Friday, January 04, 2008

Family Day Fiasco in Lemmingville

Those of you who were sucked in by Dalton McGuinty's hastily-crafted election promise to have a new stat in February better check your collective agreements. You could be in the unenviable position of either not getting the holiday or having to give up a more flexible floater, and still have to pay for your local public employees to sit home.

And it now looks like Toronto Police will be denied the opportunity to observe 'Family Day'.

"Clearly the City is out of step with the intent of the provincial government to allow people to have more time with their family," TPA president Dave Wilson said. "Our membership works a difficult job with long hours and they deserve this."

So, instead of a day of harmony and peace, we may see anger, resentment and hostility erupt as lawyers get even richer from the inevitable legal challenges.

Instead of a day when the whole family can spend time together in February, the parents may end up at work and have to pay someone to take care of the kids who will be home from school.

John Tory observes:
"I think it's just another political fraud by Mr. McGuinty and the Liberals," he said. "They were in such a rush to do it for political reasons, they didn't think it through."


Immediately following the October election, Dalton McGuinty declared, "There is nothing more valuable to families than time together. And yet it seems tougher than ever to find, with so many of us living such busy lives," McGuinty said.

Obviously, this 'time together' will continue to be elusive for some Ontarians, Dalton.

If this is indicative of how much thought you plan to put into the rest of your policies for this mandate, please do us all a favour and take a long, long vacation instead.

Maybe til 2011.

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Ruth said...

Why didn't people realize this when the Liberals made the election promise. I knew that Heritage Day was already in a lot of the union contracts and I've never been in a union. Maybe this just was an election goodie for the teacher's union.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Maybe this just was an election goodie for the teacher's union.

Good point. I heard that caused all kinds of problems too, such as adding an extra school day to the year, etc.

Skuleman said...

Is there any difference for a cop or fireman in working family day. christmas day, new year's day etc.

Some services are 24x7x365. That is just a simple reality and the current employment agreements reflect that.

I don't generally agree with anything McSquinty does, but as a previous business owner and employer I would say we need more holidays and stat vacation. I think it makes us more productive when we're actually at work.

Anonymous said...

If McGuinty is really concerned about family time maybe he could have supported the Conservative plank to cut back on the homework kids get in all grades, thereby giving families some time together besides fighting over endless grade 2??

An excellent book on just how homework is wrecking families and harming the health of children, is "
Simply Too Much Homework by former teacher Vera Goodman.

Also, TDSB students have approached their board to quit piling on projects and homework two weeks prior to exams, and quit having tests on Mondays so that kids can have some down time.

I see that someone mentioned this in an earlier's worth holding McGuinty to account on this, because his position on homework doesn't jive with his concern for families.

Could it all be for the good of the photo op?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Speaking of 'Family Time' being eroded, what about Walmart being open 24-7?

Will Canadian Tire be next? Sears? The whole country?

Anonymous said...

I really don't want McGuinty concerned about my family or its time thanks very much.

I'd really appreciate it if the government stayed the heck out of my child's lunch box too with it's junkfood police in our schools.

What ever happened to trusting the parents and educators who are supposed to educate the children on healthy eating, and teach kids how to make educated choices for themselves??

Liberals.....get out of our houses!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I'd really appreciate it if the government stayed the heck out of my child's lunch box too

Yeah, and then there's the ban coming regarding smoking in your own car and the pesticide ban. Whichever side you happen to be on, it's still more government intrusion.

Anonymous said...

perhaps the public should turn table and get into the faces of our politicians more?

I wonder if we were to pick through Dalton's pantry whether we'd find snack foods or soda pop??

What of the cafeteria at QP?? Transfat free? No fries?

What's in your fridge Dalton?

The good news is no more fundraisers in our schools that have to do with chocolate or cookie!

Anonymous said...

At the same time that Toronto Councillors voted themselves a new raise for 08 just this week they once again cried POOR about the Dalton-Day off that will cost Toronto $7'000'000.00 dollars under the current Union deal Miller agreed to to appease his labour buddies that helped get him elected.

Keep in mind that this Day-Off is a juicy reward for Unions because we all know that the senior workers making the big buck can choose to work that day as a outside Worker and pull in mega bucks just with a 4 Hour shift because Union Rules allow a 4-hour wage for showing up and then leaving of you are sick, BUT , if you stay just 4 Hours you get paid for 8 hours if you leave after the 1 Hour Lunch break.

During the heavy snow befor 2008 not one plow or city worker touched my street even when it's a level-2 priority after the main roads, but now that the workers are in the 2008 Tax year we had a few inches on New Years day and 2 Plow trucks can by a couple hours apart and then salt trucks .

Don't think that a Holiday will only cost 1 days pay by the taxpayers , it's actually one day less for the Services you paid for and each Union Worker agreeing to work that day will rake in the dough and only work 4 hours for 8 hours pay.