Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Breaking - University prof finds smoking gun!

McGuinty linked to Cricketgate / Slushgate - - Joe Warmington breaks the story (and thanks to a loyal reader for the email tip):

"As far as I am concerned this letter seems like a smoking gun," (Professor David) Noble told the Sun yesterday.

The letter, he suggests, puts the premier, for the first time, in the middle of the slush fund decision-making process.

"All I want to see happen is a public inquiry to see if this was done properly," Noble said.

Oh, and a wee bit more info on Larry Tanenbaum:

Tanenbaum, a minority owner of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, is listed as a co-chairman of the Tomorrow Campaign, which received the grant along with Gerald Schwartz. Both men are well-connected to the Liberal party and have raised funds for the party in the past.

But nobody received any money because of political ties, right? Nah... The Lemmings won't find out.

Can we impeach a premier?

What do you say now, Auditor General Jim McCarter?

And what do you say, Ontario Lemmings? Do you need a smack on the head?

Or do you finally get it?


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed! A journalist getting the info out into the media!
Joe usually carries the warm fuzzy people stories, and very good reading. This is a step out of the box for him.
Sure ..what the heck ..let's see if we can impeach Dalton.Doubt it could happen tho.

tori said...

you think this will upset the average ontarian?

sadly, not bloodly likely.

Lycan Stark said...

Funny how all of this "comes out" right after the election, eh?

And two years and counting for McGuinty to deal with Caledonia. Didn't he say a year ago that his patience has limits regarding this?

Whatever Spineless. Why don't you go and pick on easy marks again, like families with autistic children?

This "man" makes me want to vomit.

Anonymous said...

better yet...no impeachment for Dalton....make a break for it to federal politics.

I want to see a Dalton vs. Harper showdown(with the Harris pose - Clement, Flaherty, Baird riding shotgun).

Dalton dumps Dion!!

Anonymous said...

tori's right - it will not upset the average ontarian because those folks were too busy believing all of the untruths spun re: fbs.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Where is the outrage from the opposition parties????

Sandy said...

"Or, do you (the lemmings) finally get it?"

I wish but I doubt it. All this was right in front of the media but they harped on the FB issue ad nauseum.

Four more years -- nobody will remember.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Four more years -- nobody will remember.

Yup. Especially if Tory is still at the helm.

Anonymous said...

so where exactly ARE the opposition?

we're fighting amongst ourselves...that's where.

No membership renewal for me.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

we're fighting amongst ourselves...that's where.

Yeah. No worries for Dalton.

This is an unhealthy situation in a so-called democracy.

Whatever decision is made regarding leadership, everyone should get on board at that time. Right now is the time to voice dissent however.

Ron said...

The average ontarian won't get upset - it may be proof that Dalton is a liar and a thief but everyone already knew that before the election -- usually people get upset when they are surprised or startled - no one is surprised that Dalton was up to his neck in this - a liar and a thief lies and steals - Are you surprised? Startled?

OMMAG said...

I strongly support the use of theraputic head slapping!! ;)