Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This one's for Greg

Yesterday, reader Greg left the following comment in my post about closing the Lukiwski file:

I agree, let's move on to talking about the idiot provincial NDP MPP who is introducing a motion to ban advertising of products aimed at children 13 years old and under. After all us parents need to be protected from being nagged by our kids to buy unhealthy products, and goodness knows we are incapable of making decisions on our own without a socialist telling us what we are allowed to buy for our kids.

Well much to my surprise, today's Record has a scathing editorial against this bill - Let them Advertise Cake:

...Unfortunately, the clumsy bit of nanny-state legislation he's pushing doesn't discriminate between good and bad, salubrious and debilitating. It would simply prohibit all commercial television ads for food or drink directed at children under age 13.

But the unintended consequence of Marchese's proposal would be that ads for healthy food would be banned along with those selling products that could cause health problems. That seems needless, foolish and counterproductive. And it's only one of many reasons to hope his legislation dies a quick, unlamented death...

Nanny-state legislation?

Wow. Maybe there's still some hope for the Record's editorial board.


Anonymous said...

I guess the NDP are satisfied to stay at the bottom off the opposition barrel for all eternity.

Is this the best they could do?


Me? I'd like a ban on media reporting on idiot ideas by politicians!

Anonymous said...

Why do the NDP pride themselves in taking over parenting?

Greg said...

Thanks for reading the record, so I don't need to.

Swift said...

It's not bad because it is a dumb idea, Joanne, it's bad because it isn't a dumb Liberal idea. You might be interested in the latest Ontario HRC case. Details are available at Caledoniawakeupcall.com

hunter said...

I never realized how many bad parents, incapable of making healthy decisions for our own children there are. Might as well round all those kids up and put them in socialist institutions until they are able to think like a socialist.

Sheesh, give us a break! Do we need laws for everything?

frmgrl said...

Most Moms and Dads are good parents and know what is best for their kids. Why these socialists don't trust parents to be able make choices I'll never know. Where is common sense in all this? Do the NDP have no common sense. That's the way is seems lately.

maryT said...

Just wondering if anyone has asked those who voted for this guy knew what they were voting for. Was this ever mentioned during his campaign. We have to start putting the blame for all these stupid ideas that come out where it belongs-the voters in the riding.