Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gutsy Post

Today's letters to the Editor alerted me to an item I had completely overlooked in yesterday's National Post - They had reprinted one of the infamous Danish cartoons.

I had read both articles on the page regarding the arrest of three men who had plotted to murder the Danish cartoonist, as well as the one about Soharwardy dropping his HRC complaint against Levant, and not even noticed the accompanying graphic of Mohammed with the bomb in his turban.

Which all goes to show that either I am a very unperceptive reader, or else this whole issue has been blown out of proportion to a ridiculous degree.

By way of contrast to the moxy of the Post, consider Ezra's observation of how the Mothercorps handled the cartoon - pixellated! Yet no holds barred when it comes to depicting anything that might offend Christians.

Normally I would say to purchase your media carefully, and yet when it comes to the CBC we have no choice. Our taxes fund it whether we agree with their editorial viewpoint or not.

Something has to change.


West Coast Teddi said...

the Danes have published the cartoon again as a stand against "self censorship"

Raphael Alexander said...

Well, good point Joanne. It's certainly not off-limits to insult Christians, because they're the "victimizing class" and everybody else are the "victims". Living in Ontario you should understand this by now. :)

Anonymous said...

The reason it is not off limits to insult Christians is because there will not be millions of Christians pouring into the streets all over the world and shouting and with violence against whatever offends them. Even when Jesus is blasphemed and or cartooned there are no millions pouring into the streets with anger and fists raised against the perceived enemy!
So why is Christ so easy a target and not Mohammad?
Simply this: The Media is scared out of their gourds to even mention it and provoke a world wide revolution of anger against anyone who publishes it and the individuals who dared to suggest it!
The answer is the main steam media are a bunch of cowards because they are shaking in their boots afraid of Islam and their followers but they are not afraid to attack Christ and his followers and so they still think that they are the free press when all along they are the cowardly press hiding behind the easy target of attacking freely the Christians in order to feel they still have the ability to go after a target.