Thursday, January 24, 2008

More jaw-dropping ineptitude from the 'Red/Green' show

I wonder if Stephane Dion is starting to regret that he hitched his wagon to this train-wreck? The good folks in Central Nova must be scratching their heads - especially in view of the recent in-fighting.

On the other hand, considering his Pakistan-NATO gaffe, perhaps Steffi sees no problem.

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Friday Update: Adam Radwanski - May Daze. (Clever title!)


Anonymous said...

Lizzy is Stephan's problem. It's the gift the keeps on Harper.

maryT said...

We lost another soldier today, thank you Dion. Notice the increase in attacks since his visit and his message to the terrorists. -When I am leader we will get out and let you have your way with the afghan people. -

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yes, that was very sad to hear. R.I.P. Sapper √Čtienne Gonthier - CBC has a report.

liberal supporter said...

Glad to see you got the memo to always mention "Lizzy" and Dion together. Maybe people will believe the parties merged? And of course flogging the "Dion wants to invade Pakistan" meme. Very good. You get a gold star!

liberal supporter said...

We lost another soldier today, thank you Dion.

Thank you for confirming that you and the CPC are using the troops and the afghan people as pawns for your petty political pandering.

It is obvious, since your statement makes no sense. You claim nobody can understand Dion in English, yet the afghans, who speak Pashto and Persian, can understand the message you claim he gave them?

Plus, if your despicable claim was true, they would increase attacks after he is PM, wouldn't they? More attacks now would be counter productive.

Their current strategy in these attacks is to provoke a heavy handed knee jerk response that kills a bunch of civilians and thereby gives them lots of support against the foreigners. That won't work if we start doing intelligent diplomacy, rotate other NATO forces in so it is obvious to the afghans that many countries are willing to help, and even get some effective diplomatic pressure going to do something about the Pakistani border.

If they believe instead, that Dion could become PM, and that he would start bringing intelligent diplomacy and international effort to bear, possibly turning the people against them, they have no choice but attack as much as possible now, while the current Canadian regime still clings to power because our current regime will be more likely to provide the knee-jerk reactions the Taliban need.

former green supporter said...

Liberal supporter, don't blame the Conservatives for realizing the obvious. May was guest-blogging on a Liberal blog his week in yet another lapse in judgement.

We find May supporting Liberal issues such as the Atlantic Accords and special treatment of income trusts. Maybe Liberal supporter, you can point out how the current Green Party differs from the Liberal Party. Heck, May even joined Dion this week in making stupid statements about Afghanistan.

Kingston said...

Actually LS, I am starting to wonder in the bad guys over there are starting to react to our political situation over here. It is starting to seem that every time we start screaming about pulling the troops out of combat the bad guys up their IED attacks. I am not saying it is true, but the frequency of the attacks after the political debate here is rather alarming. And no I am in no way suggesting there should be no debate but maybe we should be like the Dutch did and say, enough is enough, we are there until this date, we we review that date a before it arrives, and that is the way it is going to be.

P.S> Maryt, I think the direct blame to Mr.Dion is a little overboard, well I do believe he has no idea what he is doing on this file, I do not for a moment believes any Canadian wishes us soldiers harm

Kingston said...

Hey LS. Ref the Ms.May, Mr.Dion comment, if the show was on the other foot you would be laughing your rear off at the CPC misfortune. The LPC has aligned itself with her, they can reap the repercussions.

Kingston said...

OMG the typos in those two posts are horrible, sorry folks just got home from French Class, is mental stuck somewhere in between those two languages right now.

Greg said...

LS, don't be naive. MaryT is absolutely correct. The Taliban and their partners in AQ montitor western , including Canadian media reports, and have previously made mention of this in their periodic broadcasts. I do recall specific mention of driving Canadians out of the country by stepping up attacks just before the summer of 2006. Obviously that failed, but Dion should not continue to encourage them.

maryT said...

NNW this a.m., Lizzie May says it is Harper's fault her press release was misinterrupted. She does admit that the wording could have been different, but she didn't write it, just issued it.
Hey May, we have enough trouble following Dion's spinners telling us what he meant to say, now we have to try and figure out what you meant to say also.
I think foot-in-mouth disease is a serious illness in the Green and Liberal party.