Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Breaking News re: Afghanistan mission

Newstalk 570 reports that the Government is set to table a motion tomorrow for a confidence vote in March regarding Afghanistan.

Get ready for another election!

Update: Now 570 is backtracking and saying that it could lead to a vote of confidence. Hopefully we'll get this all clarified soon. CTV has a updated statement here. (Dion will seek 'amendments' to Afghan motion.) Check out the comments.

Globe - Dion won't give on combat ban.

Star - Afghan debate set to begin.

CBC - Confidence vote on Afghan mission expected for March.

Post - Afghan mission to be put to a vote.

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Update #2: A new wrinkle has emerged - Graham Richardson was just on CTV newsnet reporting that Rob Nicholson is planning to go to the Senate to strongly urge them to get the crime bills through, or there could be some interesting consequences that could also trigger an election. So lots going on. Stay tuned.


Ruth said...

David Aiken just has news on his blog that Roy Cullen and three others in the Liberal party will be voting on the Afghan issue with the government. Poor Dion. He has problems now.

Ruth said...

Sorry, I spelled his name wrong, it should be David Akin.

OMMAG said...

Well Jo ..... this should be loads of fun!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Ruth. This is going to be a big problem for Dion for sure. I think he is ideologically opposed to war, but who isn't? We need to deal with the real world - not University Philosophy class.

maryT said...

cbc reported this vote would take place at the end of March. That is two weeks after the by-election.
Guess those guys are going to have to spend their money, and then spend it again. Of Course if Beatty wins, she could join the greens next election.

Anonymous said...

Bring it ON!! The Liberals are all over the map on this issue.

Just watching Dion on CTV with Graham Richardson. Steffi's seemed to be blaming the media for reporting on the differences rather than the similarities.'s ok though when it's the media training their sites on other parties, right??

The old entitlement posturing is still in play over at Lemmingville.

Anonymous said...

Did I also read that Dion said it would not be a free vote for his caucus?

The perfect storm for the Liberals, AND Dalton McGuinty in the Star today congratulating Harper on his aid package.

Move over Mr. Dion, Dalton's chomping at the federal bit.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Oh yeah. Let's share the wealth. We here in on Ontario don't want to be selfish.