Thursday, May 10, 2007

What Changed, Dalton?

So it seems that Dalton McGuinty has caved to opposition pressure and finally called in the provincial auditor general to probe Slushgate.

To his credit, the Premier has asked for the report to be tabled by July; well before the next election.

However, he refuses to ask the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to step down until the dust settles, in spite of calls to do so from the opposition.

I watched Question Period this afternoon (way more entertaining than the Federal version these days), and Howard Hampton rightly asked what changed between yesterday and today? Up until this point, the McGuinty government seemed to be suggesting that the Tories and NDP were racist. In addition, the government was constantly stonewalling and obfuscating.

Just more non-answers in reply.

Alan Cutler, the famous whistleblower from the Federal sponsorship scandal, compares this one to Adscam. Although the dynamics have changed a bit this afternoon, the echo is still there. The opposition is asking for Minister Colle's resignation, but McGuinty keeps saying that we must let the auditor general do his work.

I'm sure I've seen this show before.


Anonymous said...

They have had enough time to "correct" what little paperwork they have, leaving nothing notable for the auditor to find.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Or manufacture some 'paperwork'.

Swift said...

I thought we alredy knew there was no paperwork or at least there was not the proper paperwork. As to what♠ changed, nothing really except the fact that they realized that it was not going to go away, and hey didn't want to go into the election with an unresolved scandal that was going to be compared to adscam. The federal Libs might have leaned on them a bit as well, they don't want the word Adscam paraded in front of the Ontario voters every day until the election.

Jim said...

I think you mean the Provincial Auditor has been called in to investigate. The Auditor General examines only the Federal government books.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Jim. The article in the link mentions "Ontario's Auditor General", but it is a confusing issue.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

O.K. Jim, i just clarified it a bit.

We wouldn't want poor Sheila Fraser to think we were planning to give her extra work!

Brian in Calgary said...

What changed? Maybe the good Premier got a glimpse of an opinion poll that he didn't like.