Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mathyssen to issue formal apology Monday

From the Star:
After speaking to Moore late yesterday, Mathyssen acknowledged that he'd been looking at pictures of his girlfriend and apologized to him, said a party spokesman.

Mathyssen was in her London riding today but is expected to make a formal apology to Moore in the Commons on Monday.

All in all, not a great week for the NDP.

Here's a hint: Try to engage the brain before opening the mouth.

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Important Update: Stephen Harper just said something in Parliament regarding Karen Redman issuing an apology in the House, and asked why Irene Mathyssen wasn't there doing the same today? (2:30 PM)

Did anyone catch that earlier? What exactly did Karen Redman say?

Globe - Dan Cook: Karen Redman and Irene Mathyssen. Here's a laugh:

Note to the NDP press office: Your MPs name is Irene Mathyssen - not Irene Matheson.


Anonymous said...

Sooo...anything happenning on the Hill worthy of reporting?


Anonymous said...

This is disturbing.

Brian said...

So typical of the screaming left ... shout down your opponents first and only ask questions or apologize when backed into a corner and forced to apologize !

rations said...

The sad part of this is that Mathyssen said the image on the laptop "was clear to her" that is was a scantily clad woman in flimsy lingerie. Only problem is it was Moores girlfriend at the beach in a BIKINI.

Anonymous said...

Commie=incompetent lout that wants to live like a competent hard working and talented individual. Tactic: cheat like hell to win. (real conservative)

Ruth said...

Disappointed this morning to read on the front page of the London Free Press that Irene Matheyssen is sticking by her story and what she saw. If the picture was all that clear, how come she didn't see the dog in the picture. She thinks it's her god-given right to protect the women in the world.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ruth, you must be kidding! Thanks for the tip.

Roy Eappen said...

I posted that diary piece.