Friday, April 25, 2008

Sorting through the Mexican beans

The hot air surrounding the Brenda Martin case has reached firestorm proportions which the government obviously feels the need to mollify as much as humanly possible.

The Liberals are trying to use this story as a political hammer, but it has been blown all out of proportion - especially by Dan McTeague.

It's become increasingly difficult to extricate the truth in all of this baseless rhetoric, but my sense is that Canadians are becoming less sympathetic as the story unfolds.

McTeague charges that "the federal government is dragging its feet, preventing Brenda Martin's quick handover to Canadian authorities."

Yet, the Gazette reports that it's actually the terms of the international treaty regarding prisoner transfers that is holding things up.

The Canadian Government is actually taking the unusual step of lending Brenda her get-out-of-jail fine, which makes me wonder what happened to her legion of strong supporters?

Yesterday's Post contained several letters from readers about this debacle, but this one says it best (excerpt):

My wife and I are non-resident Canadians who have made Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, our home in retirement. We have, therefore, been following the Brenda Martin case with much interest.

While it is impossible not to feel sympathetic toward a woman in such distress, I suspect that at least some her troubles were of her own making. And we understand that the Mexican legal system is much less predictable and transparent than Canada's.

No Canadian should feel unduly at risk living or vacationing in Mexico. However, in the event of finding yourself tangled up with the legal system, do not expect special treatment; do not denigrate the Mexican legal system; and do not get angry with individual Mexicans. Show contriteness, politeness and patience -- and, if the issue is sufficiently serious, get legal assistance via the nearest Canadian consular office...

Brenda Martin, along with her gang of outspoken supporters and the complicit media and Liberals may be their own worst enemies.


Alberta Girl said...

Apparently, Dave Rutherford (Corus Radio (630 Edm or 770 Calgary)) will be discussing new information coming out about Brenda Martin.

Don't know if it supports her case or not, but given Dave's rant against her over the top demands the other day, I would bet it isn't something that will garner sympathy for her.

Anonymous said...

Can we stop giving this woman's story any more attention? You're milking it Joanne.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

You're milking it Joanne.

I'm milking it?

Brian said...

In business , over the years I have traveled extensively to USA , Europe, Caribbean , Asia and South America.

The letter you quoted from Yesterday's Post is so true.

If you want to make your situation worse , then just act as the "Ugly American" , or in Brenda Martin's case , the "Ugly Canadian". (BTW ugly refers to actions not appearance.)

When you are in someone else's country , you must act in a gracious manner , especially if you get into trouble !

This entire mess is made much worse by McTeague's shrieking and will actually be bad for any future Canadians who find themselves in trouble in Mexico , because Mexican authorities will want to get involved after seeing what happened in this case.

Brian said...

ooops ... typo

This entire mess is made much worse by McTeague's shrieking and will actually be bad for any future Canadians who find themselves in trouble in Mexico , because Mexican authorities will NOT want to get involved after seeing what happened in this case.

maryT said...

One comment at DMB asked, if her friend had tickets to return home, and cashed them in, why couldn't she pay the fine with the money.
I wonder if she really had tickets or was it a photo op.
Beware of support groups, think of that guy in BC who was to be deported. Supporters pledged money to keep him here but for some strange reason, the money didn't show up. Who and how will they repay the money, who will employ Brenda. Maybe Dion needs a new chef. Why hasn't some liberal mp stepped fwd to pay the fine, think of the media coverage.
Typical liberal tactic, come up with big ideas but expect others to pay for it.

Mary HInes said...

I wonder if Dan McTeague is going to travel around the world now getting all Canadians who are "innocent" out of prisons! I bet if you ask their parents, they would claim too they have no idea why they are being held. He thought he had reached his "claim to fame" and with the liberal media on his side... he was riding high. But just remember, OJ Simpsons said he was innocent too, and who looked foolish at the end of that deal!

Anonymous said...

Alberta girl, I live in Alberta and Dave Rutherford is a good journalist-he studies his topic before going on air. The same goes for LOWELL GREEN at 580CFRA. He also is very good. unfortunately he is heard via the net from 8am-to 10am alberta time.

Anyway, who are we to criticize others countries' justice system.

Gabby in Qc said...

From The Gazette link:
«"How can Canada put me in prison when I am innocent and I have been convicted by a corrupt justice system where they have clearly stated they have no evidence?" Martin said in an interview from Puente Grande Women's Prison in Guadalajara.»

Would "put a sock in it" be appropriate to say in this case?

Re: what Alberta Girl said.
I don't know what new information will be coming out about Ms. Martin, but according to what I read and then posted here in the previous threadabout her, Ms. Martin ratted out the other person also accused of money laundering, Rebecca Roth, who was sentenced to nine years.
“March 26 update:
Rebecca Roth is also serving time in the same jail as Brenda. Rebecca worked for Alyn as well. Brenda was arrested in February of '06, Rebecca in March. According to Rebecca's sister, Brenda gave Rebecca up in exchange for leniency.”

“April 21 update:
Canadian media has no interest in Roth, irrespective of whether Martin turned her in for lenient treatment or a reduction of her sentence.  In fact it would obviously have damaged public perception of Brenda had it been common knowledge that she is accused of shopping Rebecca.”

Anonymous said...

CBL has an interesting picture re: just how much Martin is 'suffering'.

If Libs had any real policy they wouldn't be milking this story.If the msm wasn't so anxious to make PMSH look bad they wouldn't be milking this story.


Lord Kitchener's Own said...


"future Canadians who find themselves in trouble in Mexico"???

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm not going anywhere NEAR Mexico for a long, LONG time. And I had decided that based on the treatment of various Canadians there long before I ever heard of Brenda Martin!

Say what you will about Martin and her case, but I'd recommend avoiding Mexico like the plague.

Mary HInes said...

Say what you want about Mexico.... we vacation there often in the winter... We find the people wonderful, and vacation "spots" terrific. Let's weigh the facts... Brenda was in Mexico for 8 years, reported "illegially", if you are visiting or in another country and you don't obey their rules, you have to expect to suffer the results!.... Just like our Country, we have visitors come here... they break our laws, what happens to them, but remember, everyone declares "innocence"... and when the facts are out here... there may be another story to report!. I think Mr. McTeague might be caught with "egg" on his face, but of course, it will be blamed on the Harper Government, because the media will never let on they knew Brenda Martin and worked hand and fist helping their friend Mr. McTeague with this in the first place! One thing we can do, is play their tapes - especially the day she was found guilty, and the guess host of Question Period pushing it for all it was worth!

Platty said...

I'll be going to Mexico, right after I have visited every town I can find on a road map of Canada.



wilson said...

''You're milking it Joanne.''

The Liberal tactic when their own story gets turns against them, which it generally does.

Notice the Lib on MDL yesterday, he wanted to 'move along, better things to talk about than EC raid'.

Right, did it have anything to do with PMSH framing the fight as:

'Conservatives spend their own money, Liberals spend stolen money'

Funny thought, Cons could use the battle with EC to their advantage.

paulsstuff said...

Okay, I have to ask. Martin has repeatedly stated she never was aware of the scam being run by her employer or the fact her severance pay was invested into the same scam.

So how was she able to give up Roth in exchange for leniency if she was supposedly unaware that an illegal scam was even taking place?

Her employer stated that when he found out $10,000 was Martin's money for investment he returned it. You don't suppose she used Roth as the person to deliver the money to her employer for "investment" do you?