Monday, December 17, 2007

Poppy = War = Evil

In case you were staying awake nights wondering who makes up that tiny percentage that Justice Woolcott was trying to protect from the trauma of having to see a POPPY in court . . . We seem to have found a spokesman - The Poppy is a Symbol that Represents War:

I support Justice Margaret Woolcott who did not want a police officer wearing a poppy in her court. The wearing of poppies is no longer a neutral symbol of honour to our fallen heroes. Without intending disrespect to our veterans of the past, present, or future, I want readers to know that, for a small but growing percentage of Canadians, the poppy has become a partisan symbol of acquiescence to the necessity for war and violence as a solution to human conflicts...

I'm guessing he's not big on "Support our Troops" ribbons or pins either.

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Tuesday Update
: Excellent rebuttal letter in today's Record (Letter of the Day) - Poppy is the symbol of the price of war:

...If Rev. Bosch is correct that most pacifists focus on the poppy as a symbol of war, I trust they can accept that to me and to many of those who came back alive, and to many of those related to those who fought and died, the poppy does not represent war nor the taking of lives. Instead, it represents the freedoms we enjoy today, personal sacrifice, unbelievable hardship, lifetime comradeship, gravestones in a far-off country and the knowledge that we need to try harder to avoid letting people like Adolf Hitler ever again rise to power.

The poppy is a symbol of peace. The poppy cries out "Please, never again. The cost is way too high."


cherenkov said...

I get the impression that the good judge is also a member of that "small but growing percentage of Canadians". How noble of her to consider their feelings..

Anonymous said...

I guess the good Reverend has no appreciation for the sacrifices made by good men and women so he could hold his dissenting opinion without fear of retaliation.

Is it just me, or is HE the one politicizing the poppy, while claiming it is a politicized symbol? He's the first to equate a symbol of remembrance with support for a war he obviously doesn't support. I guess even men of the cloth can be blithering hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

This is because left wing kooks who love speech codes see the poppy as a symbol of war -- to the rest of us it's a symbol of honour for those who died to protect our freedom.

Shameful leftists -- is there any level they won't stoop to?

Candace said...

Totally off-topic - heading off for the holidays but wanted to drop by & wish you & your readers a very Merry Christmas & a safe & happy New Year.

See you in 08

strider said...

The effete spokesman of a civilization in its death throes.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Candace - Merry Christmas to you too! I should be focusing more on preparations. I'll be scurrying around at the last minute as usual.

Strider - The effete spokesman of a civilization in its death throes.

Wow. I wish I had said that. You nailed it.

Greg said...

I think we should resist delving deeply into various hidden, or unhidden motives when all can be explained by blinding stupidity and ignorance. (That includes the judge, the more I read of the justice system the less respect I have for their collective intelligence)

baggage said...

A good example of why our courts and justice system are failing us. This person should not be a judge he her personal feelings outway tradition and a small show of rememberance. This country just seems to be going further and faster down hill.

spike said...

i wonder what the good reverands take on the cross is ?

Anonymous said...

Who the f*ck cares? Oh, that's right - the retarded right cares.

I wear a poppy on Remembrance Day. I lost two great uncles in WWII and my grandfather was twice injured. I'm an army reservist, too. Even so, I couldn't care a whit about this. The only people who care are the rabid right wingers looking for a cause - and it is by their actions that the poppy has become the symbol of war support.

You're ruining the poppy by making such a big deal out of this.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

You're ruining the poppy by making such a big deal out of this

Oh, that's right. Not only should we not be offended, but we should also abandon our freedom of speech.


kursk said...

Anonymous..I am a former career soldier, from a family of career soldiers, both German and Canadian.
Who better to see what the cost of war is ? We have plenty of reminders in our 'rogues gallery' of the sacrifice war demands of as a reserve soldier should know better..that poppy is a symbol of the very ideals you took an oath to protect.

I am right wing, but not a war mongerer.I will not applaud you for wearing a poppy, because i really don't think you get it yet.

Never again, is not a buzzy feel good catch phrase, it is a committment, made by the likes of you and i, through our service, to uphold that wish.

Peace is never attained because we wish it to be so, it is maintained and nurtured by perpetual vigilance.I suggest you go and reread your soldiers code my friend.Perhaps a refresher is in order.

liberal supporter said...

I suggest you go and reread your soldiers code my friend.Perhaps a refresher is in order.

Truer words were never spoken - to you, kursk.

Such a rough tough guy, talking down and sneering at everyone who doesn't agree with your narrow view. According to your statements, you're not in the service now, you have no business trying to boss a reservist around. You should know better.

And yet, joanne has to protect your fragile ears from some comments, such as one I left earlier. Perhaps I used a bad word, poor dear.

kursk said...

..and what is so narrow LS, about pointing out a truism that all of us, let alone a young reservist, should know?

I suggested he re-read his soldiers code of ethics and conduct, and get himself re-aquainted with why he joined in the first place.It should be inculcated in every soldier that they in their own way, in their own duties uphold the message of sacrifice and duty that the poppy stands for.

Is that so difficult for your tender sensibilities to understand?
It is nothing more than a little friendly advice, delivered in a direct manner.

Perhaps you have a problem with that, but i make no aplogies for my stance or my defence of the poppy.

Btw, have no idea of what your comment said that was deleted.I am sure that whatever you had to say would not bother me in the least,I like a good spar.