Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Public health care system reaching a crisis point

Today's Globe reiterates what I've been hearing from many sources lately - our public health care system is in big trouble (Frustration brews among family doctors). H/T National Newswatch.

Yet the socialists refuse to even consider the possibility of a system that somehow integrates positive aspects of the private sector, such as more competition and innovation.

Where are we headed? Self-care, as suggested by an Ontario doctor who commented here recently? (Related post here with great comments addressing the Maclean's article referring to the 'feminization' of medicine.)

Dr. Fullerton makes the following observation in the comments section of her own blog:

No system is completely transferable to Canada but we could take what has worked. I think that privatization in Sweden probably did not go far the ineffective or inefficient providers were not weeded out since most is government funded.

This has become a sacred cow issue, much like abortion or Faith-based education funding. Mention it and you are political dead meat.

And so we continue to stick our collective heads in the sand.

According to the Globe report, the doctor's groups are asking for the following:

Continue to address the education, training, recruitment and retention of physicians to ensure a sustainable work force that is ready to meet the changing health needs of Canadians;

Implement a co-ordinated, Canada-wide approach to educating, training, recruiting and retaining enough physicians to meet the needs of an aging population.

Fair enough. But where's the money going to come from?

Time to start thinking outside of the box - rather than end up in one.

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CTV is also running a frustrated doctor story:

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