Monday, January 21, 2008

They get letters

The editorial in today's National Post is a sample of the collective voice of citizens affected by the disruption in Caledonia. On Saturday, the Post invited readers from the Caledonia area to send in their stories and this is the result - Caledonia's pain -- in our readers' words.

Good on the Post for taking up the cause for freedom of speech and the rule of law in a province that turns a blind eye to extortion and lawlessness.

Now how's that for a reality-based editorial, Warren?


Lee said...

Im not sure what to deduce from WKs little diatribe.
Is he for a two-tiered system of laws?
Maybe he just doesnt like the editorial writer at the Post.
Anyway, kudos to the post for getting the issue out there.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Im not sure what to deduce from WKs little diatribe.

I think he'll do whatever it takes to defend Dalton.

Anonymous said...

Please include 'wk' warnings...I don't like to give him the undeserved attention.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Good point. I just edited it a bit.

OMMAG said...

Special K is a liberal to the core and has invested his personal emotional capital (Kapital?) in McSquirmy. He now needs to protect his fragile ego from seeing anything that endangers his view that he backs a winner.
Therefore Kinsella and others like him will perform whatever mental gymnastics he needs to maintain his fantasy. It's simply pathetic and pathological and not unique to Warren hence the idea that Liberalism is a Mental disorder.

The truly unfortunate thing is that he's been given space in the MSM to do this.