Thursday, February 14, 2008

This should make Kinsella spit nails

Regarding #3 on his venting list from early this afternoon - (Check out his blog. I refuse to link to it.)

I received a nice note from David Asper this morning. :)

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Saturday Update:

Kate's article does get letters! Here, here and here.


OMMAG said...


What's ruddy faced and blotchy and goes whooooop?

A - Kinsella sucking wind.

Honey Pot said...

He is going nuts! Can you imagine what is going through that sneaky little mind of his. He is just grasping at anything, and making himself look like a total fool. You would think he would realize by now that it is all going to backfire in his face.

Anonymous said...

Is he typing all that bile from a rubber room . I hope theres nothing sharp where he can get his hate spewing fingers on it .

Ruth said...

sneaky little mind...
but he can do a lot of damage with his lies as we saw in the last election in Ontario. I'm worried if a Federal election comes along, the people in Toronto will always believe him.

Anonymous said...

Ruth - most of the people in Toronto would vote for a rubber duck or a rabid skunk if it was running as a liberal.I don't think Kinsella ranting like he is is going to get any more liberal votes . Might even lose them some . Anybody can see he's out to lunch.

Anonymous said...

(Check out his blog. I refuse to link to it.)

Wow. That's 6 or 7 less readers for Kinsella. Get over yourself.

Neo Conservative said...

More monsters under Warren's bed... time to declare another jihad.