Thursday, April 03, 2008

Say goodnight, Andrew

Liberal MP Andrew Telegdi has succeeded in embarrassing himself, as well as every constituent who voted for him:

If it is possible to lower the standard of political debate in Canada below its already abysmal level, Andrew Telegdi has done the job. In a truly bizarre outburst this week, the Kitchener-Waterloo MP compared the recommendations of an expert panel working for the federal government to the mentality that imposed the notorious Chinese Head Tax and the equally obnoxious Chinese Exclusion Act in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The sin of the panel to bring such abuse hurtling down on their heads? They want to cut the number of times the Maple Leaf flag is lowered on the Peace Tower in Ottawa. For pity's sake, Mr. Telegdi. Show some proportion. Show some sense. You're turning an anthill into one of the Rockies...

That editorial is in his hometown newspaper, The (Liberal) Record. Hopefully the riding will wake up and see that Andrew Telegdi has passed his best-before date in politics.

Yesterday's Post editorial exposed more of Telegdi's ridiculous rhetoric to the whole nation:

...Today the House of Commons is scheduled to vote on a nonbinding motion by MP Andrew Telegdi, who wishes -- against the advice of the protocol panel -- to restore the policy of lowering the flag for every dead soldier who returns from Afghanistan. Mr. Telegdi's motion defines what is meant when someone is accused of "wrapping himself in the flag." He suggests that the Conservatives are trying to "sweep" Afghanistan combat deaths "under the rug," as if nobody would take notice of them if they couldn't check the Peace Tower for the latest vexillological casualty report every morning.

Perhaps it is fair to say such a swinish thing about one's electoral opponents, or at least inevitable that such things will be said. But does Mr. Telegdi mean to smear the members of the panel with the brush of his conspiracy theory? They were brought in as legitimate experts to research the issue in good faith; it would be a shame if Parliament subjected them to that kind of abuse.

The world's Top Intelligent Community should think twice before re-electing this man.


Gerry said...

Many people are convinced the Liberals could run a donkey in this Waterloo riding and win. I guess this proves them right. He definitely is an embarrassment to those of us who live here.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Many people are convinced the Liberals could run a donkey in this Waterloo riding and win

Well, he certainly did make an ass of himself this time...

Brian said...

Inane comments like that from Kitcher-Waterloo MP Telegdi are a measure of the total frustration within the Liberal ranks.

They have a leader who is a complete joke and they can only sit and watch as Dion keeps digging the hole deeper , and he doesn't have the common sense to stop.

It is difficult to imagine how Dion can continue to screw up so badly , but he does.

There are the Liberals , such as Telegdi and McTeague, constantly shouting that the Conservatives are doing all sorts of terrible things like limiting freedom etc. and then the Liberals turn around and try to muzzle the press ... even worse .. it is owned by Demarais !

If a Conservative had screwed screwed up as badly as Dion there would be non-stop cat howls from the MSM , but by and large the MSM has left Dion alone until it became so bad they were embarrassed into reporting it.

I think the Liberals now probably recognize they cannot defeat Harper until they get a new leader , and that must really stick in their craw. Hence all the over the top rhetoric such as Brenda Martin, the flag lowering ... on and on !

My guess is that you will see Harper increasingly operate as though he has a majority ... which in fact he has !

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new for Telegdi. A while back I got a newsletter from him that was a joke and posted about it.

(btw Harold Albrecht is my MP not Andrew Telegdi)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly Andrew Telegdi is my MP and I have nerver voted for him as I reconized early on that he is what he is, the donkey you see today.

Gabby in QC said...

What a coincidence. I just finished writing an email to two journalists to correct their inaccuracies in discussing the half-masting question.

What has not been mentioned (except by me whenever the question came up on talk shows - sorry if I appear to be blowing my own horn) is that the present rules for half-masting, the ones the Conservatives have been abiding by, were amended in 2003, when the Liberals were in power.

Under the rules of that protocol, there are NO provisions for half-masting the flag on the Peace Tower in the event of a fallen member of the Canadian Forces.
That protocol can be found here:

This is simply another attempt by the Liberals to try to paint the Conservatives as unCanadian, and to get individual face time and exposure with the media.

Kelly Melanson said...

This whole flag lowering issue is, in my opinion, demeaning to all soldiers who fought and died for our country and all our current soldiers serving our country. We already have a day to recognize the service of our soldiers, it is called Remembrance Day. Rather than place more importance and relevance to this day, idiots like Telegdi and the mindless anti military Bloc and NDP would rather use stunts like this.

I am embarassed to live in the riding represented by this arrogant piece of crap.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thank you, Kelly. I'd love to hear from some of the folks that actually voted for him. What do they think of all this, I wonder?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I just finished writing an email to two journalists to correct their inaccuracies in discussing the half-masting question.

Good for you, Gabby. It's disheartening to see how many inaccuracies get into MSM - never mind how they tend to editorialize 'the news'.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Joanne. I had no idea this guy was your MP.
I was watching him on Don Newman 'Politics' this past Tuesday and was appalled at his flippant attitude when talking about those who didn't see things his way. Jason Kenney was on with him and took him to task.
Check it out at
He makes his appearance at 17:50 of the Tuesday video.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Actually, Neil, my MP is Karen Redman - not much better.

Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

Gabby in QC said...

"Actually, Neil, my MP is Karen Redman ..."

I meant to tell you, Joanne. I was channel surfing and caught CPAC, where Dion was addressing the House (not during QP, it may have been on some confidence motion). I didn't really pay attention to what Dion was saying - shame on me - because I was distracted by some of the MPs sitting behind Dion.

Karen Redman was constantly stifling yawns, and David McGuinty was doing his bobble-head thing with the furrowed brow.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Man, Telegdi sure is a tool, that's true.

On the issue itself though, could we get a ruling. Who's responsible for the flag on the Peace Tower, Parliament or the government? Because I'm pretty sure Parliament already held a vote on this. Now admittedly, it was a non-binding vote, but still. Surely even conservatives have to be getting just a little nervous about this government consistently ignoring the results of votes in the House that they disagree with. I seem to remember conservative governments not having a great track record when they treat minority Parliaments as though they had a majority.

Should the status of the flag flown on Parliament Hill be the prerogative of Parliament or the government of the day?

OMMAG said...

There is a protocol in place for the display of regard and honour for fallen soldiers.
It used to be called "Remembrance Day" .....

Gabby in QC said...

"Should the status of the flag flown on Parliament Hill be the prerogative of Parliament or the government of the day?"

LKO, if you take the trouble to go to the Canadian Heritage website to check out the protocol
you would see this (very last paragraph):
"Coming into Effect

The Rules, as amended, are effective as of June 2, 2003, and replace any previously existing rules developed through practice or articulated in Sections 12 and 13 of the General Rules for Flying and Displaying the Canadian Flag and Other Flags in Canada (1966)."

Under that same protocol, as outlined in section 14, the rules for half-masting in the event of the death of a member of the Canadian Forces are very clear.

Those rules do not include half-masting the flag on the Peace Tower. And the Conservative Government has been observing those rules.

To sum up:
1. The rules were amended under the previous Liberal government in 2003. The Conservatives have been following that protocol.
2. In said protocol, there are no provisions for half masting the flag on the Peace Tower in the event of the death of a member of the Canadian forces. It has not been a case of the PM's or the Conservatives' prerogative.
3. Given the controversy about half-masting generated at various times since the Liberals lost power, the government (through Jason Kenney) sought the advice of a panel of experts on whether the protocol should be modified.
4. Andrew Telegdi, and the procession of Liberal backbenchers who have suddenly gotten the "private member's bill itch" have realized that is one way of making themselves known by getting more face time with the media.

Anonymous said...

The poisin that spues from Telegdi's eyes when he mentions Harper's name says it all. I actually feel sorry for this man because a decade ago I believe he meant well; but now it's just the agony of defeat he is dealing with. Joanne is right that he has passed his best before date politically and the longer he stays is somewhat like Chretien's exit; that being a pitiful lack of credibility. He should stop embarrassing himself and retire with his huge (piggies to the trough) pension. Get the hook out!
It's over Andy!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Get the hook out!
It's over Andy!

Well said, Anon. K-W reeks of piggies at the trough.