Sunday, January 20, 2008

How much of this goes on that we DON'T know about?

Something to think about next time you pay your taxes - School Board Trustee Should Resign. (Sun)


Anonymous said...

correct me if I'm wrong, but this is exactly why Harris cut the trustee salaries in the first place.

Exactly why do the TDSB trustees have an expense account in the first place?

I have also heard that they also have their own secretaries. Is that really necessary?

Yet, the First Nations alternative school(which we pay for with taxdollars) has no textbooks.

Ok Moira about filing a freedom of information request on the expenses of all of the TDSB trustees?

And THIS is the board that gets, the bailouts, breaks and the hands-on attention of how many gov't appt. overseers to set things straight when they blow their budgets??

A while back the Calgary school board got fired. I'm thinking that there should be a vehicle whereby dysfunctional boards should be yanked.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone watch Focus Ontario last night.

A OSSTF union head and Annie Kidder.

The OSSTF guy actually made more sense than Ms. Kidder. Talking about the Culture of Fear though, I have to wonder whether that also refers to teachers afraid of union backlash. What happens to teachers who cross the pickett lines and teach students? I personally think that the Culture of Fear and Silence threads throughout the whole education system in one way or another.

What are Ms. Kidder's qualifications for saying she represents parents in Toronto? Did parents vote for her?

She's really not that quick, made a really bad joke about sniffer dogs in the schools....really a glib comment considering the seriousness of the report. Yet, I did agree with her that the Falconer report was overly dramatic. But it did it's job and got a few minutes of attention.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching it right now..Sunday 11:30 - repeat.

What really kills me is that in all the hype around the Falconer report no one talks about getting these kids some basic skills like reading and math.

Even on this Focus show the big lie is that the rest of the kids in the TDSB are doing ok....has anyone even READ the EQAO scores from last time.....they've flat-lined or gotten worse.

If you give the disengaged youth the same teachers using the same crappy programs....nothing will change.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

John Snobelen's article was rather insightful, I thought.

Anonymous said...

Snobelen's right! I remember when he met with the OPC and said what he shares here.

Schools have lost their way. Elected trustees have lost their schools and become rubber stamps of the MOE, parents are being bought with their own money to become "engaged" and cheerlead a mediocre system that's moving further away from actually EDUCATING and more about raising children...other people's children to be more dependent on the state for their futures.

re:focus Ontario replay - I quite frankly was not impressed with the guests, and surprised that Annie Kidder made light of the need for dogs in the schools. She made a sarcastic comment about dogs in the schools not being necessary...not even a spaniel. Hmmmm, not very considerate of those populations who need dogs in the therapy dogs.

I know that often drug dogs can sniff out drugs in lockers and add substancially to help fight that in our schools. A careless comment.

I'm not sure, but she's just a parent like the thousands of others in toronto except that if you go to the People for Education website you'll learn that this group is supported by taxdollars from the MOE.

Anonymous said...

the trustee in question is with the Toronto Catholic board not TDSB. Although, today's McDonald column talks about it too and does include comment from the TDSB

Anonymous said...

my apologies to the TDSB trustees for the mistake.

Anon. - Jan. 20, 8:00am