Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How deliciously ironic

Kinsella quits the Post, and one of his Wicked Witches appears with a column - Gag me with a memo.

Siscoe discusses the substance. I would only add that this topic is almost as toxic as abortion. One word of support from the government and the Prince of Darkness would be invoking Godwin to the point where the letter "N" would no longer be functioning on his keyboard.

Trio arrested, accused of plot to kill cartoonist - Post.

And speaking of Godwin, totalitarian states and incitement, check out this analysis by criminologist John Martin in the Province.

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Thursday Update: Now it's Kate! Siscoe asks, D'ya think Kinsella's head exploded?


Anonymous said...

Kathy makes some good points, but her opinion is based on the assumption that if the CPC is not 'talking' (read:getting the message to the media)that they are not working.
Look how the media spun Dr. Martin's motion, implying he was doing it for the white supremests.
But good for her to stir it up.

Yes!! The irony!!It's great! lol

Roy Eappen said...

Yeah Kathy!!!! Hipefully this will be a regular column!!!

Anonymous said...

Great article from "Five Feet of Fury"
I just e-mailed my MP (Rob Nicholson) expressing my disappointment in Stephen Harper and his tactical decision to NOT be seen supporting Dr. Martin on this issue and I included a copy of the National Post article for good measure.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Everyone should send the article to their MP and ask for action.

Anonymous said...

William says....

Now is NOT the time to debate any changes to HRC Laws....
After we get our Majority..Yes.

I do NOT want to fight an election, with LIARS like Kinsella and his MsM followers calling all conservatives NAZI'S...!
I get enough of that already.

GrantK1 said...

Great idea, my MP is Stephan Harper but I have no idea how to send him an email never mind attach an article to it. I can barely comment on these blogs without hurting myself as I"m not too computor savey. Anyone know how to get the PM's email address I'll give it a try.

Gabby in QC said...

Sorry to disagree.

Kathy Shaidle and others of her ilk IMO demonstrate the same rabid opinions and tactics that she condemns in others.

Maybe it's a generational thing, but I don't buy into the in-your-face attack mode, "freedom to offend principle." There's a misnomer if I ever heard one.

All it does is to raise the volume and generate more anger, animosity and extremism.

It may give Ms. "5 Feet of Fury aka Relapsed Catholic" more time in the limelight, but it does nothing to further civil discourse or the betterment of our society.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Grant, you did great getting through the hurdles here.

You are so lucky to have Stephen Harper as your MP!!! I am insanely jealous.

Contact info here.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Maybe it's a generational thing, but I don't buy into the in-your-face attack mode, "freedom to offend principle." There's a misnomer if I ever heard one.

It's a tricky issue. Somewhere there has to be a defining line between hate speech and free speech. Pinning it down is the challenge.

In some ways, what Suzuki said borders on hate speech.

But our freedom to express ourselves is seriously in peril if we are all intimidated by HRC's.

Raphael Alexander said...

I am quite literally stunned... no other word for it, that Kathy Shaidle got a gig at the Post in the absence of Kinsella. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Grantk1 said:
"Great idea, my MP is Stephan Harper but I have no idea how to send him an email never mind attach an article to it."

I'm probably one of the least computer literate people but here's what I did:
At the biginning of the article left click and hold, scroll to the end of the article and then release. Everything should be highlighted. Then right click in the highlighted portion and chose 'copy'. Then go to your e-mail and left click where you want the article to be placed and then right click. Chose paste and there you have it. Delete the stuff that you don't want like the advertising or blue highlights and you should be left with the complete article.
Give my regards to Steve.

Annie said...

Good for Kathy, she will do well at the post. And while I often agree with her, this time I don't. Anon @ 10:11 is right.

Let's face it, if a Conservative comes out for the abolishment of HRC, the leftist media and attack dogs will be all over it. The reality or the truth will cease to matter - we've all seen it a hundred times.

While disappointed, I understand the 'keep your head low' mentality. I'd prefer the govn't come out like gangbusters on free speech, but I'd prefer more a Conservative majority. Then and only then will they be able to address the HRC's, the CBC, SOW etc. If they get a majority and DON'T deal with those, THEN I will pass judgment.

SH has shown himself to be a ‘master strategist’. He does the right thing at the right time and never allows impatience to interfere. I have to believe that he has a plan.

'Til then, I'm sick of being called a Nazi, a racist, an earth destroyer etc etc. Right now I have to believe that patience will be rewarded. The HRC's have been out of line for a long time, a few months or even a year more won't do that much more damage that a true Conservative majority can't reasonably fix.

For now, I keep the faith. SH & Co. - don't let me down.

OMMAG said...

Shaidly's exposure ... or rather the exposure that Kathy Shaidle will get from this platform in the Post is going to create a lot of consternation in the moonbat nests.
Especially those located on Front Street in Toronto !!!

Shaidly round One to you :)

And good for her for this matter of failing to stand up against the HRC and their ABUSE of our rights.

Gabby in QC said...

"But our freedom to express ourselves is seriously in peril if we are all intimidated by HRC's."

But those challenges should be done through the appropriate means - you know, like the LAW and the COURTS that we profess to believe in.

It's not by writing belittling comments about the PM like “Looks like Stephen Harper lost a few things during his move to 24 Sussex Drive. Namely, a principle or two” that Shaidle will succeed in changing anything.

All she's doing is raising the temperature.

SHE may get a few jollies by patting herself on the back, congratulating herself for being oh so edgy. Will it change anything? Not!

Anonymous said...

To Grantk1
BTW, I choose to copy and paste rather than include a website url because I think that people very seldom actually do go to the website they're being directed to. This seems to be the case even within the blogging community.
I personally have a certain mistrust of being directed to unknown websites in e-mail I receive from someone I'm not familiar with.
Copying and pasting ensures that the content will be readily available to the e-mail recipient.

You can also include the website url (address) if you're so inclined. Go to the webpage you want them to read, left click on the url (the http address in the little slot at the top), right click then copy, go to your e-mail, left click where you want to paste it, right click and chose paste. It's as simple as that.

Blue Magic said...

I think it was a good memo.

If I where part of the communiction staff for the CPC and saw what happen to Dr. Martin, I would be sending out the same thing.

It's just common sense. It looks like a very straight foward thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Annie but I disagree.
I think that the majority of Canadians believe in free speech and would agree with ridding the Human Rights Act of Section 13.
Just as a majority believe in the death penalty, harsher punishment for career criminals or violent crimes, reducing the GST, smaller government, Afghanistan, and on and on.
Let the Liberals spin this whichever way they want. The people will decide who wins the election and not the spin doctors.
I'm not willing to go through an election where the Liberals accuse the Conservatives of having a hidden agenda and hiding our support for repealing Section 13 would be just that.
We have to stand up for what we believe in and take our argument to the voters to let them decide.
And while we're at it, lets be perfectly frank about global warming too. It's high time we took the opposite stance and started calling it pollution and NOT global warming. I'm all for cleaning up our environment but I don't think that failing to do so will plunge us into another ice age

Gabby in QC said...

"We have to stand up for what we believe in and take our argument to the voters to let them decide."

That's true. But again, it depends on how it's done.
Success in advocating an opinion will not be done by demeaning our opponents OR by deriding those who don't jump on our bandwagon.
IMHO, the latter is what this "memo" has done.

maryT said...

If a conservative MP had brought this motion to the HofC, the media would have been all over him/her, for supporting all kinds of bad things. It had to be a Liberal to do it.
Wonder if it comes to a vote who will be the Pied Piper of the day to lead liberals out of the HofC.
Goodale did it yesterday, whose turn next.

Anonymous said...

William (no blogger account) says..

Right on Annie..

Here is what I posted over at
Making Sense With Nicholls

Are you daft?

Do you honestly believe, Harper and the conservatives will get a fair and unbiased hearing from our
oh-so-unbiased MsM in regards to re-writing Canadas HRC laws...?

If you do...I have some realestate in Florida you might be interested in..get with the program man.

It isn't about attaining power at any's about hanging on to what we have, and when the time is right propose changes, we can all live with.
Right now the deck is stacked in favour of the Kinsellas and Libs.
I'm tired of being labeled a Nazi by the left, and you and Kathy and quite a few others aren't helping the cause...!
Wake up man.