Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HDI plans to step up action

This is going to get interesting - Six Nations Grand River Claim taken seriously, mayor says (CBC):

...The Haudenosaunee Development Institute, which handles economic development issues for Six Nations, sent a letter last September asserting aboriginal title over much of the land adjacent to the river, all the way from Lake Erie to Grey County, and the institute says it will begin a public campaign for its assertion later this month.
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Toronto lawyer Aaron Detlor, who heads the Six Nation's Haudenosaunee Development Institute, said this is just the start.

"We are going to go out, and identify specific areas where it's clear there's been no surrender and no payment, and go and advise people, this is not your land. There's no more of this sweeping it under the rug. It's not OK to steal land anymore and we're going to make people aware of that," he said...

Waterloo Regional Chair Ken Seiling is on record as saying, "We are bound to operate under Ontario legislation and there is no legislation or legal authority to do what they are suggesting."

This is what happens when we ignore problems and hope that they'll go away, Dalton.

Wednesday Update - Jamieson speaks out:

...Who is Aaoron Detlor, head of HDI? He is not a Six Nations of the Grand community member, yet he has so much voice and influence regarding our future generations.

My husband and I were recently told the land issue happening now at Six Nations is a Grand River Issue and does not concern other Ogwehowe territories. Yet, this Institute calls itself Haudenosaunee...


Anonymous said...

Guess its time for an Indian war. Where's Davey Crockett when you need him!

I only have my tongue half-way in my cheek. The various Indian militants have shown they have no issues about using violence so you can imagine what will happen when they start telling people en masse to give up their homes & businesses.

Violence will beget violence.

Greg said...

This is what happens when we ignore problems and hope that they'll go away, Dalton.

Joanne, I am sure that your left out "and Stephen" as an oversight. ;)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Greg, here is my answer to that:

Detlor also described the post-election move as a "reluctant admission" on the part of the government that land claims are in fact a provincial concern.

Lemon said...

Jo - Here's a link to my latest and best post on Land Claim:
Wrongful Land Claims

OMMAG said...

Well let's go back to MY land claims.
I have Two:
One where the Pioneer Tower is built on the Grand on the edge of Kitchener / Cambridge .... that's MY land baby... doesn't matter that my Grand Father sold it .... just like Natives I still own it.

Near Dundalk on verging on the Luther Marsh .... same deal.

Neo Conservative said...

hey... you think queen elizabeth is gonna hand back my scottish ancestors sheep holdings... that her family stole during the highland clearances?

cos... if that's how it works... i'm on the next plane to perthshire.


Greg said...

Joanne that really isn't an answer. It is more of an example of Dalton's laxity. The fact that you have nothing at all from the federal government, testifies to Stephen's.

Greg said...

BTW, I am assuming that you are not suggesting that Native Land Claims are a solely a provincial matter? Am I right in that assumption?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Greg, I agree that the Feds have the authority over land claims, but the province has authority over policing and land registries. This particular matter has more to do with the latter.

Building permits are the issue here:

Ontario is telling landowners it stands by its land title system. The rules don't require native approval for developments.

"Ontario believes the place to resolve the (Six Nations) grievances is at the negotiating table, not on the backs of individual developments," said Lars Eedy, spokesperson for the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs.

So we have a Ministry basically saying that the HDI is wrong, but the issue hasn't gone away.

Where is our fearless provincial leader on this file?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the natives had a better system. When they arrived, they had to contend with the Mound Builders.

What did they do?

They killed them all. Every last one of them. End of problem.