Monday, January 14, 2008

Who's turn is it now to sit on their hands?

Will the Liberals continue to be human seat-warmers? (See Hill Times - Liberals can't abstain from House votes anymore...)

Or will the NDP take a turn?

The Bloc? (Not likely according to L. Ian MacDonald).

I smell a spring election.

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: Upset Liberals use funny bone - The Star Phoenix. Randy Burton is great here:

On this day, the motion of non-confidence was in the federal Liberal party and particularly MP Ralph Goodale, who seems to have done more to unite northerners than any other single politician in years.

The problem is it's the Regina MP they are united against. Named by Maclean's magazine as Canada's Best MP little more than a year ago, it's doubtful Goodale could be elected dogcatcher in the North today.

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- Libranos: No where to hide this year.

Tuesday Update: Duceppe predicts federal election in a month - Globe

Vote against budget possible, Layton says. - Gazette.


Anonymous said...

why waste money on an election that's going to give us another minority?

Canadians do NOT want an election and are very satisfied with Harper at the helm.

My Liberal MP quoted in the paper as saying we will not see an election this spring. Why shouldn't I believe him?

Anonymous said...

The sleepy, apathetic, shoulder shrugging, sheeple lemming type Canuck who never knows what's going on with the politics of this country and who claims that "all politicians/Parties are the same anyway" do not speak for me.

I want an election NOW so the Right Honorable Stephen Harper can move much faster on priorities being slowed by a opertunistic official opposition who do not really care about their voter base...Just self serving "power at all cost"

BTW: Harper would get a MAJORITY now, so don't delude yourself annon @ 10:37

Grind a Grit

Anonymous said...

We're running out of parties to sit on their hands. Harper's bobbleheads did it on one of Martin's budgets, Layton and his sanctimonious clowns did it on the softwood lumber issue.

Sorry folks, we've run out of handsitters.