Sunday, February 24, 2008

Losing patience with the deniers*

* Denier - Anyone who crosses David Suzuki.

* * * *

Tomorrow, Kyoto überkop David Suzuki will use a news conference in Ottawa in another attempt to shame the Federal Government into including in its budget a "carbon tax or carbon trading system to cut greenhouse gas emissions".

If that doesn't work there's always jail.

Meanwhile, Kate has highlighted two excellent columns in today's Sun. Angelo Persichilli asks for some truth from the media about how much environmental changes will cost us and how effective (or ineffective) they're likely to be - Science and politics overlap the truth.

The ever-witty Lorrie Goldstein explains how the 'Suzuki Nation' attempts to shame us lest we dare complain about the high costs of going green and how we're being hoodwinked into thinking that something might actually be accomplished in the bargain - It's green fever madness!

Best line:
...And finally in crazytown ... Ottawa ... where, amongst so many other absurdities on the environmental front, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, a man who can't control his caucus, has a plan to control the climate...

But Kate's got a few little gems of her own as she exposes the hypocrisy of jouralists who pretend to care about the environment:

...But let's back up a little, for this is the end of civilization as we know it, and they're apparently convinced of that. A planetary emergency, no less.

How does one convinced of impending planetary doom get up in the morning to work in the industry they do - an industry that employs vast numbers of people to travel the country via commercial jet and automobile, that sustains huge media complexes clogged to the ceilings with electricity consuming CO2-belching technology, that hauls tons of satellite equipment to produce on-the-scene reporting?

That indulges in the broadcasting of sporting events? And entertainment "news"?

"We interrupt this report on the last remaining meter of Arctic sea ice to bring you live footage of Britney Spears' entourage leaving the hospital ... John, you're in the helicoptor, what can you tell us?"

When it comes to curtailing wasteful practices and excessive C02 emissions, shouldn't they be among the first to go?
From SDA: Y2Kyoto - The Twilight Zone.

Brilliant stuff, Kate!

So as Saint Suzuki gets on the media pulpit tomorrow to whip up his congregation into another lynch-mob frenzy, just remember that there are a few truthful media pundits left.

Cherish them - before they join Harper in the gallows.

* * * *
Monday Update: Halls of Macadamia - "Federal Carbon Tax Proposed".

Lorne Gunter - Forget Global Warming: Welcome to the new Ice Age.

For further background, please check out Lorrie Goldstein's previous column, "Green taxes put us in the red". Sun articles don't stay online forever so read it while you can. Some memorable lines:

In reality, there's no way governments can or will make "Big Business" pay more for disgorging carbon into the atmosphere and heating up our planet.

Obviously, they'll just pass along the added costs to their captive customers -- us...

...It's the part the charitable David Suzuki glosses over when he rants (non-partisanly, of course) about how we should throw politicians such as Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper in jail, or out of office, for doing nothing about global warming for the past two years and ... uh ... what? ... replace him with the Liberals who did nothing for 12?

...B.C. will bribe taxpayers with $100 of their own money, just before it introduces its escalating carbon tax July I, which it promises to keep "revenue neutral" via other tax cuts.

You can decide, gentle reader, on the likelihood of that promise being kept over the long term, but early skeptics (should we jail them for climate change denial?) include B.C.'s NDP and Green Party.

On the other hand, The Suzuki Foundation and the B.C. Chamber of Commerce both pronounced themselves pleased.


Anonymous said...

Well perhaps Suzuki will ride in on a horse sporting a lance like Don Quixote , and flying the KYOTO flag !

... sad that many people will listen to someone with no atmospheric credentials other than ex-CBC talking head.

hunter said...

Suzuki and pulpit, so true. Has RevCan looked into his organization yet? He better be careful, as citizens we could take him to the HRC for calling us deniers, and wanting to jail us, that sounds like discrimination to me.

OMMAG said...

Let Suzuki rail..... the more exposure he gets the more his depravity is revealed.

I'm betting the he will find himself ever more isolated in the near future.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I'm betting the he will find himself ever more isolated in the near future.

But will his foundation retain charity status?

Tomm said...


Great post. Kate's words and those of Lorrie's are very good.

I think we will indeed see the Good Reverand Dr. Suzuki, High Priest of the True Believers, tell us what to think, how to think it and where to get the carbon neutral wood that will be needed to burn the climate change deniers and other related heretics (e.g. conservative politicians).

I'll be there to sell the carbon neutral wood, at a moderate profit, and also to arrange my annointed carbon cedits for all those who flew in for the sermon.

I should be making good business "off" Carol and the rest of the CBC and most of the rest of the MSM.

Go with Green,


Kingston said...

Do you know why this is just plain politics, he is giving his big news conference the day before the budget, let be serious, the budget has already gone to the printers, if he wanted anything he has to say to be even considered by the govt he should of given this news conference weeks ago, But no one would of listened then, the man is a huge publicity hound and to quote a politician on QP today about Gen Hillier, If David wants to make the big decision, then give up your foundation and run for office. Personally I am sick of hearing you and you smug self serving comments on my life style. When he sells his mansion I might consider doing more then I already do which is replace light bulbs, keep my vehicles tuned up and recycle.

Swift said...

It's not loosing patience, it's panic. The long known alternate theory of man caused global warming is solar caused global warming. The sun has been unusually active for the last century. More and more it looks like the sun may be heading into a time of unusually low activity. The last one was in the early 1800's and coincided with a period of low temperatures. It's going to be hard to sell global warming hysteria when the temperatures are below normal for the next three decades. This should worry the AGW crowd, but the panic is caused by the dramatic drop in global temps over the last year. Two thirds of the temperature rise since 1900 has been wiped out in twelve months. Of course AGW theory allows for temporary cooling trends , but the solar theory predicts there will be a long term temperature drop whenever the sun is quiet.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Swift, good point.

Lorne Gunter picked up on that today.

OMMAG said...

I've looked into the Suzuki foundation.

They claim to have a firewall between government funded scientific research and the "privately" funded activities.

Although it remains to be seen whether or not any of the funding foundations listed in their contributors receive and government funds it is worth questioning how much actual separation actually exists.
When the organization relies on the Suzuki Brand for both areas there would seem to be an apparent conflict.
I'm wondering what's being done in either area that justifies any support.