Wednesday, February 13, 2008

They'd have to pay ME!

Stephen Taylor first broke this story several days ago, but the Globe has picked it up - For Liberal's, the 'sky is the limit' tonight.

It seems that those crafty Liberals think they have found a way around fundraising limits by holding an auction with Liberal politicians being pimped out as the prize.

...Elections Canada spokesman John Enright said he was seeking legal advice on how auctions involving politicians should be interpreted.

"As a general rule," he said, "... anything over and above the commercial value of it would have to be declared as a contribution."

New Democratic MP Charlie Angus said anything above the price of the golf or hockey game should be a donation, and the $1,100 annual limit for individual donations should be respected.

So how much would you pay for the privilege of playing golf with Paul Martin?

Well, I guess we're obviously not paying enough to have him show up in Parliament...

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Second thoughts - CBC updates the story.

Related - Canada's Liberals split over forcing election: Reuters.

..."I haven't changed my view. I think the government needs to be brought down as soon as possible," said Liberal legislator Garth Turner.

"There are some of my colleagues who would rather have their kidneys harvested without anesthetic than go to an election, but that's kind of normal I think. In any caucus you're going to find hawks and doves," Turner told reporters...

...If the Liberals do hold their fire it could help them to address their internal problems. The party's fund-raising efforts have fallen far short of the Conservatives' and officials are still looking for a campaign plane.

Yeah, and tonight's efforts may well fizzle out as well.

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This is a MUST-SEE!!!! Smackdown - Peter Van Loan Scores on Ken Dryden - Officially Screwed.

Thursday Update: Stephen Taylor - Liberals back down from fundraiser, choose to follow law.


maryT said...

First we read that the Defense Minister in the US has fallen on ice and is in hospital. Now Elmer is unable to travel.
That ice is dangerous.

maryT said...

According to Travers, the only plane the liberals can find to campaign with is a big old emission spewing one from the USA.
Maybe Dion will have to go around the country in suzukis gas guzzler.
And, with all the liberal I hate the US bashing of the past, what US company would rent them a plane.
Maybe if they wait till March 4th, Hillory's will be available.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Rota still wants to 'overthrow' the government?

Möbius said...

The sky is really the limit. This is nothing but a scam to over-ride election laws.

I'm sure Cherniak will get right on this, after his blogs about the so-called "In and Out" scandal being the worst scandal in the last 1,000,000 years of politics in Canada. Except sponsorship, of course, which the Libs don't recognize as a scandal.

Anonymous said...

maybe my half-baked idea for the Liberals to sell calendars with unclothed caucus members is right up their alley?

Go figure.