Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gloria Galloway must know something we don't know

Interesting little tidbit on MDL tonight, that they seem to have left off their website.

It was a "Press Gallery" session with Craig Oliver and the Globe's Gloria Galloway. They were discussing the latest poll results.

Fortunately I happened to record it.

Gloria was opining about the significance of the Tory jump to a 7 point lead:

"Oh yeah, 37 is a good number... They're quietly probably having a bit of a celebration out there, but you know I don't think they can say, look, let's go to the, uh, let's call an election over these kinds of numbers..."

Now exactly how would the government 'call' an election before October 19, 2009, Gloria?

I'm curious. And I'm sure all your readers are as well.

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Thursday Update
: Mr. Dithers the Second may not force an election right now - Dion drops tough talk on election - Star.


maryT said...

Didn't they poll in AB, SASK and MAN. Why weren't the results published. Anyone know what they are.

Anonymous said...

Good catch Joanne...sometimes we get used to their purple piffle and don't pay heed to it.
media bias? no not much.

hunter said...

Well, maybe the Liberals are trying to shift attention away from Ruby, and Dion, by playing up the election angle again. Isn't Galloway's hubby a Liberal hack?

Joan Tintor said...

I don't think it's an accident that video of the Press Gallery segment isn't posted to the website.

I was looking at MDL video before Christmas and there wasn't one then either.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Isn't Galloway's hubby a Liberal hack?

I've heard that rumour.

I resent these little innuendos about the government being able to call an election at will.

That is the reason why this Bill was introduced in the first place - to prevent a snap election simply to improve a government's seat numbers.

Very disingenuous of Ms. Galloway. If it was an honest mistake on her part, she should say so the next time she is on the show. Otherwise, she should apologize.

Anonymous said...

Gloria Galloway - hmmmm - would that be the absolutely non partisan journalist who is the wife of Liberal strategist Mark Dunn.

Does make one wonder why they do not put THAT little tidbit under her byline and introduce her as a "Liberal insider" when she is asked for her opinion on a talk show.

Liberal plus Canadian media equals incest. There are so many "family" connections and family favours and appointments it is hard to tell which is the real official opposition to the Conservatives.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Liberal plus Canadian media equals incest.

Yes, then of course, there's the alleged CBC-Liberal collusion fiasco, which the CBC has admitted to, but not the Liberal party.

Well, the good thing is that bloggers are holding their feet to the fire.

I just wonder what goes on that we don't know about.

Alberta Girl said...

Poor Gloria - she's just p'od that despite all their collusion, all their printing of negative stories, all their gotcha journalism, all their leading poll questions, the polls keep saying that Canadians are generally happy with the Tories.

I Love it!!!!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yeah, there just isn't enough dirt. Too bad for Gloria.

And the ethics commissioner cleared Harper.

Poor Gloria. Poor CBC. Poor Liberals.

Anonymous said...

The combination of good polling numbers for the Tories and Gloria Galloway talking about them are wonders to behold. Her body language says it all ... but I still don't know why an impartial journalist would feel so down about one party's fortunes. Hmmm.

OMMAG said...

I really wish people would show more intelligence and good sense about polls lie this... they are not good for anything but feeding speculation.
As for Oliver and Galloway .... two of the most pathetic examples of Mainstream media muttonheads to found anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I have been saying all along, it is unbelievable for "Gloria Galloway" to be on Mike Duffy Live, everyone knows her husband, Mark Dunn is a present strategist for Dion. He was the one that backed LePierre that a CBC reporter/reporters were working with the liberal members of the ethics committee... Then she makes comments, oh ya, they will be celebrating, but if you take Alberta out, there numbers mean nothing... and Craig, he said he didn't believe in polls, but just before Christmas when his liberals were up a bit, he stated he knew Dion would be going for an election.. he was on the "move". did you also notice last night that Oliver said when it comes to Quebec, Quebecors always vote for their own, so Dion will be okay. He was also the one that said, when asked about the Pablo story, said, he didn't believe it, he was a smart young man and could make up his own questions. Too liberal hacks, great reporting, but you notice, all the Western reporters they use to have on, are no longer there... They felt, too bias for the Tories, so had to get their liberal hacks on every night.... Shameful!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

did you also notice last night that Oliver said when it comes to Quebec, Quebecors always vote for their own, so Dion will be okay. He was also the one that said, when asked about the Pablo story, said, he didn't believe it, he was a smart young man and could make up his own questions.

Great points, Anon!

There was so much partisan commentary on yesterday's show, that it was hard to absorb it all. I do remember hearing Craig Oliver's remark about Quebec voters and thinking, 'Surely he can't really be suggesting that? I must have misunderstood'.

So it wasn't just me after all.

I can't wait for the Old Duff to get back. He usually tends to balance things out a bit.

The guy on there now is a twit.

Anonymous said...

The host is Graham Richardson and he always comes across as shallow and weak when interviewing.
He does not ask tough questions and he does no follow up. He seems to simply read the script.
He was on MDL as guest host a couple of months ago when a liberal MP said that he felt that Canadians wanted a Senate that was Equal, Elected and Effective although he didn't use those words exactly. One of the western reporters that was being interviwed at the same time picked up on it immediately and said so but Richardson simply ignored it.
It was his comments on the Dhalla purse-snatching that I reveal him to be very partisan as well.
In the video that was shown of her being interviewed right after the incident she stated "I cannot control what the police does." What was the question that prompted this answer?? It must have been about the police beating the children. The answer simply doesn't fit with any other question.
In a second interview she expressed a degree of compassion but I rather suspect that she had talked with her aides at that point and decided that compassion would look better than "callousness".
However, Graham Richardson in his comments after the Indian video clip was shown said "To be clear, it is not clear AT ALL (his emphasis) that Ms Dhalla knew how the children had been treated" He goes on to say that it appears that Ms Dhalla gave the first interview before she knew what happened to the children and then she found out about the beatings and gave the second interview.
Whatever happened to investigative reporting? Don't these talking heads ever actually watch and listen to these video clips? Don't they ever listen to answers that are given to questions that they themselves have asked. Can't they think on their feet or do they have to clear it with a producer before asking follow-up questions?
Are they really that obviously partisan!!
I personally believe that the police would have handed the kids a beating on the spot and Ruby Dhalla was indeed very callous in her response.
Pity these poor kids. They've been sent to a juvenile home.
Is Ruby going to insist on getting a full reoprt on the beating?
Has she called for the dismissal of the police involved?
Did any of her entourage who actually chased and caught the young children beat them themselves before turning them over to the police?
What about the juvenile home the children have been sent to? Is it up to Canadian standards?
What measures will Ruby take to ensure their proper treatment?
Will she ensure that there are rehabilitation programs in place that are up to Canadian standards?
Will she care as much for these two dirt-poor and very young Indian children as she does for Taliban prisoners captured by Canadian soldiers?
Her follow-up actions should be news too.

Anonymous said...

Galloway married to Liberal Strategist Dunn, Delacourt apparently married to another Liberal strategist (is this not a conflict of interest), CBC reporter feeding questions to Liberal MPs, and these are the only examples we know about. Is it any wonder Harper has no use for the Parliamentary Press Gallery; they have no credability!

Möbius said...

They've simply forgotten the Chretien formula. Wait for your opponents to be at their weakest and call an election. After all, it's only money (and not LPC money, after all). PMPM (remember him, once was a representative of his constituents) even had the nerve to call the Gomery Inquiry, then an election before it was complete.

The CPC has taken that power away, by setting fixed election dates; the Libs can only criticize the political stupidity of it, without realizing that some form of stability is exactly what the public wants.

I would love to see an election this Spring, but I suspect that it won't happen. The Libs apparently love the opposition gig.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I would love to see an election this Spring, but I suspect that it won't happen.

Mr. Dithers the Second can't make up his mind. Too bad. I'd love to see an election too.