Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Trying to make sense out of the senseless - Updated: Murder charge laid

(Update at end.)

This tragic story about the seemingly random murder of local resident Hunter Brown has been haunting me - Who murdered Hunter Brown?

Bad enough to have it happen anytime, but at Christmas it is especially poignant and disturbing. I can't imagine the horrors this family must be going through right now. As his son said on the local news yesterday, he didn't deserve to go that way.

This senior was the epitome of the Christmas spirit. He was killed as he set out on his traditional delivery of Christmas cards to his neighbours.

And of course there was the recent sad story about the woman who was killed by the snow plough near London. A horrible accident.

Please give your family members a big hug every day. You just never know.

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Update: Local TV news reports another assault in Kitchener, by a man uttering negatives references to God and attacking a resident who was shoveling his driveway.

More here.

Post - Police warn public to look out for Waterloo attacker.



Anonymous said...

I live in Kitchener relatively close to where this tragedy took place. It has also stuck with me. The sheer senselessness of it all.
Things like this take a little piece of everyone's soul.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Things like this take a little piece of everyone's soul.

How very true. I keep thinking about the family, and how awful it must be for them.

Sheena said...

I think somebody took a dump in my driveway too. Seriously. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Season's greetings Johanne.

Herewith,another installment of "TangoJuliette sez:"

Regarding the tragic murder of the 74-year-old gentleman in Kitchener Ontario. This senseless act of cruel and random violence is to be condemned by all right-thinking citizens and leaders of our Democratic nation.

I am struck by the difference of reactions from our political leaders. Had the assailants committed the crime using a weapon, a rifle or pistol, the political outcry would be akin to a feeding frenzy at the Pyrrana pond. The Leftbots would undoubtedly be in full cry, demanding that "the gun pipeline from W Bush's Republican America" be shut down immediately.

They would also be demanding intense analysis and research into the tragic life, childhood and upbringing of the assailant, and would undoubtedly end of their soundbite moment with a plea for more basketball courts in the ghettoes, or something equally germaine.

Murder, regardless of how or why it's committed is always unacceptable in our civilized society, and should be condemned at every opportunity. Law & Order are "always priorities." Not just when one can get up in the saddle and ride off on their wee anti-gun hobbyhorse.

To paraphrase an author whose name escapes me at the moment: "... no one is an island living exclusively onto themselves... anyones death diminishes me in part, for I am involved in mankind. Therefore, when you hear the sounding of the death-knell, ask not for whom the bells toll, they told for each one of us..."