Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Will Dion's gamble pay off?

Colby Cosh does not seem impressed with Dion's decision to parachute in Joan Beatty:

She does have two X chromosomes, and that’s what really counts as far as the federal Liberals are concerned. David Orchard, the popular agriculture and protectionism advocate who backed Stephane Dion for the party leadership and who has been selling Liberal memberships in the riding, found himself unexpectedly betrayed by virtue of lacking the correct genetic apparatus. There is a principle at stake for the party, insists national campaign co-chairman David Smith. “We’re prepared to bite the bullet,” he says, “to demonstrate that our commitment to increasing our number of women candidates — particularly well-qualified ones — is very real.”

Which is basically saying that when push comes to shove, women will come out on top in Liberal land. Well, then it's not surprising that women apparently prefer the Liberal party, I suppose.

But isn't that just a bit condescending?

Meanwhile, Randy Burton of the Star Phoenix has a very interesting take on the whole affair - Dion defaults on debt to Orchard. He sees this as a big gamble on Dion's part.:

If Beatty can actually win the March 17 byelection to replace former Liberal MP Gary Merasty, then the Liberals can claim they were right to "bite the bullet," as Senator David Smith calls it.

If she fails, Dion will not only have reduced his seat count, but he will have alienated one of his most important supporters for nothing. Free trade critic and former Tory leadership candidate David Orchard delivered 150 votes to Dion's leadership campaign in 2006, but apparently that wasn't enough...

Tough being a man in the Liberal Party.

Might be even more painful for Dion though if his little gamble doesn't pay off. That bullet might end up biting him in the butt.

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Wednesday Update: Northerners plan protest of Liberal Appointment:

...Orchard's campaign manager Marjaleena Repo said she expects Orchard to be in the audience of Saturday's meeting, but the issue belongs to the people of the riding.

"The issue is even beyond the candidates. I have this feeling that this is drawing a line in the sand. Or in the forest," she said...

See also - Another female vote for Harper (Post).


hunter said...

Let's see, Dion ticks Orchard off, all his support is gone, the NDP are ticked off so they won't support the Liberals in this riding. Even the Liberals are ticked off at the lack of democracy.

So, in a riding won by the Liberals by less than 100 votes, might the Conservative win? Seems to be a good bet to me.

Anonymous said...

When is Orchard going to announce that he is running for the NDP? This is the only logical move left here. (real conservative)

wilson said...

hmmm I wonder what Ms Beatty thinks of the Liberal position on not extending rights to Native women,
or Natives not being included in the Charter.

Brian said...

Stabbing David Orchard in the back seems to be the sport of choice in Ottawa.

Pass me a knife...

Ron said...

I know I am only a simple minded white male but explain to me again exactly why women can't win a seat on merit and have to have it handed to them. Didn't this women win the riding twice (or more) as an NDP? Didn't this women serve as a Minister in a provincial cabinet? Now, somehow, democratically earning the right to be the party representative is too much of a problem; she needs the big white boss to step in and help her out. As long as women continue to allow themselves to be "tokens" the misconception that they need "help" from men will persist. I have 5 sisters and, believe me, they are more than capable of taking care of themselves and earning any job or position that interests them. Those women I respect - women who whine and cry and take the easy way out are on the same low level as men who do it - and there are plenty of them too.