Friday, April 25, 2008

Popcorn and beer - Part deux

Again we have a missing video clip from Mike Duffy Live... Funny, that.

However, I will transpose the audio as best I can with a disclaimer that I was not able to pick up every word.

The scene - Tonda MacCharles interviewing Scott Reid for the Liberals, and Tim Powers for the Conservatives.

(Heated debate in progress.)

T.P. - "Scott, Scott! You want to talk about forecasts, numbers, facts...?"

S. R. - "How about Mark Carney?"

T.P. "Well yeah. Exactly. What did Mark Carney say yesterday? 1.4% growth this year and 2.4 next year.."

S.R. - "What did you project? Stop, stop!!! You didn't project 1.4 - You projected 1.8!!!"

T. P. - "Scott, Scott... I don't know if you understand math, but 1.4 is above 1.8!!!"

S. R. (Looking rather puzzled) - "What do ya mean?"

* * * *
Actually, I lied in the title. This is actually Part 3 of the Beer & Popcorn saga.

Here's Part Two.


Roy Eappen said...

THats too funny. Why do the grits still use this man?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Why do the grits still use this man?

Well, we won't look a gift horse in the mouth.

maryT said...

It is funny how elections are won or lost. Goodale thinks the election was stolen by ads, but I would say that Reids comment re Beer and Popcorn had a lot to do with it also.
Let's hope PMSH stmt that We spend our money, liberals spend stolen money, will also be a vote getter.