Monday, February 04, 2008

On regulating 'normal' conduct

Classic Steyn. Don't miss it!

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Tuesday Update
: Mark Steyn has Letter of the Day in today's National Post - Why Don't You Sue Me?

...Yet there is no "presumption of innocence" in Section 13 "hate" cases. Au contraire, there is a presumption of guilt, which is why no one hauled before the CHRC under Section 13 has ever been acquitted -- with the exception of the "Canadian Nazi Party," which got off scot-free on the quaint grounds that it did not, in fact, exist. (The fact that Richard Warman, "human rights activist" and the CHRC's serial plaintiff, is reduced to suing entirely fictional entities tells you a lot about how necessary Section 13 is to the Queen's peace)
Alas, if you do have the misfortune to exist in what passes for the real world at the CHRC, then your chances of bucking the spectacular 100% conviction rate are a lot slimmer. So Maclean's and my book will be convicted because that's the only menu option available. Section 13 and its administration are a public scandal. I hope Canadians will support Dr. Keith Martin, MP, who has introduced a private member's bill calling for its abolition...

Ivison: Free Speech not just about Nazis. Please read this whole editorial. Very illuminating.

A vous M. Kinsella.

What's this? Warren's right to Free Speech has been denied by the National Post? How utterly ironic.


Anonymous said...

Did Steyn get *anything* right about the war in Iraq? Forgive me, but I prefer to read people who actually have a knack for representing some reasonable FACSIMILE of reality.

Anonymous said...

Steyn mention the 'truncated version' in the Globe and Mail.
If the G&M 'reporter'( I use that term for lack of another word)had made any effort to further explain why Martin was introducing the motion it would have been too complicated for readers such as anon #1 to get the irony.

You are forgiven anon.
Stick to American that's reality for ya!

Anonymous said...

The most serious issue facing Canada today is this Human Rights issue. This is a classic liberal issue relating to the rights of the individual. The Star Chamber of history is being exhonorated and the Magna Carta is being thrown out the window. No true classic liberal can support the Human Rights Commissions as currently constituted. It is contrary to all development of British common law and individual rights. If the individual can be railroaded like this what hope has the socialist commune. Modern canadian Liberals have forgotten their roots and left the protection of the common man to the modern Canadian Conservatives who have devolved into modern liberal saviours. The old monikers of left and right have been turned upside down. Socialists are showing their true fascist colours. They say believe what I believe or suffer the pangs of their version of hell.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon at 09:27:00 PM - Very eloquent and right on the money!

Mel said...

I second that comment about human Rights being the most serious issue facing Canada today.

We must be permitted to express our opinion publicly. published, or private.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Mel, that's true. Everything flows from that, doesn't it?

If someone is inciting hatred, that can be dealt with at a criminal level. It is an entirely different thing than merely expressing your opinion or as in Mark Steyn's case simply repeating something that someone else said.

Anonymous said...

While I share the opinion of the anons above about the importance of this issue (us anons stick together ya know), I disagree as to the most important issue facing Canada.

The most important issue facing Canada is the impact of multiculturalism and its necessary denial of the superiority of Western ideals.

Greek/Judeochristian ideals ARE superior.

Genuine democracy IS superior to other forms of government.

Two parents ARE vastly superior to one for child raising.

Role modeling is the role, nay the DUTY of parents, not the state.

Laziness SHOULD NOT be rewarded with social housing and more welfare.

And, Intolerance is INTOLERABLE.

All of these basic notions were accepted in Canada 50 years ago. Now you can get into a fight with any number of people on any one of these issues. Moral relativism has run amok.

The corruption has permeated through our education system and government for two generations now. It is merely a symptom of the problem that we have to defend our freedom of speech.

The HRC issue is largely a consequence of being eaten from within by multiculti correctness.

We might or might not set back the tide by reversing section 13 or even modifying the HRCs, but the rot from within continues apace.

Anonymous said...

Let's summarize the last anon:

The most important issue facing Canada is the impact of multiculturalism and its necessary denial of the superiority of Western ideals.

Read: White culture.

OMMAG said...

Make that White Culture without the BS of White LIberal Guilt.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't take long for racially superiority complex to crop up here, does it Jo?

Real good company you keep.

Anonymous said...

*racially = racial

travii said...

secular classical liberalism does not care about your race. they are not "white" values. they are the bedrock of a society of free people. and they are what all suppressed people long for.