Thursday, December 06, 2007

All Schreiber, all the time

For all you Schreiber groupies, here are the latest transcripts courtesy of the National Post - Schreiber on the Hill, Live, Part Three.

Also starring:

Stephen Taylor - Schreiber's threatening letter to Mulroney.

Doucet denies he asked that Airbus money be funneled to Mulroney
. H/T National Newswatch.

Adam Radwanski - Back to the start.

Dan Cook - Stephane Dion's 'invented cover-up'.


OMMAG said...

Now I'm getting confused....I thought they changed the channel to Womyn's issues and man bashing dipsticks from the left side of the house!!!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

OMMAG - They just want to make sure there's a gong show going on in every area of Parliament.

More entertainment for your tax dollar!

kursk said...

Has it crossed any of these a*shat's minds, that Schreiber is now is full panic mode, and is saying anything and smearing anyone, if it prevents him from being extradited to Germany..

rations said...

The opposition is bereft of ideas and cannot run an election campaign opposing tough on crime, tax cuts or common sense on environmental issues so all they have left is guilt by association and smear.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

They are relying on a witness with questionable reliability at best.

What a waste of money.

rations said...

Just heard on MDL that the
Liberals on the Ethics Committee don't want Mulroney to appear. I guess they "can't handle the truth".

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Rations, I missed that. I hope to catch the repeat later. What reason did they give?

rations said...

No reason was given, just that it was NDPer Pat Martin who had to insist on BM appearing. I take it that the Liberals on committee must have opposed but were out voted... do I detect chickens coming home to roost?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ah ha... This could be interesting.

Thanks, Rations.

rations said...

I think the better question is will Robert Thibeau show up at the committee to face the man who will some day be driving his car. hah har.

Anonymous said...

Joanne, Fife was on Duffy and pointed out that Schreiber said Doucette told him to wire money to Geneva, from acompany named IAV?(not sure if thats right). Fife pointed out the fact that the company at that time was run by Pierre Bourque, a Liberal. Which Fife and Duffy both pointed out showed it was a bald-faced lie. MHF had the deer in the headlight look when it was pointed out the Liberals tried to keep Mulroney from testifying. Lets see if Szabo shows the same courtesy to Mulroney he has shown Schreiber.



rations said...

I still wonder what deal was made between the Liberals and KHS, the Libs seem to think that only a lengthy drawn out inquiry will "get to the bottom of this" all the time knowing that they are playing Schreibers game. They aren't that stupid, ther has to have been a deal to implicate only conservatives in exchange for avoiding German justice.

Ol-Roy said...

ahh but didn't allan cutlers name come up to. or irwen cotlers name I forget. and isn't he or aren't they called liberals. I know that even Ian Mcdonald and that other reporter that was on there don't beleive a word of what schreiber said because he's changed his mind so much.

maryT said...

I think that once KS realizes that he will not put Brian in jail, or tar Harper, he will start to bring in liberals, aka Thiebault.
When did he first meet with Thiebault, what did they talk about and how long after that was the Nov affidavit filed. And, isn't Thiebault in conflict of interest. When is someone going to ask KS about his dealings with him.
Why are the liberals so afraid of KS going to trial in Germany. How will his testimony hurt the liberals in foreign dealings.
Will Dion still want a feb election, with this still so fresh in our minds.

Anonymous said...

Brian Mulroney's appearance at the Ethics committee hearing next Thursday will be a boon to conservatves...and bad news for Liberals....they know it.

Just sit back and enjoy folks because it was in large part because of the Liberals and opposition that we're here in the first place.

Thanks Dion!