Monday, January 07, 2008

More fresh air

Lorne Gunter is another columnist with a common sense approach on AGW similar to Lorrie Goldstein's.

In "A warmer Arctic? Blame Mother Nature", Gunter explains the reasons why we should keep an open mind on just how much man-made global warming there is vs. natural.

...My point is that coverage of global warming and climate change have become horribly one-sided. Every report about a disappearing tree tick or nasty bout of rainfall that seems to support the received wisdom is blared loud and wide, while stories that might undermine it are seldom given more than brief mention.

It the public is to make up its mind about climate change, it needs better balance.


And we are fortunate to have such talented Canadian columnists as Lorrie Goldstein and Lorne Gunter to point that out, and mitigate some of the hot air coming from other media sources.

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Anonymous said...

There was an article in our paper last week about the regeneration and comeback of the bald eagle in southwestern Ontario.

Where are the Kyoto fear-mongers in speaking about the improved natural conditions that have led to their return to this part of the country?

Or, how about all of the good the heavy snowfalls are doing for the lake levels???

I'm not making this up:-)

Anonymous said...

Fitting my tinfoil hat...perfect

Oh, Joanne your a denier and you know it, you evil evil person.

Get on the bus b/c we are now going to have Politcians promising to change the weather.

The politico's are going to save us from the end of the earth.

Now Jo, if you don't believe that the government can't change the weather and the earth's cliamte patterns, well I got some American health insurance to sell you.

Tinfoil hat off...
(post meant to be sarcastic),

I can't even get decent health care and people think the governments of the world can change the weather plz

Clean up the pollution let the earth do her thing.

Blue Magic said...

annon@ 4:23 was Blue Magic.

John M Reynolds said...

Before anyone uses the word unprecedented when describing the current January thaw, keep in mind that it is not abnormal. According to David Philips, who was on CBC Radio One a couple of times today, there is an 87% chance of a january thaw (positive temperatures) in Sudbury and even a 61% chance of a january thaw in Moosonee. Ottawa has had at least 6 such events with double digits in the past 70 years.

OMMAG said...

" much man-made global warming there is vs. natural "

About 0.014%

Alberta Girl said...


I just heard Kevin Newman on Global National blame avalanches on "global warming".

Um, Kevin, do you maybe think that idiots who dare to ski and snowmobile in "avalanche prone" areas might just have something to do with it.


Mac said...

On that same theme, alberta girl, our local newsrag printed a "letter to the editor" from a dipstick who was deeply offended that someone suggested those who deliberately go beyond clearly marked "out of bounds" markers on the ski slopes should be asked to pay the costs associated to rescuing their sorry butts from freezing to death.

He claims, and I quote "No-one should have to pay for the government to save their lives. It is the duty of government to protect its citizens. To assert that rescue should cost money goes against so many things that Canada stands for."

The government's duty was discharged by the "out-of-bounds" signs which these Darwin Award candidates duck under deliberately. If they don't want to pay to be rescued, why should I, as a taxpayer, be forced to do so?

Hi Jo! Happy 2008 to you & family!!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Hi Mac! All the best in 2008 to and yours too. :)

Our local red rag had a surprisingly rational editorial on the issue today.

Well, rational for them, anyway.

Mac said...

You're right... that is a decent article for a red rag. It was a similar article which provoked the aforementioned letter writer's wrath.