Thursday, February 28, 2008

Strange things going on

If anyone is looking for a good blog post about today's nebulous events, Hunter has done a great job covering it. The comments are worth reading too.

Also check out MDL clips for more surprising information.

As for me, I'm just too disappointed with Dalton to do much more blogging today.

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Update: Excellent summary at Bene Diction - Chuck Cadman, Conservatives and connecting the dots.

Star - A soap opera with lots of dirt (Political background at the time)

Record: "...However, the publisher of a soon-to-be-released book on Cadman's life was offering tapes of Harper -- at $500 a copy -- discussing a financial offer three years ago..."

Shotgun - One Question for Dona Cadman.


hunter said...

Thanks for the link!

You are right, strange things are going on, I suspect it's just Liberals trying to protect their jobs, and the media being the usual Liberal mouth pieces that they normally are. The Mulroney issue flopped big time, so now they are going to try with Cadman. Watch for the ethics committee to start looking into this issue.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I hear the RCMP has been called in.

Great diversionary tactic to draw attention away from Stephane Dion's incompetence.

It may come back to bite him though.

hunter said...

Good, let the RCMP investigate nothing, it is an indication of how desperate the Liberals are becoming.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yeah, the Liberals will run with this as long as they can.

This is interesting:

...Publisher Howard White said the leak didn't come from his office, adding the excerpts he's seen quoted in the media come from an older version of the manuscript.

"It must have been from one of the reviewers that the author had contacted," he said.

White said Zytaruk sent versions of the manuscript to a few friends, as well as Paul Martin.

"I think, possibly, [the author] didn't realize the new value quite fully," he said.

White said he was also caught offguard by the media attention generated by the book in the past 24 hours.

"I knew that it had news value, but I didn't know how much. Our intention was to keep it under wraps until the book was published and then do a press conference," he said...


Anonymous said...

I think it's just a ploy to sell a bad book.

The Liberals at always seem to be finding their issues in the bargain basement of politics these days.

What about the ethics of picking on the dead? I have a real problem that the Liberals don't respect that at all.

Leave Cadman alone you bullies!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and check out the lame CTV poll question today re: this issue.

It's missing an option don't you think? "do nothing".

Not that they want to drag this on for the sorry ass Liberals or anything.

Message also to CTV, CBC and the rest of you losers....leave Cadman alone!

Anonymous said...

if the Liberal lemmings really must focus on the dead and dying...may we direct them to their own party?