Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fantino gets smack-down from Record

In the interest of fair play, I should give credit where it is due, and the Record certainly earned kudos for this editorial - Police willingly ignore illicit cigarette sales.

The Record rightly points out the selective law enforcement techniques of the OPP and Julian Fantino in particular:

...Rather than simply dismiss -- or attempt to suppress -- a messenger that he finds objectionable, Fantino should consider the message. And while he's at it, perhaps the commissioner could explain to the people of Ontario why some laws are more worthy of enforcement than others.

Well, it would appear that either Gary McHale's decision to sue the OPP, or all the negative press and video clips that were generated after McHale's beating on the weekend have led to some action. The smoke shop in question is apparently going to be shut down.

No word yet of any charges in Saturday's assault.

Also no word on how Fantino plans to deal with the rest of illegal cigarette sales in Ontario.

More at Halls of Macadamia.

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Thursday Update: Great video from CHCH available here.

Friday Update: Cash offer expected in Caledonia dispute - Record:

Federal negotiator Ron Doering is expected to present a cash offer to settle the 175-year-old Welland Feeder Canal/Dunnville Dam claim Dec. 12. But Mohawk Chief Allen MacNaughton, lead negotiator for Six Nations, said yesterday a resolution to outstanding Six Nations claims "will not be resolved simply by throwing money at Six Nations."

"Neither one is taking into consideration that land was stolen from us and we are looking for fair equitable compensation for the loss of that land," MacNaughton said in a statement. "Promises were broken and the land has to be returned."


Anonymous said...

What about the illegal occupation? The attempted murder of police officers? What kind of a society do we live in when political correctness trumps the law of the land?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

It's not political correctness. It's fear.

VoiceofCanada said...

Compare the Waterloo Record with the Brantford Expositor that ran a very different editorial that used Christmas lyrics to happily endorse the violence against McHale! Could I make this up?


Mark Vandermaas

Enditnow said...

Looks like the Liberal-controlled Record found a pair. At least they admit ( in typical soft-soaping code) Fantino is running a race-based policing regime. Then, of course, they fall short of laying blame where it belongs - at the feet of that menshevik twinkie Dolton McGuilty.

It is now apparent there is a politically motivated, bureaucratically scripted agenda to silence and discredit dissenting citizens/voices to the Liberal government's dismal performance in coping with native lawlessness in Caledonia.

Interestingly, the Record is read in a town which has undebatable free title to its Haldimand land purchase, yet the city Council has been cowed by illegal HDC development demands...then again they have a liberal mayor so it makes sense he'd open his constituents to native lawlessness and development shakedowns without a wimper.

Anonymous said...

Brantford's title is not clear.
McHale is a racist moron and those who follow him with their noses up his butt are just losers and wannabe-racists.