can't please all the people all of the time.

8:10 pm: Don't miss the Rick Mercer skit - We're Liberals: We're adaptable.

Mutiny on the Dion?

Did anyone else see the end of MDL last night where Jean LaPierre and Joel-Denis Bellavance were talking about how Bob Rae has suddenly emerged as the controlling factor in the party, and how Dion's orders to get ready for an election are basically being ignored?

JDB called it a "Silent Revolt".

I can't find that clip on the CTV site. Was I dreaming?

The Great Ontario PC Party Makeover

Even though I made a promise not to pillory John Tory any more, that doesn't prevent me from offering some constructive criticism.

I think it's generally conceded that John Tory should have seen the 66.9% support results as a indication that he has some serious leadership issues. Yes, I agree that he should have resigned and thrown his hat in to a proper leadership campaign.

However, he chose to hang on and my personal feeling is if we want to avoid a Liberal government in Ontario for the next bizzillion years, we need to come together and offer a serious conservative alternative. Dividing up into several fractured parties will not accomplish that goal.

With that in mind, please read today's National Post editorial - John Tory's Second Act.

...However, if Mr. Tory and his party are to have any chance of unseating the McGuinty Liberals in the fall of 2011, they must pull together. Mr. Tory's internal opponents must accept that he is their man for the time being -- and he must accept that he can no longer be the nice-guy centrist so thoroughly spurned by voters last fall.

In short, Mr. Tory must agree to undergo a complete political makeover...

So there are two challenges there. John Tory must be willing and humble enough to truly listen to his base and make some major changes.

And the party members and disenchanted conservative voters must be willing to give him another chance. We all need an attitude makeover.

I guess it boils down to the following question - Do you want to spite John Tory by withdrawing your support or do you want to defeat Dalton McGuinty?

I honestly do not believe that you can do both.

* * * *
Update: Randall Denley - Tory as leader is party's best hope.

What a depressing headline.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Say what?

Still trying to decipher this bit of Doublespeak from today's sermon by Saint David - Climate change plan could trigger tax cuts: Suzuki (Globe):

The report argues that making polluters pay a fee for every tonne of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere could raise between $50-billion and $100-billion in revenue annually by 2020.

The report argues that most of that revenue could be used to greatly reduce personal income taxes.

Because manufacturers would never pass on the costs to consumers, right?

And income taxes would come down, of course except for that wee bit would be "put toward renewable energy projects such as wind and solar power." Most of the windfall would reduce personal income taxes though. Uh-huh. Just don't forget your charitable donations to the church Suzuki Foundation.

Well, if you can't scare them to death with Armageddon scenarios, and once you finally realize that jailing them doesn't work either in a democratic society, then I guess the old snake oil tour is worth a try.

* * * *
Update: Tories reject latest carbon tax proposal - Post.

Steve Janke - David Suzuki and uncomfortable warming.

Tuesday Update: GLOBE POLL!!

Do you consider yourself a fan of the work David Suzuki is doing?

Record - Suzuki makes carbon-tax pitch.

Just what Kitchener taxpayers need

More piggies at the trough. - Kitchener aims to boost size of council (Record).

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Losing patience with the deniers*

* Denier - Anyone who crosses David Suzuki.

* * * *

Tomorrow, Kyoto überkop David Suzuki will use a news conference in Ottawa in another attempt to shame the Federal Government into including in its budget a "carbon tax or carbon trading system to cut greenhouse gas emissions".

If that doesn't work there's always jail.

Meanwhile, Kate has highlighted two excellent columns in today's Sun. Angelo Persichilli asks for some truth from the media about how much environmental changes will cost us and how effective (or ineffective) they're likely to be - Science and politics overlap the truth.

The ever-witty Lorrie Goldstein explains how the 'Suzuki Nation' attempts to shame us lest we dare complain about the high costs of going green and how we're being hoodwinked into thinking that something might actually be accomplished in the bargain - It's green fever madness!

Best line:
...And finally in crazytown ... Ottawa ... where, amongst so many other absurdities on the environmental front, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, a man who can't control his caucus, has a plan to control the climate...

But Kate's got a few little gems of her own as she exposes the hypocrisy of jouralists who pretend to care about the environment:

...But let's back up a little, for this is the end of civilization as we know it, and they're apparently convinced of that. A planetary emergency, no less.

How does one convinced of impending planetary doom get up in the morning to work in the industry they do - an industry that employs vast numbers of people to travel the country via commercial jet and automobile, that sustains huge media complexes clogged to the ceilings with electricity consuming CO2-belching technology, that hauls tons of satellite equipment to produce on-the-scene reporting?

That indulges in the broadcasting of sporting events? And entertainment "news"?

"We interrupt this report on the last remaining meter of Arctic sea ice to bring you live footage of Britney Spears' entourage leaving the hospital ... John, you're in the helicoptor, what can you tell us?"

When it comes to curtailing wasteful practices and excessive C02 emissions, shouldn't they be among the first to go?
From SDA: Y2Kyoto - The Twilight Zone.

Brilliant stuff, Kate!

So as Saint Suzuki gets on the media pulpit tomorrow to whip up his congregation into another lynch-mob frenzy, just remember that there are a few truthful media pundits left.

Cherish them - before they join Harper in the gallows.

* * * *
Monday Update: Halls of Macadamia - "Federal Carbon Tax Proposed".

Lorne Gunter - Forget Global Warming: Welcome to the new Ice Age.

For further background, please check out Lorrie Goldstein's previous column, "Green taxes put us in the red". Sun articles don't stay online forever so read it while you can. Some memorable lines:

In reality, there's no way governments can or will make "Big Business" pay more for disgorging carbon into the atmosphere and heating up our planet.

Obviously, they'll just pass along the added costs to their captive customers -- us...

...It's the part the charitable David Suzuki glosses over when he rants (non-partisanly, of course) about how we should throw politicians such as Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper in jail, or out of office, for doing nothing about global warming for the past two years and ... uh ... what? ... replace him with the Liberals who did nothing for 12?

...B.C. will bribe taxpayers with $100 of their own money, just before it introduces its escalating carbon tax July I, which it promises to keep "revenue neutral" via other tax cuts.

You can decide, gentle reader, on the likelihood of that promise being kept over the long term, but early skeptics (should we jail them for climate change denial?) include B.C.'s NDP and Green Party.

On the other hand, The Suzuki Foundation and the B.C. Chamber of Commerce both pronounced themselves pleased.

Open letter to John Tory

Hi John,

Congratulations on your tenuous victory.

If you would like some advice on how to win the next election, please feel free to drop me a line. I'm not going to broadcast it here.

I'll give you a hint though. It has something to do with the previous post.

Conservatives vote with their brains. Liberals vote with their gut.

If you're truly interested in listening to the grass roots, send me an email.

Looking forward to working with you,
Joanne (True Blue)

* * * *
More reaction from blogs and MSM:

Raphael - John Tory won, Can we move on now? (Better check comments, Mr. Tory)

Stephen Taylor - Tory gets 66.87%

Kirk's Blog - 66.9% is smack dab in the middle of nowhere...

- Number Crunch - The math behind John Tory’s “defeat from the jaws of victory” performance in the 2007 election

Star - Let's move on, Tory says.

Blizzard - Yet another bad judgment call by leader.

* * * *
Monday Update: This is a MUST-READ: I am one of the 33.1% - Christian Conservative.

Waking up from a bad dream

So John Tory is still leader of the Progressive Conservative Party. Ontario's nightmare appears doomed to continue. So if misery loves company dear reader, be comforted by the fact that today I am Blue Like You.

That being said, I made a promise to stop slagging Tory once a decision was made and I intend to keep it. At this point the party must attempt to come together or we will end up in the same position as the Federal Liberals.

John Tory has a huge task in front of him. The party is now made up of two solitudes, and the schism lies not only in division of support for him, but also in the urban vs. rural composition of the electorate in Ontario.

This morning Marianne Meed Ward offers some advice to John Tory (The Blame Game). She suggests that it's the party that needs to be reinvented rather than the leader.

Meed Ward 'advice' boils down to pandering to Toronto in order to win the next election:

...Unless the party undertakes a makeover, it will continue to be shut out here. And as the GTA goes, so goes the province...

Of course, the Liberals and NDP do just that. Should the Conservatives follow suit and ignore the rural needs? I don't think so. We've seen enough of that already and it doesn't work for Tories. Political alliance is almost a religion - especially in Toronto. When you already have Orange and Red choices, why settle for Purple?

Trying to woo GTA voters will only serve to further alienate the rural ones.

John Tory has promised us to build the party into one that is a clear alternative to the Liberal party. Pandering to Toronto will not accomplish that goal.

I will agree with Marianne Meed Ward on this point - The party does need to go through a period of careful introspection and decide what it really stands for.

This requires giving the grass roots a real voice and actively listening. It requires a platform built on issues that appeal to the whole province - like health care, safety, a strong economy and being good stewards of our resources.

It means working towards a province where the application of the rule of law is not divided along racial lines.

First, let's have a vision of where we want Ontario to go. Then we can work towards setting the plan into action.

* * * *
Update: Greg Weston confirms my theory about the Liberal 'Lemming' mentality - Rote, rote, rote your vote (Meant to apply to Federal politics, but I think we can extend the concept to provincial as well):

The average Conservative supporter is driven by policies, hordes of Liberals vote by rote and tradition, and leadership is barely a factor in the current popularity of any of the federal parties...

...Conservative voters seem to be driven by ideology more than anything else -- things such as taxes, crime and defence...

...about 60% of Liberal support is based on habit and intangibles...

That sure doesn't say much for the political acuity of the average Liberal voter.

* * * *

Actual survey here via Siscoe.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cherniak thinks Tory deserves another chance

'Nuff said.

One sorry Tory - Updated

3:30 Update - We now have some Live-blogging going on courtesy of Darryl Wolk!

* * * *

This should cinch the question about whether or not John Tory deserves to remain as leader - Mailing of support letters from party HQ a 'mistake': John Tory. (H/T National Newswatch)

...Mr. Tory said his supporters made an "inadvertent" slip when they used party resources to mail out hundreds of letters of support for him. Party headquarters and its staff are supposed to remain neutral in leadership matters.

"It was a mistake," Mr. Tory told reporters yesterday afternoon. "It was admitted and dealt with. ... It was just something that happened that shouldn't have."

And as The Politic pointed out a few weeks ago, this isn't the first time that John Tory has been forced to apologize for something his supporters have done. Matthew rightly asks, "What if this happened during an election?"

These violations and lack of control demonstrate once again that John Tory needs to agree to a proper leadership campaign.

And if that doesn't convince you, how about this? -

...The anti-Tory camp also released polling numbers backing up their claim that the party is unlikely to win the next provincial election in 2011 with Mr. Tory at the helm.

Just more than half the people surveyed said they were less likely to vote for a John Tory-led Conservative party according to the poll, which was conducted by BBM Analytics and sampled 380 people. Thirty per cent of respondents said they were more likely to vote Conservative if he remained leader. The poll has a margin of error of 4.5 per cent...

Say goodnight, John.

* * * *
Update: Do or Die for John Tory - LFP. Schedule of events at the end of article.

John Tory woos PC delegates, nixes faith-based schools funding - CNEWS.

Back off Government - Tory or not to Tory?

6:30 Conservatives back Tory - Star (But not a whole lot)

7:30 PM - Ontario PCs in limbo as Tory receives lukewarm support (Globe)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Any live-blogging at the convention?

A reader asked if any bloggers are going to the Ontario PC leadership review this weekend, and I mentioned Christian Conservative. Are there any other Blogging Tories? Will anyone be doing some live-blogging? (CC says he will if he can get access to a laptop.)

Christina Blizzard's tells us that a recent poll shows only tepid support for Tory - Are knives being sharpened for John Tory?

However, the National Post's article shows that there is a lot of organization behind the Save Tory movement - Ontario's Top Tory battles for his job.

Initially I was ambivalent about whether Tory should stay or not. However, lately I've come to the conclusion that there should be a leadership race, even though according to Blizzard's column "in the last 23 years, the party has never won an election after a leadership campaign."

I think we're just delaying the inevitable. Better to get it done now.

Do you honestly believe in your heart of hearts that the Prince of Darkness would let Ontario voters forget about Faith-based funding during the next provincial election?

Because you see, in order to get rid of Ontario's biggest problem we first have to get rid of John Tory.

Just being a nice guy doesn't cut it as leader.

* * * *
Update: Please!! Do not miss Kirk's post: Tory gets called to the Boardroom. This is an absolute MUST-READ!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cautious Optimism

Things are looking good for a majority consensus on our Canadian mission.

I am very proud and relieved to see how the Government and the Official Opposition are putting partisanship aside to try to find common ground on this most important issue.

The lives of our troops depend on it.

Friday Update: Liberals to support Afghan Motion - Star.

CTV - Hillier urges Ottawa to extend Afghanistan Mission.

Joe Warmington - Taliban assessing our every word.

Hopeless in Ontario

Lots of native issues in the news today.

Hope Bay cottagers have launched a $50-million lawsuit against both the federal government and the Nawash band council.

Meanwhile folks in Caledonia are asking the question, "If Sam Gualtieri had died when he was attacked by a pack of goons last year, would Premier Dawlton McGuinty have come down for his funeral?" This and other questions are on the minds of residents, according to the Sun's Joe Warmington.

...Sam is no longer a homebuilder because since he was ambushed he has lost his business, can't drive, is constantly dizzy, is unable to remember very much of the past and still has difficulty speaking.

He was a champion bowler who has nailed five perfect games but now can only dream about getting enough rehab to return to the lanes.

"It is very frustrating," Sam said in his first interview since the incident last September. "I just find myself with tears coming out of my eyes for no reason."

Another question that came up in my visit to Caledonia yesterday was: Has McGuinty forgotten about Caledonia?

John Tory had the best line of the day. "He hasn't forgotten I guarantee you. It is on his conscience."

So what is the Federal Government doing about this one, you ask?

Well, they have put two offers on the table and are still waiting for a response.

If Dalton McGuinty wonders why Ontario is going down the tubes, he might look in the mirror instead of pointing his finger at Ottawa.

* * * *
Related: $26m offer to natives a mystery - Spectator.

Six Nations counter-offer for land claims coming - Spectator. "It could be $100 million"...

Riots in Belgrade

Caveat alerted me to this one - U.S. embassy in Belgrade set on fire. (CTV)

Now what's that you were saying again, Stephane?

* * * *

Check out the related CTV video footage at the right on the CTV site, especially the interview with Dusan Batakovic, Serbian ambassador to Canada.

Interesting comments about whether or not Canada should recognize Kosovo's independence the way the U.S. has done, and the way Stephane Dion has declared we should do.

Related - Socialist Gulag: The more I learn about Kosovo...

CTV - Serbia's ambassador tells Ottawa to exercise caution.

CBC - Body found inside Embassy...

Friday Update - Chretien: Canada in tough spot over Kosovo. (CTV)

Calling all drug dealers

Jeff Allan just stated that he will be sending Attorney General Chris Bentley a copy of today's show concerning Justice Colin Westman's recent decision to allow a drug dealer to avoid jail because of his 'troubled childhood'.

...Justice Colin Westman, however, agreed with defence submissions that Leo should get house arrest, not jail.

"If I had your background, I wouldn't be sitting here," Westman said. "I'd probably be doing something along the lines of what you did."

So if you had a tough childhood, move to Waterloo Region. You are entitled to sell drugs here. Just work on your sob story ahead of time.

And make sure you get Justice Westman.

Shining a light on Kitchener Council perks

Ticket-gate continues in Kitchener where the City Fathers of Entitlement are stubbornly holding on to their free Elton John tickets, in spite of taxpayer outrage spilling forth from the news and editorial pages of today's Record.

Reporters Terry Pender and Frances Barrick ask the front-page question, What else is going on?

...Yesterday, the phone lines lit up on local radio talk shows. Kitchener Mayor Carl Zehr found himself on national TV defending the move, and The Record received several letters to the editor (see a sampling on page A6) and e-mails sent to the newsroom.

Kitchener taxpayer Brenda Himburg says she isn't even a fan of Elton John, but in an interview following her e-mail, said, "Well I'm, like, how many other freebies are going in under the carpet? What else is going on?"

The reporters answer, "Apparently, not much."

This editorializing of the news is quite interesting and makes me wonder if the reporters received a fair amount of flack from someone high-up for putting this story under the microscope in the first place. This is Liberal-land after all. Home to Liberal MP Karen Redman and Andrew Telegdi, and MPP John Milloy. The heartland of socialism and entitlement.

The reporters seem to be suggesting that the following is barely worth mentioning:
...Councillors get free rounds of golf at city-owned courses. The rounds normally sell for $35 to $40, depending on the day. They also get free tickets to all events hosted at the Aud.

Some people wondered if councillors will get free tickets to the Memorial Cup in May -- the Stanley Cup of Junior A hockey.

A package of tickets for all the Memorial Cup games sells for about $498. Coun. Berry Vrbanovic said yesterday that since Kitchener is the host city for the event, councillors will have some roles to play.

"But what roles and what events I don't know," he said. "Those details have not been shared with us yet."

Vrbanovic said city councillors normally receive two complimentary tickets to all Aud events. That was scaled back to a single ticket for the Elton John show because of demand for the seats, Vrbanovic said.

But he said he was able to buy seven other tickets from the batch that was controlled by Aud management.

"On the general issue, I can appreciate that some folks are disappointed with the ticket situation," Vrbanovic said.

As you may recall, Councillor Vrbanovic was recently in Ottawa and on the MDL show pushing for more federal handouts to offset costs for city infrastructure.

Yet he gets a free Elton John ticket courtesy of the Kitchener taxpayer. Why not use it to fix a pothole instead?

More outrage here, here here and here.

Even the Record editorial board thinks that this policy of getting freebies should be reconsidered.

As John Gazzola, one of the few right-leaning council members noted, it is amazing how "serious issues are greeted with indifference, while the tickets issue generated so much buzz."

"When I see our water rates going up eight, nine or 10 per cent and people just sit back and go: 'So what,' " Gazzola said.

It appears that even Lemmings are capable of drawing a line in the sand.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Noteworthy Post

I was doing my best to ignore Dalton today - mainly for the sake of my blood pressure and digestion. Unfortunately, his annoying little press releases kept popping up.

Never fear though! Fuschi's Canadian Forum to the rescue here - Keep the Lord, ditch McGuinty.

Now isn't that a great title? I think we could work that into a campaign slogan for the next Ontario election.

And while we're at it, let's ditch Tory too.

* * * *
Update: Flaherty lashes back. Great discussion going on at Jack's Newswatch about this one.

Ivison - Bickering could backfire on Flaherty.

Post - McGuinty ridiculed for 'betrayal' of auto sector:

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday he won't tap Ontario's share of a $1-billion federal hardship fund to help save the mothballed Ford Essex Engine plant in Windsor, Ont.

This prompted Essex MP Jeff Watson, a member of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative caucus, to say the Ontario Liberals under McGuinty have "betrayed" Windsor and its automotive economy by refusing to use federal money to keep the plant open.

Mr. McGuinty, who has already pledged $30-million in provincial funds to retool the plant, says Ottawa should match that subsidy with cash that doesn't come from the hardship fund...

What? He doesn't want to use that money - He wants new money or nothing? Good grief.

Thursday Update: What he said - DALTON MCGUINTY IS ONTARIO'S BIGGEST PROBLEM - Flaherty via Post.

Dion squeezed from all sides

You think it's easy being leader of the official opposition?

The NDP's Thomas Mulcair is taunting the Liberals for "abandoning all claims to being the official opposition" with their refusal to vote against the Government.

And to add insult to injury, the prospects of a future Liberal spending machine have been seriously hampered by recent fiscal policy changes as I had mentioned a short while ago.

The Calgary Herald's Nigel Hannaford lays it all out in a somewhat nightmarish scenario where the Liberals regain power and how their former 'racket' to "overestimate expenses, low ball revenues, and ... come up with a fatter surplus than had been budgetted", likely won't work anymore.

I was going to highlight the best parts of this article, but it's all so good that you'll just have to sit back and read the whole thing.

Dion is out of his league.

* * * *
Update: More pressure on Dion - TORIES FLIRT WITH MAJORITY SUPPORT, POLL FINDS - Globe.

Kitchener Council Freeloaders - With CTV update

The politics of entitlement are alive and flourishing in Kitchener.

Thousands of Sir Elton John fans were shut out in the skirmish to snatch up tickets for his March 3 concert at the Kitchener Auditorium. The tickets sold out in less than an hour causing many fans to be literally left out in the cold after having lined up for hours in the freezing temperatures for the privilege of paying $137.25 each - had they actually made it to the ticket booth.

On the other hand, if you were privileged enough to belong to Kitchener City Council, you got yours FREE, with an option to buy extra tickets from a special reserve. (Record - Couldn't get a ticket to see Sir Elton?)

A similar ruckus developed in Sudbury, where city councillors were given a jump start on a batch of reserve tickets, but they actually paid for theirs.

Kitchener Mayor Carl Zehr justifies the situation by pointing to standard Aud practice. The Record article quotes the Aud's general manager, Kim Kugler as stating that this is a routine matter - that councillors are always invited to Aud events and given free tickets:

"We always encourage them to come," Kugler said.

No complimentary tickets were made available from the promoter of the Elton John show.

So the Aud had to buy the tickets that were given to councillors. The Aud is a city-owned, tax-supported facility.

"In every community, there is a need to take care of some community sponsors and leaders," Kugler said.

I would respectfully submit that a Kitchener Rangers game is not quite on the same level as an Elton John concert, no matter how well our team is doing.

In any case, the double-whammy here for anyone who tried to get tickets and was shut out just before reaching that magic window, is that they will not only be missing the concert, but will be also subsidizing the City Council members' freebies through their taxes.

I guess that's why they call it the blues.

* * * *
Update: Jeff Allan covered this story this morning. I'm going to append some of the highlights over the course of the day.

Mayor Carl Zehr was interviewed and offered the following statement (plus or minus a few ums and ahs):
"...the attention that's being given to all of this, uh, I'm having a little ... er, difficulty in understanding it in terms of how it relates to the overall workings of the city."
(Translation: Don't bother me with these petty details)

We are making available tickets to those people who have business relationships with the Auditorium. I think that is fairy normal practice...
(Translation: I am entitled to my entitlements)

One caller said that the practice is corrupt, and that councillors should pay for their own tickets. There isn't enough money for important things like fixing the potholes and getting rid of ice-ruts that are ruining our cars.

* * * *

More from CTV where Carl Zehr was interviewed on Canada AM.

Starbursidereus - Free Elton for everyone!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why Dion should never be PM

Stephane Dion's knee-jerk assertion that Canada should recognize Kosovo is a perfect example of the kind of chaos we would be subjected to if he were ever Prime Minister.

What Professor Dion has failed to learn from his Pakistan gaffe, is that statements involving international situations must be tempered with discretion and diplomacy. Making a brash off-the-cuff observation to score cheap political points may end up having unintended ramifications.

The Harper Government, on the other hand is still considering its response, which is the appropriate way to handle the situation. There is no rush - no need for rash decisions here.

However, in typical Liberal Lemming fashion, Dion does suggest that Canada should not be the first in line:
...But he added, Canada should not be the first to recognize Kosovo's independence, noting that the European Union is divided on the issue...
This is so pathetic.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with Quebec!

I don't pretend to understand the intricacies of this file, but after reading a few different articles this morning, I was able to see that this is a very complicated situation requiring a great deal of diplomacy.

For example, James Bissett explains why Canada should not recognize Kosovo:
...The recognition of Kosovo outside of the UN framework will set a dangerous precedent. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said that Canada should make foreign policy decisions that are not only independent but are noticed by other powers around the world. Here is an opportunity for Canada to illustrate both of these objectives and stand firm for the UN Charter - by saying no to the recognition of Kosovo.
In addition there was a local protest against Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia:

...Protest organizer Jelena Cokorilo tells 570 news Kosovo is the cradle of the serbian church and serbian civilization and that the move is unsustainable from an economic, social and military perspective. Cokorilo says the current Albanian political elite that declared independence for Kosovo, were killing Canadian soldiers in Bosnia during the Balkan conflict in the early nineties.

Obviously this is not a simple matter of who's right and who's wrong. It is an issue requiring a great deal of careful thought, with an eye to all possible consequences.

Stephane Dion has not proven himself capable of handling such delicate situations. He should resign as Leader of the Opposition.

If not, I fear for Canada if he ever becomes Prime Minister.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh good grief!

Will someone please just wake me up when this is over?

* * * *
And is this Mercer just trying to be funny and not succeeding at all, or is it actually a not-so-thinly veiled attempt at Liberal propaganda? (Mercer, Star, CP - bad combination)

* * * *

Tuesday Update: Greg Weston may have some insight on the inner machinations of the Liberal Party - Dion signals retreat:

...there is the army of Grits who would back Bob Rae as the party's next leader in the likely event the Liberals lose the election, and Dion walks the plank.

Rae is running for a seat in the March 17 byelections, contests that would be nixed if the Harper government were brought down before then.

Rae is a skilled parliamentarian, and there is no doubt his future leadership prospects would be enhanced by even a few months in the Commons.

This also helps to explain why some of the Grits who would support Michael Ignatieff for the leadership would not be distraught if the plug were pulled on the current Parliament, preferably yesterday.

From his early afflictions of foot-in-mouth, Ignatieff has evolved into a capable, popular politician, and is arguably his party's strongest performer in the Commons.

If an April election spawned a leadership race anytime soon, Iggy would be tough to beat.

When the Liberals who most want an election are those who most want to heave the leader and take over the party, it's little wonder Dion is taking his finger off the button.

So the Rae side wants to wait, while the Iggy side wants to go. The Dion side ('immediate family and delusional friends') seems to be in a constant state of flux.

No wonder, with so many barely-concealed knives.

Blogolitics - Then and now: Liberal Strategist Scott Reid.

How are you spending 'Family Day'?

For people without a significant other or any relatives within reasonable driving distance, the double onslaught of Valentine's Day followed closely by Family Day must be a bitter pill to swallow. This time of year could start rivaling Christmas for loneliness and depression.

On the other hand those of you with families, but forced to work today must also be feeling a bit down and somewhat resentful. The holiday may have caused extra stress if you were forced to make alternate daycare plans for your young ones.

So, the question today is, how are you spending 'Family Day'? Obviously you're reading blogs. What else?

Are you prostrated with gratitude in front of a statue of Dalton? Or counting the ways that he's destroyed Ontario?

Grumbling that the local grocery and beer stores are closed?

Adding up the costs to your small business?

Or are you all just doing your own thing as usual?

* * * *
Update: We must not forget our friends in Alberta who also celebrate Family Day today! Peter Csillag ponders ponder the state of The Ever Dynamic Canadian Family.

Another province heard from - ChuckerCanuk: Happy Family Day, Ontario (and Alberta).

NDP pushes 'Family Day' as national holiday
- CTV.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dion gets the O.K. from above?

If you check the Election Fever Meter to the right on the National Newswatch site, you'll see that it's now at 90%. Could it have anything to do with Jean LaPierre's scoop on CTV's Question Period today?

The Prince of Darkness had his doubts as to the likelihood of Jean LaPierre having an inside track to Chretiens' thoughts, but doesn't dispute the idea that now is the time to go.

If it's true, that's all Dion would need - Chretien's blessing.

I think election time is upon us.

Too bad, because then C-484 will die.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Man kills woman's son - gets charge of attempted murder

He didn't want to be a father:
...After the sentencing, Knapp said Bryan was scared of being a bad father.

"One day he just snapped," she told the Chronicle Herald. "The only way he could get rid of the baby was to get rid of both of us."

The child's mother is completely disabled:

...I cannot work anymore, I can't walk properly, I lost my son (who) was my future. My mother has had to give up her entire life so she could take care of me, because I can't take care of myself anymore."

Friday, February 15, 2008

In praise of Dalton McGuinty

Taking a short break, but please feel free to use this thread for any interesting news developments, as I may do as well.

Please be sure to check out today's Record's editorial cartoon which has suggested an alternative to the Lord's Prayer in Queen's Park (which as you may recall, does not properly reflect Ontario's diversity any longer - according to our esteemed Premier). It may be a bit difficult to read on the website, but the text goes as follows (Courtesy of

Our Premier
Which Art in Ontario
Diversity be thy name
Thy Province come
Thy will be done
In Earth as
It is in Toronto
Give us Non-gluten
Alternatives to Bread
And forgive us our Fibs
As we forgive Liberals
Who fib against us
And lead us not into
Faith-Based Schools
Bur deliver us from
John Tory
For Thine is Non-Sectarian
All-inclusive and P.C.
For Diversity and

MacKay's whole website is worth a visit.

Happy Family Day weekend!

* * * *

: Tom Brodbeck - Ain't got a prayer? Not so.

Several great letters in today's Post. This one really hits the mark:
A plea for prayer

Before wiser heads prevailed, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty flirted with allowing shariah law in Ontario a few years ago. Last week he indicated a desire to change Ontario's school curriculum to better accommodate black students. And now he wants to eliminate the century-old tradition of saying the Lord's Prayer before the opening of parliamentary sessions.

I have to wonder if we will recognize Ontario in the future, if Mr. McGuinty continues his shameless pandering to his preferred voting blocs.

Larry Comeau, Ottawa.

From the Star:
Who says we have to have a prayer that "reflects our diversity"? What about one that reflects our heritage? Doesn't the premier have more pressing matters on his agenda than dismantling the traditions of this province? It's about time we realize that immigrants come here because they like us the way we are.

Therese Kimber, Richmond Hill

And on the time changes at Queen's Park - Christiana Blizzard: Ducking Accountability.

Adam Radwanski - Hallelujah!
This most joyous of holiday weekends just got a little more joyous. As we gather around our Family Day shrubs to enjoy our traditional Family Day feasts, we'll have a little something extra to celebrate beyond our Families -the impending demise of the Ethics committee's Mulroney-Schreiber hearings...

Sunday Update: Lorrie Goldstein - Dalton doesn't have a prayer. Don't miss this one!

Monday Update: Mackay's cartoon is making quite a splash across the ocean! (Shire Network News - Defending the Anglosphere through Satire).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Charlie Angus vs. the Senate

Great debate going on at MDL right now. Charlie makes a good point that all these Senate junkets are accountable to no one.

Way to go Charlie!

Interview available here. Watch Charlie take on the Liberal Senate.

* * * *
And in other Hill news, Dion is hot for an election (although he may be the only one):

Fife noted, however, that the divisions over calling an election call run deep in the Liberal Party. He said senior Liberals such as Ralph Goodale, Michael Ignatieff, and Bob Rae don't want an election right now.

"One senior member of parliament said to me, either we're going to get (Dion) to change his mind or maybe we're going to have to push him off the ledge," Fife said.

* * * *

Update: Going to take a bit of time off. 'Family Day' weekend and all. Enjoy.

Maybe I'll bake some cookies.

This should make Kinsella spit nails

Regarding #3 on his venting list from early this afternoon - (Check out his blog. I refuse to link to it.)

I received a nice note from David Asper this morning. :)

* * * *

Saturday Update:

Kate's article does get letters! Here, here and here.

Now is the time

Please call or write your MP and indicate your support for Ken Epp's Unborn Victims of Crime Bill, scheduled for a vote on March 5.

Thank you.

Update! The bad news according to MDL is that the Harper government expects to be defeated on the budget March 4. Bob Fife says Dion wants to pull the trigger. Election sometime in April.

Why does the Suzuki Foundation still have charitable status?

As Lorrie Goldstein points out in today's Sun column (This is non-partisan?), Canada Revenue has a strict policy regarding charitable status:

CRA's website says charities are "prohibited" from participating in "partisan political activity," meaning anything that "involves direct or indirect support of, or opposition to (my emphasis) any political party or candidate for public office."

So where does Suzuki get off thinking he can incite students to "put a lot of effort into trying to see whether there's a legal way of throwing our so-called leaders into jail, because what they're doing is a criminal act"?

Oh, he's giving us a lot of excuse, such as he didn't mean it literally, and he doesn't necessarily speak for his foundation. And yet right there on his website is an arrogant piece that starts out by telling you and me what we believe:

Canadians believe that their political and business leaders are falling behind and are out of step with the general population.

Really? I don't recall being asked. Where did you get your stats from David? The students that you revved up after your campaign speech?

...Isn’t it time we made it clear to our elected officials and business leaders that we want them to get to work on solutions? Who will be the first to come forward and break the ice, to offer up some sound policies to get Canada moving and to help us be a model for other countries?
This of course, is the watered-down version - meant to smooth ruffled feathers after his public partisan outbursts.

As Lorrie says, it's pretty hard to separate the man from his foundation:

In June, in Toronto, Suzuki claimed the Harper Conservative government was harassing him by repeatedly auditing his foundation. According to the Globe and Mail, he said: "I am being hounded by the current government because I have a foundation that has my name and so they're trying to take away my charitable (status)," adding he now had to preface remarks with: "Everything I say is my personal opinion, has nothing to do with my foundation."

Really? Quick -- name another member of the Suzuki Foundation aside from Suzuki.

Visit the foundation's website, You'll see a picture of Suzuki at the top beside "David Suzuki Foundation." Both are to the left and slightly above the "DONATE Now!" icon.

Click on the first featured article, (Feb. 6): "Who will pay for our failure to act on global warming?" where Suzuki criticizes Harper and Stelmach.

How can anyone distinguish the views of David Suzuki from the David Suzuki Foundation?

If David Suzuki wants to keep the very lucrative charitable status for his foundation, he should carefully choose his words - or else just give it up and let free speech prevail.

He can't have it both ways.

* * * *
Update - Excellent discussion going on at Sandy's (COTM), where Rabbit has thrown in this comment:
I would like to know what Suzuki was doing speaking at an
NDP fund raiser in 2005.

Suzuki can be as partisan as he wants - just as soon as he relinquishes his foundation’s tax-protected charity status.


Saturday Update: SDA - Rex Murphy spanks David Suzuki.

From letters in the Sun: "Don't muzzle David":

Re: "This is non-partisan?" (Lorrie Goldstein, Feb. 14): Any prudent business leader knows you need people around you who have different points of view, individuals who don't always agree on the best course of action. The ensuing discussion always leads to better decisions. Politicians know this too, which is why a cornerstone of our parliamentary democracy is healthy, sometimes heated debate. This allows all points of view to be considered before committing to a particular direction. It is therefore ironic the Toronto Sun would seek to stifle debate by calling on individuals to complain about David Suzuki's legacy of being outspoken. Furthermore, it smacks of vindictiveness to threaten to take away charitable status just because Goldstein doesn't like what Suzuki is saying. Come on, folks, let's encourage different perspectives, not censure them.

Peter Robinson

CEO, The David Suzuki Foundation

(Lorrie wrote this isn't a free speech issue and Suzuki can say what he likes, but if he's going to head up a charitable foundation, the same rules about political non-partisanship that apply to all charities should apply to his. Are you suggesting your foundation deserves special status?)