Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"Rev Jo" still a no-go - Updated: It's a Go!

Update: Thanks to my readers for letting me know that McGuinty overruled the PC Police and let the Rev Jo keep her plates:

“We can also do things that make ourselves outright laughable -- this is one of those instances.”

So I wonder how those nine civil servants feel now; knowing that their boss thinks they made a 'laughable' decision.

Christian Conservative has more with an informative Globe link. (Oh, boy. Now McGuinty is calling it an issue of "common sense". Yikes!)

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I sympathize with retired United Church minister Joanne Sorrill on this one, and it isn't just because of her terrific name. She is a victim of the Political Correctness Police (an anonymous panel of nine civil servants), which had been asked by Transportation Minister Jim Bradley to reconsider their decision to disallow the vanity plate that Sorill has held for 20 years - Rev Jo.

The Ministry's initial objections were that the plates might encourage speed or promote Christianity! (*Gasp*)

After further contemplation, they have come up with a new one - it might promote drunk driving! (Plate refusal #2 has cleric all REV'd up - Star). Gee, they totally missed the caffeine-addiction angle with the word "Jo".

Why couldn't they at least grandfather the existing plates, and then refuse to issue any new ones if this is suddenly so offensive in contemporary society?

All this craziness is well documented by Christina Blizzard this morning - I H8 Vanity Plate Censors. She closes with this:

Look, if you look hard enough, you can take offence at just about anything. But for pity's sake, let's stop this stupidity. Here's a licence plate that could sum up the entire ministry: GN BONKRS. Then again, they'd probably ban that. Too sexual in nature. How about: TOO PRISSY? Better still, try this one, then: BUTT*OUT.

I would only like to add that perhaps we should consider changing the titles of our elected officials and departments. After all, don't the words "Minister" and "Ministry" have some Christian overtones? Couldn't that be offensive to those who are Jewish, Muslim or atheist? We must change this immediately!

The Ontario Asylum of Transportation might be a good place to start.

Update: Hey! How about an acronym? ASSS - Asylum of Sentry and Street Services.

Or the previous one with the word "Greater" preceding it - GOAT. Instead of "Ministers" we could have "herders" or "tenders".

I'll bet you've got some suggestions too! Let's hear them.

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Thursday Update: Political correctness knows no borders - Santa gets the heave ho, ho, ho.

Sunday Update: Lorrie Goldstein - Licence this SOB H&R!


Anonymous said...

These people really have gone off the deep end.
A friend of mine has plates that read 666-___ (left out last 3 characters for privacy's sake). This plate is not a personalized plate, just happenned to be the next one in line.
But I'm wondering if it will be recalled so as not to promote devil worship?

Anonymous said...


Caveat said...

Too funny! Thanks for the huge laugh.

Rejected plates:

LING COD (sounds fishy and could be sexy)

BHND 8 BAL (promotes pool playing and could be sexy, mentions anatomy and a god)

NEW DRVR (nope - mentions experience and a tool = sexy)

NANY ME (now, that's perfect for Ontario)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your blog Joanne! Adam Daifallah linked to you re: the Jonathon Kay rebuttal.


tori said...

just heard on cfrb...mcguinty himself has said that revjo's plate will be renewed

Anonymous said...

How about a personalized license plate for Dalton and co.?



Platty said...

Hey Jo,

Adler did a show on this last week as well, the political correctness has got to stop!!

Here are a couple more,

This one would never pass: 6UALDMN
How about one for Schreiber: URNZWA
Or for your dentist: 2 3 PAIR
Now this last one, which may get you in trouble, would have to be on the front of your car: 2 UKUF


west coast Teddi said...

National Newswatch is reporting that the Premier has ruled in Rev Jo's favour

Joanne (True Blue) said...

lol! Thanks guys. National Newswatch update here.

Having some blogger notification issues, so comments may be delayed.

Joanne (True Blue) said...




Anonymous said...

New plates for Dion


Garth Turner



Joanne (True Blue) said...

Good ones, Paul!

How about PUFFIN for Iggy?

Anonymous said...

I thought Iggy would be


Harpers plate after the Schreiber testimony


Dalton McGuinty


David Miller


Adam Vaughan



Joanne (True Blue) said...

Paul, you win! (I love Harper's!)

Anonymous said...

Just to explain Adam Vaughan's, it was reported today he billed the taxpayer $300 for a cappucino machine. When asked about it on CP24 he got steamed when asked and said if you don't like it don't vote for me. And that was one of a list of items he spent thousands on.

What a friggin socialist loser. Whine we need more money for poverty, education, infrastructure, etc., and then blow $300 on a cappucino machine. Wonder how many people living on the streets want a cappucino when its -40 Celsius outside.


p.s. Thanks Joanne, I thought Harper's was pretty good.Nice to see those same Liberal's now saying they DON't want an inquiry.

Misissauga Tom said...

Bill Carroll on CFRB this morning was trying to get someone to apply for FLICKOFF. Remember that this was a "catchy" slogan adopted by one of Dalton's ministers for energy-saving reasons. With the proper font the L and I almost merge to form U.

Möbius said...

A fellow called "Heywood Jablowme" had his number posted in the local phone book a few years ago.

Obviously, Bell doesn't have "naughtiness" checkers.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link if you want to tell the Ministry Of Transportation what you think about this …