Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Developers left out to dry

Dalton McGuinty must have thought it was groundhog day - He actually surfaced long enough to declare that municipalities should not give in to the demands of the Six Nations' HDI - Premier tells municipalities to ignore Six Nations development fee.

That's wonderful, but in the words of NDP house leader Peter Kormos, "the premier is leaving the developers and the landowners out to dry", because there do not seem to be any consequences for the campaign which promises to become more intense later this month.

Basically McGuinty is saying, They're wrong, but you're on your own. Which is pretty much what his government said last September. So there has been no movement.

Developers like Mike Quattrociocchi are left to deal with the HDI on their own.

But why should Dalton worry? He has a majority and therefore nothing to fear.


Anonymous said...

The post is getting gutsier and gutsier every day. Good on them!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yeah, thanks. I'm just working on an update now.

Kudos to the Post for sure.

Anonymous said...

get it straight Joanne - in most jurisdictions it may appear like Groundhog Day, but in Ontario the rodent doing the shadow-jockeying is
the close groundhog relative....the Liberal Lemming.