Monday, February 11, 2008

On questionable taste

Only Kate could have pulled this one off. Kinsella got sucked in - hook, line and sinker.

I think Bluetech said it best:

I can picture him with his Barney a heap of Rubble.

So which was it? The greatest pwn of all time, a joke gone too far or flagrantly anti-Semitic? I've got mixed feelings on this one.

All in all though, not a great weekend for Kinsella.

Many more opinions from Blogging Tories. And one from the left.

So in the end, who got who? And who cares?

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Speaking of the National Post and bad taste, what did everyone think of their weekend "Love & Sex" edition? These readers were clearly not impressed.


Lee said...

Theres a couple of things that occur to me.
I will not pretend to know what Kates motivations were, although it is fair to say that she has been the recipient of some nasty remarks from Kinsella.
What i came away with is that this clearly demonstrates the eagerness people have to take at face value anything that appears to advance an agenda without exercising due diligence as to veracity.
Theres a whole lot of people that could learn from this.
The second thing is:

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Lee, well said on both counts. ;)

Kinsella has a tendency to act before thinking, from what I've seen.

He should just chill out and let some of these vendettas (with Kate, Levant, Post) fade away.

Anonymous said...

I wasted my money on the Post this weekend.

Then again, is there a concern re: Love and Sex among Canadian voters that we don't know about?

Could it be a sign of Harper's secret agenda?

What next? A calendar of our MPs half-clothed in an attempt at raising campaign funds?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

What next? A calendar of our MPs half-clothed in an attempt at raising campaign funds?

Oh, please. Not Scott Brison.

Joe said...

I think we need to put this in perspective. Warren found a picture of tattooed numbers on a forearm and a little note attached saying I don't share this with many.

Warren leaps to the conclusion that this will advance his anti-freespeach crusade and immediately posts it on his website for all the world to see.

It turns out that the number is the serial number off a motorcycle and that makes the sender of the picture guilty how?

There is no right more precious than free speach in a liberal democracy. WK has been using Nazi imagery to shut down free speach in effect turn Canada into a quasi Nazi state.

Its long past time that people's views like Warren's be held up to public ridicule.

Want to see the real evil in this instance? Warren tried to use the Holocaust to advance his agenda.

Gabby in QC said...

"Want to see the real evil in this instance? Warren tried to use the Holocaust to advance his agenda."

But isn't that similar to what many conservative bloggers, including me, objected to in the GW "debate"? Where people who question the science are called "deniers"?

Or Elizabeth May accusing the PM of being Chamberlain-like?
Jack Aubry, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Tuesday, May 01, 2007
"Green leader Elizabeth May is standing by her comments over the weekend that condemn Prime Minister Stephen Harper's stance on climate change, comparing it to "a grievance worse than Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of the Nazis."

Isn't it time we stopped USING the Jews for ANY purpose in our arguments?

ALW said...

I dunno, Joanne. I think far too many conservatives are blinded by the desire to see Kinsella look like an idiot. I have no love lost for Kinsella either but that doesn't really justify what Kate did here. We'd be hypocritical to claim otherwise.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well, I'll defer to the wisdom of the second best Conservative blogger in Canada regarding the questionable actions of the first. ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't care. Maybe Kate read Kinsella's books and is now doing the practical work?

What's interesting to me in all of this is Kinsella's supposedly leaving the Post. Too bad. I actually didn't mind his stuff, but interesting that he's allegedly going to work for the Jewish Congress...a group that really would have liked John Tory'e fb school plan. I wonder how that will square with the brains behind the McGuinty election twists?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lee. What it tells me is that even someone as supposedly knowledgable of kicking ass in politics can be fooled, and doesn't do his homework. Pretty similar to those Canadians who fall for spin I'd say

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Aha!!! Now we know what to do in the next Ontario election! Hire KATE for the Progressive Conservative party's strategist!!!

Anonymous said...

I must be the only person in the blog-shere that finds the whole thing rather boring. I don't really care about WK or what he thinks. I haven't kept up with their running feud because I view it the way I do 'reality tv'. It's insipid. I don't really understand why anyone is interested in all the bickering. I don't like WK, so I don't read him. Nor do I read the links that others post to him. I quite like Kate's blog but I don't often read the comments as I find the intolerance of some of her readers quite appalling. So.. I've been ignoring the fact that the two have had this back and forth for a while .. I don't read him and I don't read her posts that refer to him.

So.. she played a trick on him. Why does anyone care? That so much time is being spent this morning across the blog-shere even discussing it amazes me. It's like watching a bunch of kindergarten kids out at recess.

So she used imagery that is offensive to some. So what? Isn't that the very concept we have been debating for the last number of weeks? Why is anything to do with the German holocaust considered to be 'untouchable'? That’s the same as saying that satire or criticism of Mohammed should be 'untouchable'. Heaven knows I get offended all the time, but that doesn't mean that pro-choice or pro-capital punishment or even, heaven forbid pro-liberal is bad taste or offensive. It just means I find it in bad taste and offensive.

Let Warren and Kate play their juvenile games.. whatever. Me? I'd prefer to not gawk at this soap opera and get on fueling my mind and interest with important and relevant topics (as is found at JJ)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

(as is found at JJ)

- or Blue Like You. ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last anon. I've stopped reading both SDA and WK blog because it's like rubbernecking a car accident.

They're both losers these days if you ask me. A nice diversion from those things most hard working Canadians care about.

Anonymous said...

There is more to this than meets the eye.
Bottom line Kinsella very quickly jumped at the chance to toot his own horn when he 'assumed' he had been contacted by a victim of the Nazi's.
That's exploitation.
The way I see it Kate sensed his arrogance, and he showed his true colours.
Personally, my distaste for Kinsella started when he, as an 'oh so tolrant' Liberal strategizer ridiculed Stock Day for his faith.The same MSM that were too 'tolerant' to fully cover the Danish-cartoon story, gave Kinsella a 'high 5' for what he did to Day.
Even those that don't believe in the Six days of Creation could see the hypocracy.

The biter has been bitten.


Möbius said...

I dunno, Joanne. I think far too many conservatives are blinded by the desire to see Kinsella look like an idiot.

They both look like idiots, in this little prank. WK does nothing without thinking of the political advantage. I'm not sure what KM was thinking.

Kingston said...

Joanne, I cannot back Kate on this one, I understand what she was trying to do which is basically causes WK to stroke out, but she crossed a line doing it. My first look at pic was the same as WK.

OMMAG said...

So a person sends and email to another person with an example of a serial number.
The recipient jumps to a prepossessed
conclusion and make a fool of himself.
Then cries like a baby stirring up the rabble to go all atwitter about their intrepid leader's public denoument.

High drama or low farce?
Who cares?