Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Well, maybe I won't cancel my subscription after all

The federal Liberal caucus members are going to wake up on this snowy, frozen morning to more than a hangover from their ompah-pahing last night - It's the economy, Dion.

Not quite the editorial they'll be looking for from the usually-liberal local rag. It is a scathing slam even taking aim at Liberal MP Karen Redman:

...And there was the Liberal leader, bragging that if it weren't for former federal Liberal governments, Toyota and Waterloo's Research In Motion would have never amounted to anything in this province. Not so. Meanwhile, Dion cheerleaders like Kitchener-Centre MP Karen Redman asked a gullible public to believe his proposed $1 billion rescue package for struggling manufacturers is the tasty little sugar pill that will set everything right. It's not...

Dion cheerleader. Heh

This is all presumptuous, self-serving, partisan blather. Whatever good previous Liberal governments did, it's wrong to credit them for the phenomenal success of Toyota and RIM. Yes, the federal Liberals handed Toyota $55 million to build a second Ontario plant in Woodstock. But whether or not that corporate welfare was needed, Toyota opened its first Ontario plant in Cambridge back in the 1980s -- when federal Conservatives were in power.

- I'll drink to that. Prost!!!

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Alberta Girl said...

Interestingly, only a few short weeks ago, columnists and pundits like Don Martin were decrying SH "pessimism" regarding the economy slowing down and were quoting many economists where were saying it wasn't going to be all that bad.

Seem's like it is the journalists and left wing economists who should be eating some crow.

In these times, yes, Don, we do want good fiscal management - something Stephen Harper has proven he has a handle on.

Greg said...

I cancelled my subscription years ago, the first time I saw the smirking mug of some Torstar columnist appearing in the paper after they bought The Record. Must have been '96 or '97 maybe.

Anonymous said...

I also canceled mine years ago after Sandy Baird retired and the new lib-left editorial mob arrived.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon, do you remember Sandy Baird's column? I was just a kid, but I loved it. "Here's looking around -with Sandy Baird".