Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Human rights abuses not McGuinty's concern

NDP Peter Kormos worries that Sandra Pupatello will be used as a 'dupe', during the Ontario Government's upcoming cabinet-level trade junket to China.

It's o.k. Peter.

No worries there. It's the voters who are the dupes.

* * * *

Update: Speaking of China, Canadian Consumer Product safety Laws to be toughened up.

Halls of Macadamia has more: The scary, hidden McSlippery agenda.

STOP THE PRESSES!! Maybe we have a solution to this problem - Sandra Pupatello can bring it!


Reid said...

Do you think it's easy staying in touch with Uncle Mo?

Reid said...

Considering that 6 out of 10 pieces of childrens jewelry tested had illegal levels of lead... this is perhaps one instance where I don't mind a little government intervention.


OTTAWA -- Six out of 10 children's jewelry items for sale in Canada tested at the government's product safety laboratory in the last two years had dangerous and illegal levels of lead -- some with levels comparable to car batteries made of almost pure lead.

Health Canada oversaw the targeted testing of 205 samples of suspicious items and identified 120 illegal products. The most egregious case was a jewelry item containing 92 per cent lead, suggesting the jewelry was made from lead-acid batteries for cars and other lead scraps.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Reid, exactly. This is an instance when we need the 'Nanny State'.

The Trusty Tory said...

The election was John Tory's to lose, and he still managed to screw it up. I'm so angry about that still, I'd better not talk about it...