Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's called 'weather', Stupid!

My heartfelt thanks to Helga Fischer of Kitchener for saving me the trouble of having to write to the Record about their idiotic Jan. 2 editorial, A year for saving the environment.

Ms. Fisher's letter is much better than anything I could ever have composed - Weather is changeable:

...Whether it's a period of a few months or many thousands of years, the weather keeps changing. Plate tectonics, the tilt of the earth and solar activity play the major roles in weather shifts. This seems not to concern you, but put a few SUVs on the road and you "warm mongers" see only catastrophe. I am asking you: How much more evidence do you need that climate change is normal . . . it's been happening for millennia.

My favourite part of your rant is the second part of your question. The reference to "overstating" the warnings. Why can you not use honest language? The correct word is "exaggerate." I have noticed that the word "overstate" is being used a fair bit by the "warmers" these days. If the word "exaggerate" scares you then little wonder you're so "unnerved" by no snow until the middle of January last year.

Except for skiers and snowplow drivers, I heard very few complaints. If I were you I would be more intrigued by another "global warming" story . . . the one about how Al Gore went from a net worth of about $1 million seven years ago to a current estimated worth of over $100 million. I think it's fair to say that global warming is the best thing that's ever happened to him...

I love that last bit.

My personal feeling is that we don't know exactly how much AGW is a factor in climate change, but to blame it on all man-made sources and say there can be no more discussion is quite disingenuous - although not surprising for an editorial board in the centre of Lemmingland.

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Yikes! The sky is falling!!! From Garth Turner:

...The more significant story is the climate change crisis and weather-related events that are probably upon us. As I said last week, 100 million people live within one metre of the seas, many of them in cities like Halifax, New York and London. Sea levels are rising, and it’s estimated within ten years many of these people will be environmental refugees, and their priceless real estate worthless in water...


Anonymous said...

Just planted some more tulips and crocus...they will look great in the spring!
I kind like gardening in January.

Yes that was a great letter to the editor.

Northern Ontario Gardener

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I was quite happy to get my Christmas lights down yesterday. :)

Anonymous said...

Not to mention all of us who can still hike the trails on foot without dodging the skidoos.

Not to mention the return of those bald eagles someone from southwestern Ontario wrote about earlier....and I think that this fossil likes climate change.

Do you think that the environuts are happy that thanks to the warm temps. less toxic road salt will clog pipes, kill grass and trees?

OMMAG said...

"....how much AGW is a factor in climate change,...."

We do know ... the answer is 0.014% at Maximum estimated amount which means ignoring all the other contributing factors.

Canada's contribution is supposed to be 3% of that so .....0.0042% of the global total.

I'm still planning on buying an F250 diesel (the deals are getting better all the time) and I won't be converting to those useless mini flourescent lights.

maryT said...

During my life time I have experienced at least four climate changes per year. SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN AND WINTER.
I think every canadian could say the same thing.
During that time, some seasons have arrived a little early/late. Some have been hotter/colder than others. And sorry to tell you algore, you had nothing to do with any of it, and some day in the future you will be sued by someone, or government, for the scam you are pulling on the world.
If a person suffering a drug overdose can sue her supplier, and win, anything is possible.