Monday, December 10, 2007

Hodgepodge of updates and links - Updated many times

I'm trying hard to get away from the computer for a while, but it just won't let me...

Anyway, here is an assortment of links which I hope you find interesting. I often post these types of things for future reference. Blogger can be a useful tool for research with its search functions.

Threat to Freedom of Speech in Canada:
SDA - Macleans Magazine: A Case Study of Media-Propagated Islamophobia. Excellent comment by one of Kate's U.S. readers:

As an American, I cannot believe what is going on in your country concerning that disgusting (and clearly dangerous) "Human Rights Commission" of yours. When criticism of government policy can be penalized as "hate speech", you are no longer sliding down a slippery slope. Rather, you are in the muck. I will never again regret the appearance of flag burners in my country. I may disagree with them, at times to the point of fury, but I will regard their presence as a blessed sign that free speech is alive and well in America.
Posted by: Robert Pujat at December 10, 2007 3:57 PM

Tobacco Tax Protest:
LFP - Farmers to give Natives tobacco. Big tax loss for government.

The convoy would be illegal. Special permits are required to transport tobacco from Delhi to Caledonia. It is also illegal to transact tobacco outside the auction exchange in Delhi...

Will the OPP uphold the law?
Sex offender registry funds diverted, Tories say. (OPP diverted funds...)

Runciman suggested the OPP diverted some of the money for the sex offender registry to pay for policing the nearly two-year aboriginal occupation of a disputed housing development in Caledonia.
Isn't that great?
Sun - Province failing Christopher.

Paying homage to Mother Earth:
Celestial Junk - Ecophobia: Taking Advantage of NHL Hammer-heads.

Making lots of green: A convenient £50m for Green Gore (Times, courtesy of National Newswatch). Also see Australia 'stalling Bali Talks'. Wow!! Wasn't Rudd supposed to be the Environmentalist's messiah or something?

Highly recommended: Angelo Persichilli - Dion's Polluted Reputation.

Anyone got some darts? Suzuki as a guest columnist for the Star - Could there be a worse combination?

Lorne Gunter - Harper right to oppose Bali proposals.

Lorrie Goldstein - New Kyoto must include U.S., China.

Big Blue Wave - The Unborn Victims of Crime Bill: It's a go!
Thursday, Dec. 13 - Second Reading scheduled (first time debated)

National Post - The NDP's Nosey Nanny. BTW, isn't there a screen of some kind that you can buy for a laptop so personal information can't be seen at an angle by straying eyes?

Update: Dr. Roy says yes!!! Memo to James Moore - Put this on your Christmas list!!!

Steve Janke has a video for Irene Mathyssen.

Dr. Roy found the link to Irene's imaginary diary!

What would Irene say about this??? (H/T Mary T in comments) - Don't look, James!!!

Times Colonist - Sleazy NDP porn allegation dishonours all MP's.

More grievances from the Eternally Offended:
David Warren - Suing for Silence.

Urban Funding:
Record - Lack of transit link to Toronto an 'embarrassment', Cannon says and Minister blames cities, province for bogged-down transportation.

O.K. Premier. C'est maintenant votre tour.

Health care Accessibility:
Michael Coren - Two-Tier Trauma

Ottawa Sun - New funding trims abortion wait times. "Now, new funding has cut the wait time to terminate a pregnancy to about a week"... Well, at least Smitherman has his priorities straight, right?

Potential Dion Replacements:
Maybe Chretien should try again? (Don't it always seem to go, you don't know whatcha got til it's gone...)

More to come...


Roy Eappen said...

Yes Joanne, makes a great privacy product for screens. Who knew that the ndp doesn't just want a nanny state, but want to act as nosey nannies in tyhe house.
Irene mathyssen is an embarrassment to the ndp, but is representative of the entitlement demanding feminist movement.

Roy Eappen said...

Since mathyssen said all this nonsense outside the house, Moore should sue her.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Moore should sue her.

I think he's too much of a gentleman.

Let's not let Mathyssen's constituents forget about this when Dion finally gets off his butt in Parliament and decides to vote against the government.

Anonymous said...

why are the media intent on repeatedly reporting of scantily clad women
not one word about the disgraceful behaviour of Mathyssen

we all know why don't we


Greg said...

Page 2 of todays National Post is worth the total price by itself, see the spoof of Mathywhatever's diary. Absolutely hilarious, ROTFLMAO as my kids would say.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Greg, I just read it. lol! Thanks for that tip. It's interesting that Brean says 'John Moore' rather than 'James'. John is Post columnist.

I can't seem to find the link online.

Greg said...

I couldn't find it online free to give a link, I subscribe to the digital version.

maryT said...

Joanne- can you link to National Newswatch, entertainment, and get the article on Mary Walsh's plan to photograph 500 nudes in St John, NFLD. Imagine, a woman taking nude pics. Where is Irene's outrage over this.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Real Conservative - If you can provide a link, I'll allow that comment.

Anonymous said...


p.s. If anyone by chance has a copy of the Chretien "Diary", I think it was written by Dunford of the Toronto Sun, about Chretien's Middle-east Tour, can you repost it? This one on Mathyssenn reminded me of it. Went something like "East Bank, West Bank, I not sure where I is, but dey only got one lake.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Paul. Sorry but I can't help you out on the other.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Mary T. You have a beautiful blog, BTW.

Anonymous said...

re: maybe Chretien should try again???

This would make Conservatives even happier than they are now with Dion at the helm.....ADSCAM revisited front and centre.

Quite honestly Chretien makes Dion look really REALLY bad.