Wednesday, December 05, 2007

You can see how gossip gets started

The previous thread is getting just too long, but here is the latest ramification of Irene Mathyssen's little 'indiscretion' today - National Newswatch reports that it has just made World News.

MP 'caught looking at porn' in Parliament. - ABC news.

Ms. Mathyssen, I really don't feel that a simple apology is going to do the trick here. You and your partner in crime are going to have to do some major groveling.

Mr. Moore deserves an apology, as does the whole of Canada for rendering our Parliament such a farce.

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Vancouver Sun - Karen Redman is named here too.

You can watch David Akin's report regarding the apology on the CTV Broadband site -click on link here.

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H of M - Dipper Mathyssen gets her prude on.

Steve Janke - Irene Mathyssen and a case of the objectification of men.

Joan Tintor - Lend me your vote - and your binoculars. Joan makes a reference to Karen Redman's pompous, self-righteous actions.


Babylonian said...

This is really sad. I suspect that M.P.'s frequent these blogs...Mr. Moore, If you are reading this, I am really sorry for all this crap you are going though. There are enough of us to know that these smear tactics mean nothing.

I think the Dishonorable Member should resign for this, shame on her. I would like to see Jack "Late-On" (Late on many things) to crack the whip.

Gabby in QC said...

I hate to say this:
• Being a woman who considers herself definitely not in need of liberating
• given the hysterical outbursts like those seen in the HoC coming from Ms. Mathyssen, whose peek led her to a monumentally wrong conclusion,
• and given Ms. Redman's leap to a guilty verdict without hesitating for a sliver of proof
• such hate-filled accusations merely serve to confirm the POV among the last few remaining troglodytes who view women as hysterical creatures who don't belong in some places like Parliament.

Thank you, Misses Mathyssen and Redman, for setting the cause of women you profess to champion back a good number of years.

hunter said...

This is a serious accusation against an MP. Because it was on national news, now international news, it is not just mud slinging now, this is libel. She was quoted talking about this outside the house, now she can be sued, and Moore better do it.

Too many MP's are performing in the House with immunity, especially during question period. The rules need to be changed now that everything is televised. No more immunity.

Anonymous said...

The CTV anchors are all over this in support of Mr. Moore. It seems the more the Opposition throws out BS the more people like Duffy and Fife are openly calling them on it.

Check out Lloyd Matheson's reaction to this story as it is described by Fife on the CTV Newsnet link on the story "New Democrat will apologize for political blunder"

Stephen P

Babylonian said...

They are working extra late at James Moores office today (I C.C.'d them a copy of my resignation request)......

......Thank you for your support and for copying us in your email
Barbara Haidn
Executive Assistant
James Moore, MP
Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam

----- Original Message -----
To: Mathyssen, Irene - M.P.; Moore, James - Assistant 1; Layton, Jack -
Sent: Wed Dec 05 23:03:15 2007
Subject: Unacceptable behavior in parliament

Dear Ms. Mathyssen,

I am compelled to write to you regarding your inappropriate behaviour
in parliament today. I can only imagine the shame you are feeling right
now for such character-damaging comments you directed to Mr. Moore in
the house today. I am calling for you to make a public apology, and
also resign from your position effective immediately. Your poor
judgement has led to this news being carried on international news venues.

I do not carry a double standard, had the situation been switched
between yourself and Mr. Moore, I would ask him to do the same thing if he
exercised such poor judgement.

Thank you.


Jake said...

As someone who is from London, I can say that Irene Mathyssen slanderous accusations are not a surprise. She is well-known for making publicity stunts in the past.

She only won her seat by 900 votes in 2006 so she will be toast in the next election. She will be a one timer MP so no gold plated pension for her!

Caveat said...

I can't believe this kind of thing is being tolerated.

Dude, where's my parliament? Is everybody in opposition frantically scrambling to find something - anything - that will stick? A little disappointed over the Schreiber thing, are we? Tough.

'Serious allegation' indeed. Not in my world. Even it is were true. Which it apparently isn't.

Love the way the msm passes the word though. We went from 'scantily clad' to 'porn' in the media. So typical which is why they have no credibility anymore.

Gabby, you nailed it. Those two batty women have set a very bad example - for women, for parliament and for Canada.

Maybe it's time to change the rules about Question Period around personal attacks and yes, a lawsuit should be forthcoming, preferably coupled with a resignation.

I don't read WK anymore. Couldn't stand the old-guy fake hipness coupled with the sleazy insinuationsand unwarranted superiority complex.

I like classy blogs.

Anonymous said...

Mathysson marched in the Gay Pride parade. (see Joan Tintor's blog)
So she can look at naked men, but Moore is not supposed to look at a bikini clad woman?
Feminism comes back to bite ya!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

To Real Conservative - I find some of your comment objectionable and therefore can't allow it through.

If you could reword it, that would be great. Thanks. (I can't edit comments).

Alberta Girl said...

A little disappointed over the Schreiber thing, are we

EXACTLY - the dippers and libs are p-od that Schrieber did not work out as they has planned and have become vicious in their anger.

It is a bit rich that this woman (and all the dippers and libs) can tolerate naked men parading down the street in front of children as somehow being open minded but when a male is looking at a picture of a female friend in a bikini it is somehow scandalous?????

This woman needs to apologize to James Moore and to Canada because she has created a world news event now and if Canada wasn't the laughing stock of the world before given the stupidity that has been happening lately, it surely is now.

Given world hunger, poverty, AIDS, and natural disasters happening around the world, for the opposition to be focusing on the petty issues of the past few days is absolutely asinine.

This shows why the NDP will never be more than the yapping dogs of politics.

Ruth said...

I think it's time that all women stood up and said that we don't need people like Mathyssen and Redmond standing up for our "rights". In this day and age, women can all stand up for our own "rights".

RuralSandi said...

As I understand it, this Moore issued was discussed in the NDP Caucus - and they decided to let Mathyssen speak - Jack Layton is also involved by letting this happen.

You seen what your nasty partisan hits do to people?

Karen Redman (probably shouldn't have stood up) but really she said "IF" - and you people are going to use that.

What was she (Mathyssen) doing looking at Moore's computer?

What was Moore doing looking at personal pictures when he should be working "on our taxpayer dollars"?

Shouldn't this be an eye-opener for all the extreme partisan nastiness going on these days from ALL parties?

I look at the responses here, and guess what - partisan shots.

Jeff Davidson said...

if we are to believe moore's account of the story, i don't see how having sexy images of your
on your work laptop is appropriate.

further, isn't it rather distasteful to display your girlfriend as a trophy? given the very public nature of laptop use, i wonder how many of moore's colleagues have viewed these photos.

it may not be soft porn but it's till pretty tacky.

Ruth said...

As I understood it, they were looking at his dog, not the girl, and it wasn't in Question Period.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I look at the responses here, and guess what - partisan shots.

Good observation, Sandi. I agree that the House of Commons is no place to be doing anything other than official business. However, how many MP's are using their time in the House for anything but? I think you'll find MP's doing crosswords, checking their Blackberry (is that all official business?), etc.

So do where do we draw the line?

And as far as Karen Redman goes, my issue is with this line:

I rise on the same point of order. I would like to point out that I believe all members of the House are honourable. I know this is a very serious allegation. I would hope the member, who has been accused of this point of order, would look in his heart and perhaps look on his laptop on a day—

Somewhat sanctimonious, don't you think?

Gabby got it right at Stephen Taylor's:

...And Ms. Redman's rush to judgment belie her party as self-proclaimed "defenders of the Charter."

Very hypocritical.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ruth - Exactly. It was during a time when they only needed warm bodies in the House for the proper count.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. 99.9% of the population Mathyssen and Redman were wrong, except for Jeff Davidson.

Here is a tip Jeffy. People take pictures for memories. The Liberal "Messiah" Trudeau had thousands of pictures of ex-wife Maggie, and yes, some in bathing suits.

The more I read your moronic posts makes me realize why you don't get it and think it's creepy. Perhaps you are one of those "bad breaker-upper" they talked about on Seinfeld. And I would imagine the approprite number of restraining orders have been filed from ex's.

Get a life. Or at least watch the news and get the facts. Here's a hint. There will be an apology made in the HoC today because the NDP member realiazes she was wrong.


maryT said...

For those of you concerned that this was done during business hours, and a waste of our money, how about the mega bucks we are paying for Paul Martin to not attend sessions, or for BS to show up once in a while to supposedly defend women. Notice Dion was there again today, thought he was going to Bali.

Möbius said...

My opinion of MHL has gone down several notches, after watching the Duffy piece.

Deflect, deflect...Afghanistan, etc. Obviously, she's being coached by the party, and spouting talking points.

Why not just admit that this was moronic behaviour by the NDP, and leave it at that?