Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tidy summary of today's events on the Hill

The previous post was getting a bit messy, but thankfully the Post has come to the rescue with a preview of John Ivison's column for tomorrow - Canada dodges election bullet as Dion backs down.

He summarizes the political highpoints of today's Drama on the Hill, and gives his own conclusions on where that leaves us regarding an impending spring election.

According to Ivison, there is a good chance that today's events may have deflated two out of three possible election triggers. The one which remains is the budget, but he suggests that the Bloc may support the government if there is room to negotiate. However that depends on badly Duceppe wants an election.

Interesting times indeed.

Of course ChuckerCanuk has his own take on things.

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In other news, the Ottawa Gong Show carries on. Losing its audience, I would say.

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maryT said...

Yesterday's witness, LaLond was great for Alberta voters. Brought back the memories of the NEP, after Chretains statement our wealth belongs to Canada.
And comments from TO voters tell us to get over it. NEVER.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I'm so glad you commented. I hate doing a post and then having no comments. Thanks! ;)