Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ontario - The new wild west

Dalton McOstrich better pull his head out of the sand right now, or the native issue could very well end up being the tipping point in this election.

Yesterday's heated confrontation between Brantford developer Mike Quattrociocchi and our fearless leader served to underline just how explosive this situation could become:

"What are you going to do about the natives on my site?" Quattrociocchi shouted while standing in front of the premier.

"As much as I can," McGuinty said, before his answer was drowned out by Liberal supporters cheering: "Dalton, Dalton, Dalton."

As much as I can? What kind of an answer is that? Especially in light of his recent hands-off policy?

"The premier told me it was a federal issue and got on (his campaign) bus," Quattrociocchi said. "That is not leadership."

...When Quattrociocchi told reporters natives are "sterilizing" development along the tract, he was shouted down by Liberal supporters who yelled: "We respect the natives."

"I respect the natives, too," Quattrociocchi shouted back. "But I also respect my right to make a living. Half my crew are from the native reserve.

"The problem is the province isn't doing anything to help development all along the Haldimand Tract."

In an interview, Quattrociocchi said the province is provoking confrontation between natives and non-natives by taking a hands-off approach to disputes between developers and Six Nations.

"It's almost as if the province is encouraging a fight," Quattrociocchi said. "They're encouraging vigilantism."

"It's all fine and good for someone sitting in an office to tell someone to proceed, but how am I going to proceed when protesters put themselves in front of heavy equipment?" Quattrociocchi said.

"The police can't handle it on their own. If the OPP can't handle Caledonia, how will the Brantford police be able to handle the protesters?"

Sorry about all the copying and pasting here, but this article is the raw truth, told by a frustrated developer and free from campaign spin from either side (except for my highlighting). It is an important story that must get out to the electorate.

Meanwhile, the Record tells us of a Six Nations decree that anyone wanting to build along the Haldimand tract will need to secure a permit. This is not Ontario law, but everyone must comply according to their spokesperson Aaron Detlor. We here along the tract (Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Brantford, etc.) have also been told that this process would be enforced without relying on "the Canadian court system".

Read the whole thing. You won't believe it.

And Dalton is MIA.

Why don't we have a real leader in Ontario?

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: Lots of native issues in the news today:

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Federal issues:

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Letter from a Caledonia resident here addressing all Ontario voters.


Anonymous said...

For too long it has been 2 sets of laws...for fishing, hunting, paying taxes,and now building. Mcguinty is not the first ostrich.

Anonymous said...

It gets darker. Here is a link to the CHCH News video from last night. Seems Ben Chin tried to get the story hushed up.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon, thanks so much for that link. I am in shock.

For anyone trying to access it, click here.

Brian in Calgary said...

Very disturbing. I hope Premier McOstrich loses his own seat (not very likely I know, but he sure deserves it).