Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Right Place at the Right Time

(Reposted from Blue Like You - April 27, 2011)

This morning my husband and I had the privilege of attending one of those closed-door morning presser-announcements with Prime Minister Stephen Harper at Sport Systems Unlimited in Waterloo, Ontario.

How this started out was my husband being at the local campaign office yesterday when they were looking for a few supporters to be at the event, and our names went on the list.

As we arrived this morning I was concerned we might be a bit late, but as it turned out the whole schedule was delayed due to bad weather last night which forced the plane to land at Pearson in Toronto instead of Kitchener.

We had no problem putting in the extra hour or so waiting for the Prime Minister because there good supply of coffee and pastries, and lots of animated discussion.

Gradually the press arrived and set up. We recognized Terry Milewski, John Ivison, Craig Oliver, Bob Fife, and some local CTV personalities.

This was a rare opportunity to see some behind the scene action as to how these pressers are set up, with CPC officials milling about and performing their various duties, RCMP keeping an eye on things, and the general stage area getting set up with lights and a backdrop of factory workers who seemed quite enthused to be there. Some of them were standing for well over a half hour waiting for the PM to arrive but they all seemed in good spirits.

It was also interesting to observe Terry Milewski and Dimitri Soudas share a few lighthearted words. That exchange made me think that maybe we are too quick to judge those media types that always seem to be slagging our side. For them these campaigns must be such a exhausting ordeal - as they would be for the leaders as well. That was just a bit of personal insight for myself to try to be a bit less judgmental.

While we were waiting I heard a crack of thunder and said a quick prayer that any power outage would hold off til after the event was over.

O.K. I don't want to make this an epic novel so I'll cut to the chase. Finally Stephen Harper arrived to his campaign theme song Better Now by Collective Soul. Everyone was so excited - clapping and cheering. Laureen accompanied him and she looked radiant in her fashinable outfit and long black boots (photo here.)

Even though she and Prime Minister Harper couldn't have had much sleep they both looked so fresh and energized. I won't go into his speech because the press will have covered it but the main points were about assisting business by minimizing red tape and creating a favourable environment for small businesses to prosper and create job opportunities.

PM Harper warned about the inherent risks involved with a "collection of oppositions" in charge of our country.

Questions from the press followed and to me they seemed a little less snarky than unusual. The finally it was over and Prime Minster Harper and Laureen were milling about shaking hands. It was hard to get near him so I just hung back and chatted with a few people including John Ivison who is very, very tall in real life and quite charming.

People were heading out so my husband and I made our way towards the door but it was really teeming by now. I'm talking floods. We headed outside but a huge fork of lightening appeared out of nowhere followed immediately by a deafening crash of thunder. We felt like sitting ducks in those giant puddles so we ran over to an open doorway leading to a loading dock bay and huddled against the wall to wait it out.

It was then that we realized we were standing in the area where the Prime Minister would be exiting. Only folks with accreditation were around. Nobody told us to leave so we just stood there watching as Stephen and Laureen posed for pictures with the employees in the factory. Laureen then smiled and chatted to a few other people before rushing off in her stylish boots through the puddles to the waiting bus.

Prime Minister Harper eventually made his way to where we were standing and we shook hands. As he released mine I told him I would pray for him. He looked back at me, smiled and asked if we wanted our pictures taken with him. Of course we agreed and thanked him. We were both still standing there stunned as he departed for the bus.

What a crazy morning. What an amazing time.

Oh yeah. One more thing. That same gigantic lightening flash also caused the power to go off just after the event ended.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The choice is clear

(Reposted from Blue Like You - April 14, 2011)

We are at a pivotal moment in Canadian history.

You can either vote for (A) a stable, competent government by giving the Conservatives a majority or you can vote for (B) the following:

- a coalition that would present a comprehensive alternative program that challenges corporate domination, putting the interests of working people and our environment ahead of the pursuit of profit.

- a platform based on the key objectives of peace, jobs, sovereignty and democracy.

- a federal strategy for full employment. This must include action to stop and reverse the loss of manufacturing jobs; a massive program to build new social and non-profit housing; expansion of health care, education and social programs; a major investment in urban mass transit.

- tax reforms that place the burden on corporations and the very wealthy.

- a foreign policy based on peace, disarmament and global environmental justice. in order to combat the frightening agenda of the Harper government which is determined to weaken and even remove the civil liberties of Canadians, under the guise of its so-called "law and order" campaign.

Broadly speaking that pretty much sums up the combined policies of the opposition parties, right?

Well if you find yourself agreeing with Option B rather than Option A, the Communist Party of Canada will be very happy to accept your vote.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Wish you were there

(Reposted from Blue Like You - Apr 8, 2011.)

Fantastic time this evening as Stephen Harper was warmly welcomed by a noisy and packed Tri-cities crowd in Kitchener

Incumbents Stephen Woodworth, Peter Braid, Gary Goodyear and Harold Albrecht were there as well as Guelph CPC candidate Marty Burke.

I'm just going to throw out my impressions here while they're fresh in my mind.

The excitement seemed to increase relative to the number of people pouring into the room. All available seating filled up in about 15 minutes and then it was standing room only. Music started to warm up the crowd and we played balloon volleyball for a while. People were shouting Harper, Harper and getting very excited. It was like waiting for a Rock Star to appear at a concert.

Finally Stephen Harper was introduced by the area MPs and made his appearance to a hugely enthusiastic pack of supporters. Thundersticks were booming and frenetic shouts of "Harper! Harper!" filled the room.

I glanced back at the media folks and their expressions were blank. This was all business for them.

But I reflected on what a great country we live in where we have the privilege of elections and the excitement of being with like-minded citizens who see Stephen Harper as such a competent leader.

His rally speech was warm, humorous and genuine. He seemed to really appreciate the enthusiasm of the supporters.

I'm not doing the experience justice here, but my message to you is to try to get to a rally this election - it's so incredibly energizing.

You will get so much out of it and appreciate how blessed we are to have had Stephen Harper for our Prime Minister these past five years, and how much we need him moving forward!

Please help us get that Conservative Majority.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New CPC ad

(H/T Chris Selley - ‘Damn right’ the Liberals will ‘raise taxes’! Post)

Don't just yell at the T.V.

(Reposted from Blue Like You on Apr 2, 2011)

I'm just back from the grand opening of a local campaign office and want to mention a few things while they're still fresh in my mind.

Any Canadians wanting to see Stephen Harper's Conservatives get that majority need to ask themselves what they are doing to help achieve that goal.

Are you just sitting home getting angry at the bias on MSM and watching your blood pressure rise? Do you come to blogs like this to vent and rage, but never take that next step?

We are at a critical time in the history of our country. There is a very strong probability that the results of this election will either yield a Conservative majority or some kind of coalition involving the Liberals and NDP with the Bloc having tremendous influence. Realistically the chances of a Liberal majority are slim at this point, but that could change too.

So you have to make a decision. Can you afford to be complacent and hope that it all works out for the best?

I am begging you to call or visit your local Conservative campaign office right now. Find out how you can help - and there are so many ways. So much need. Or perhaps your assistance could be put to better use in a tightly-contested neighbouring riding instead.

But please get directly involved. Channel your rage and anger into constructive action.

Do everything you can in the next few weeks so that you can live with yourself after the election - Whatever the outcome.

Thank you.

* * * *


The Kitchener-Waterloo area is going to be the focus of two very tight campaigns. I plan to expand on that at a future time.

Meanwhile if you live near this area, please check out Stephen Woodworth's and Peter Braid's campaign websites.

Stephen Woodworth in particular is going to have a tough fight against Karen Redman who desperately wants to reclaim the seat she lost in the 2008 election.

If you can help Stephen Woodworth please contact his Kitchener constituency office at (519) 745-2700. Thanks.

* * * *


I plan to use this blog as a backup resource for important posts.