Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fulford not impressed with CBC's 'The Border'

Good. It wasn't just me left wondering if The Border was a bad imitation of 24, with way too much moralizing and political correctness - Different show; same message:

Peter Raymont, the executive producer of The Border, has said his show resembles Kiefer Sutherland's 24 -- "but with a conscience." You can't get any more CBC-sanctimonious than that.

"With a conscience".

How utterly hypocritical.

Hey! I have a suggestion!!

How about a series on the oppression of the free speech of citizens who are hauled in front of Canadian Human Rights Tribunals for reprinting cartoons and commentaries from European publications?

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Update: Another excellent review on "The Border" - The Legion of Decency: Straddling the Border.


maryT said...

Just wondering if the Border will do a story on the Border Guards that walked off the job, in BC, because they were told someone with a gun was approaching.
What a farce this program is, having worked at the Border years ago. And, lots of the agents have not been able to pass the tests to carry guns.

nomdeblog said...

You make an excellent point Joanne. The HRCs are terrorizing us and should be turned into a CBC Border episode.

Anonymous said...

besides Rick Mercer and Disney movies is there anything worthwhile coming out of the CBC these days.

Before it's too late perhaps Steve should make Rick a Senator, and then give the CBC the old heave'ho??

Joanne (True Blue) said...

besides Rick Mercer and Disney movies is there anything worthwhile coming out of the CBC these days.

Two more Senators in waiting - Don Cherry and Rex Murphy.

Or maybe one of them could be the next GG.

Anonymous said...

I read a good review on "The Border" the other day:

The Plot: Americans are evil
Canadian politicians are evil clandestine people who make secret phone calls from shadowy corridors
Americans are evil
Terrorists are not evil- just misunderstood
CSIS is stupid AND evil
Americans are evil
The End

Nathan said...

I think you are all missing the point. It is not supposed to be a real account of Canadian border patrol. Of course it's a farce, it's called entertainment. If you want political commentary on the reality of canadian border security, watch the current. If you want fun, unrealistic, gun waiving television that finally comes from canada, watch the border.