Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why the code of silence?

Alberta Ardvark has an interesting discussion going on regarding the deafening silence from most of MSM regarding a few outrageous HRC complaints currently being fought - WTF is wrong with the media in this country.

Various theories have been proposed. This anonymous comment may be the closest to the truth:

The MSM does not see a problem with the HRC's because they know they are all stacked with people who think the same as they do. Only white people can be racist and so only those cases will be prosecuted.

In today's Ottawa Citizen, David Warren concludes his column (Fighting for Freedom) with this observation:

...For there is something even more seriously wrong in Canada, than HRCs, when these appalling cases are getting more attention abroad than here at home.

Very few Canadian newspapers are courageous enough to go out on a limb and publish a factual story if there is even the slightest chance that some 'victimized' minority might be offended. Or else they torque the wording to make sure that the article is politically-correct.

My suggestion would be to put your money where your values are, and consume your media accordingly.

Unless of course you happen to feel that some folks are more equal than others.

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Related: Stephen Taylor - Jason Kenney opines on HRC/Canadian Islamic Congress case against Steyn. This is a classic!

Monday Update: The Globe joins the push for free speech in Canada and allows Ezra to opine in a web-exclusive comment - What a strange place Canada is:

...Early in her interrogation, she said "I always ask people … what was your intent and purpose of your article?"

It wasn't even a question about what we had published in the magazine. It was a question about my private thoughts. I asked her why my private feelings were of interest to the government. She said, very calmly, that they would be a factor taken into account by the government in determining whether or not I was guilty.

Officer McGovern said it as calmly as if I had asked her what time it was.

When she's doing government interrogations, she always asks people about their thoughts...

Thought Police. In Canada.

We are not making this up.

Fox News - Iran warns Netherlands not to air controversial 'Anti-Muslim" film.

Tuesday Update - Colby File: Does Ezra Levant have a point?


Anonymous said...

If Ezra were not such a hypocrite, maybe you'd see more bloggers on his side - a little like when most of what you call Liblogs defended a certain racist right-wing blog.

Ezra, for lack of a better word is a little drama queen whore and a bore. There is no code of silence and it's a non-story...

JDN said...

Good question, Joanne. With so much at stake for *all* Canadians, including the media, you'd think that the MSM would be all over this.

Somewhat like the anonymous comment, I'd say that the MSM can't spin this, or at least haven't yet found a way, given the facts, to convincingly make Steyn and Levant actually look guilty (if that's the correct word), and hence justify the HRCs' existence.

This is a potential Pandora's Box that the MSM wants to keep closed.
It appears that their strategy is to ignore it and hope it goes away quietly.

Anonymous said...

no liberal news worth chatting about I guess....lemming at two o'clock...what's a cherniak?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

what's a cherniak?

Trust me, you don't want to know.

hunter said...

I see you get trolls too, they are interesting in their ignorance and arrogance. Beats me how they can be both, but they are. They also swear a lot, this seems to make them feel superior. Take no prisoners Joanne.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Hunter, my thoughts on that are that if you're getting trolls, you must be doing something right. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am digusted by the argument "I hate Ezra, he's a publicity whore so I automatically disagree with anything he says".

Just because you don't like someone is no reason not to see there is a problem here.

I might not like you, I might disagree with what you say, but I firmly support your right to say it.

OMMAG said...

"My suggestion would be to put your money where your values are, and consume your media accordingly."

You are talking about the Canadian Media right?

BTW - I see that Cherniak as usual shows complete hypocrisy in his own attack on Levant. The point is Cherniak that regardless of you opinion of Levant he IS doing something valuable by challenging the HRC. Of course expecting a Liberal to recognize something of value is stretch.

Annie said...

Some people fail to see the bigger picture.

Very sad, really.