Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is there anyone out there who can stand up to Dalton?

Matthew challenges the Tory team - 10 Ontarians That Would Be Better Leaders Than John Tory.

Personally I don't care who it is. I'm just looking for a leader who can stand up to this kind of hypocrisy:

But he wouldn't say whether that means the province won't bail out the cash-strapped school board at the end of the year, as it has in the past.

Actually, I don't want someone who can just stand up to McSlippery - I want a leader who can annihilate him (politically speaking, of course).

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Friday Update - Record: McGuinty opposes school plan. Witmer calls premier a 'hypocrite' for his reluctance to take action against creation of black-focused school.

The HypoGrits are back - Christina Blizzard.

Saturday Update: McGuinty fires back at Witmer - Record.


Anonymous said...

Um...wasn't it right here on this blog many months ago that we heard Peter VanLoan suggested as heading up the provincial pcs.

Works for me.

Anonymous said...

Of course at the first peep by the TDSB re: they don't have enough money, they'll get a bailout.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

That's right. And Van Loan is #1 on Matthew's list.

I would love to watch him go head-to-head with McGuinty.

Anonymous said...

How difficult can it be to find somebody with more credibility than McGuinty? I mean outside of Toronto that is. (real conservative)