Monday, January 14, 2008

Dangerous to be right...

Kudos to Lorne Gunter for this excellent smack-down of the "Human Rights" Commission (Alberta's gauntlet of bias), and to the National Post for publishing it.

So Ezra decided to take advantage of the ancient Anglo-Saxon right to free expression and published the cartoons.

What he was reminded of, almost immediately, is that Canada is no longer an Anglo-Saxon nation. Gone is the robust belief held by our ancestors for 800 years that the citizen is sovereign, that he is free to do as he wishes unless the state can show unambiguously that there is an overriding need to limit his liberty temporarily. It has been replaced by the continental notion that nothing is allowed unless it is expressly permitted by the state. The belief that the citizen owes the government an explanation of his actions, not the other way around, has gripped our politicians, bureaucrats, judges and professors...

Indeed. Sometimes we forget that the government is supposed to work for us. Read the rest of Gunter's article and find out what a travesty of justice the HRC actually is.

And we continue to enable its existence with our silence.


Anonymous said...

I've been posting like a demon on this topic for the last few days, and I am "posted out". Nothing left to say that hasn't been said thousand times (well, a dozen at least), and better by Ezra Levant and others.

One thing, actually, I still think needs to be said. Even though I have said it more than a few times.

Us "blogging tories" live in our own little echo chamber of ideas, and to many this has been a huge event. I know it has been to me. The "rightness" of Mr. Levant's action and position is self evident to us.

However, my impression is that the average Canadian does not know or care about this issue. The mainstream media, except for the National Post to some extent, are utterly ignoring this event. It probably has more impact in the US than it does here.

The Globe, for example, was very aggressively blocking discussion of the issue, although a few managed to get through and eventually shut down a discussion about an arrested Saudi blogger (how ironic!).

We need to get the message out that fundamental liberties are being taken away by mediocre government functionaries, attempting to appease all, but mostly those who whine and threaten the most. We cannot run a country or society this way.

But the sheeple really don't seem to know or care. Our mission must be to change this!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Us "blogging tories" live in our own little echo chamber of ideas

Just out of curiosity, why did you sign in as 'Anonymous'?

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon.If I try to discuss this issue in the workplace I get blank stares. And the topic is quickly cahanged to what the video movie is all about.
Really intelligent people but they are "escaping"

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Really intelligent people but they are "escaping"


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we be talking to our MPs about this? Our team's the governing party... they're the ones with the power to do something about this sham of a commission. They're the ones we should be complaining to. This issue isn't going to get a fair shake in the media... the average person doesn't have a clue about this kangaroo court.

Perhaps it's time to make the overhaul/abolishment of the HRC an election issue.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Perhaps it's time to make the overhaul/abolishment of the HRC an election issue.

Yes, maybe. But the best thing to do would be to put pressure on the MP's from the opposition parties. They need to know that the Canadian people have no confidence in these kangaroo courts.

All parties need to be on board ideally.

Greg said...

Canada is no longer an Anglo-Saxon nation.

Wow, Gunter has finally lost it. He will be publishing white power tracts next.