Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Politics of Trust

O.K. I’m over the red pepper thing (she was probably a liberal anyway - certainly not from the Green party or she would have been in Organics). Back to politics where I can safely channel my anger.

  • So, why haven’t we heard from Buzz Hargrove lately? Isn’t he on board with some liberal bloggers regarding their assessment of Jack and Olivia Chow resembling dogs?

  • Why does Paul Martin keep insisting that Ralph Goodale is a good and honest man, as if that statement alone should prove that there was no leak regarding the Income Trust announcement? Whether or not Mr. Goodale’s character is squeaky clean is not the issue. The question is whether or not lower level staff leaked information to special interest groups either willfully or by accident. Accountability and control in both the Finance Department and the PMO itself are the issues that need to be addressed. Canadians must be reassured that trading and ethics were not compromised, or else confidence will be lost in the markets. It takes the phrase, “It’s who you know in the PMO” to whole whole new level.

  • Speaking of the Income Trust scandal, why does Paul Martin keep saying that there is no evidence of wrong-doing, and that it is because of the opposition parties’ allegations that the RCMP is even investigating -as if the RCMP would respond to any accusation without having sufficient reason to proceed? The Liberals’ sense of entitlement and power is so engrained; they have forgotten how the system is actually supposed to work.

Well, I’m on my way out in search of some decent red peppers. I sure hope I don’t run into that woman again. What did she expect me to do anyway – levitate them into my cart? I didn’t see any disposable latex gloves supplied alongside the plastic bags either.

Anyway, Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Red Peppers Can Be a Source of Contention

So I was at my local grocery store today, which is probably my second home. I spend so much time there, and the one near us serves free coffee, so hey, how can I refuse? Anyway, I was looking for some nice red peppers to incorporate into a veggie tray for New Years' Eve - lots of pressure.

Well, today they didn't have very great red peppers. Most of them had bruises, and not anything you could cut up and serve to people even disguised in a dip. One after another after another I picked up, and they were all second class. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a middle aged woman frowning with cart firmly in hand (like a weapon).

"Um, sorry, am I in your way?", I stammered politely.

"No, it's not a problem", she sneered. "I'm just watching you handling all of the red peppers.."

"Mmm...Well there aren't any good ones.." (I checked my hands to make sure I didn't look like a leper).

As if to prove a point, she proceeded to stuff all the peppers she could handle into her plastic bag without even checking to see if they had any blemishes.

Then I slunk (is that a word?) away trying not to let anyone know how humiliated I was...

Later I thought of all kinds of come-backs. Why is it later that you think of all this stuff? Like, lady, if you're reading this right now, I was just watching you being so indiscriminating about your pepper selection. I mean, do you not have any standards?

O.K. maybe I have a bit more to travel on my jourmey.