Monday, April 07, 2008

This knuckle-dragging redneck has had enough

I think this will be my last post on the Lukiwski affair for a while. Quite frankly, I'm getting bored with the faux-outrage from the left, and as even John Moore says, Context is Everything.

I don't think this is an issue that the opposition parties want to go to the polls on. There are all kinds of examples that could be dredged up in retaliation.

No doubt the left-wing media and politicians are trying to reinforce the notion of the CPC being a scary party of Neo-Con knuckle-dragging Rednecks, but we know that there are examples of similar attitudes in the LPC.

So if the Grits, Dippers and left-leaning media only have 17-year-old slurs and innuendos which with to smear the Conservatives, then I think we can look forward to watching this Government finish the full term.

It all reeks of desperation.

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Of course, I never said I wouldn't link to other blogs... "Knuckledraggers". (Alice the Camel)


Alberta Girl said...

I too am getting rather tired of constantly reading headlines and watching TV that focus's on either the Liberal party woes or some "scandal" cooked up in the Liberal party backrooms.

Stephen Harper is governing, quietly and efficiently yet he has to consistently swat these annoying gnats swarming around his head. They seem to come out of their hiding holes like flies on "s***" whenever he shows the leader he is.

It is PAINFULLY obvious what they are trying to do in order to negate the good and bring Canadians focus back to the past and the SCARY Tories and homophobia and hidden agenda. I would expect the "guns in our cities" to be making an appearance soon.

I just hope that the over the top rhetoric and "scandal a week" is waking up Canadians to the fact that the Liberal party is bereft of policy and these "pseudo-scandals" are their way of covering up that fact.

The MSM are no longer even attempting to hide their contempt of the Conservative party resorting to slurs and derogatory comments to try to get viewers to believe that the Conservative government should not be in power. Their focusing on gutter politics instead of the true news of the day is reprehensible and shows that they are NOT journalists, but gossip columnists.

All we can do is send e-mails, and bring the stupidity of these so called scandals out in the open.

That is what I intend to do.

Whew - rant over!!

Alberta Girl said...

I am also thankful for columnists like John Moore and Lorrie Goldstein and a few others who do bring balance to counter the likes of the big names like Bob Fife, Jane Taber and Craig Oliver. I won't even mention CBC - one because I never watch it and two - I truly believe that only the left of the left watch CBC and they don't care about the truth anyway.

By the way - in my previous comment, I mentioned the Liberals were bereft of policy - I actually was wrong about that - I heard on the radio this morning that when they get back into power they are going to be offering "green" mortgages?

Not sure if the paper will be green or it will specify that you will only get a mortgage if you promise to not have an SUV in the garage.

Greg said...

I agree, let's move on to talking about the idiot provincial NDP MPP who is introducing a motion to ban advertising of products aimed at children 13 years old and under. After all us parents need to be protected from being nagged by our kids to buy unhealthy products, and goodness knows we are incapable of making decisions on our own without a socialist telling us what we are allowed to buy for our kids.

Platty said...

Well put Alberta Girl

I have always thought that the Prime Ministers best asset is his ability to see much further down the road than anyone else.

Slow and steady wins the race, and yes, it is simply killing the MSM that he is able to do this.

I think Canadians are starting to see the desperation in the Left wing media and the opposition parties attacks on the Conservatives and PMSH.

All they are doing is showing us that they have absolutely nothing else to offer, other than green mortgages?

Maybe that is where if your neighbour drives an SUV or uses more than his alloted share of energy, then he has to pay a part of your mortgage.


caz said...

I find it hilarious that EVERYONE...except a conservative can change their opinion about an issue after 40 yrs of age. I think of all the felons in our jails. the rapists, thieves, muggers and drug dealers can all change, evolve and re-evaluate their ways. Our entire catch and release justice system is based on that very premise...rehabilitation. Oh but I forgot..there isn't one of them that is over 40,right? But our Sask. MP is absolutely incapable of doing the same. Yeah, I'm tired of the insults and mischaracterizations in our MSM, but I still can't wait for an election frankly. Our PM will continue to impress those who have brains and will continue to scare and intimidate those that don't.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I think of all the felons in our jails. the rapists, thieves, muggers and drug dealers can all change, evolve and re-evaluate their ways. Our entire catch and release justice system is based on that very premise...rehabilitation.

Excellent point!!!

frmgrl said...

It truly is desperation of the left. This PM and his government have been doing a great job inspite of all these distractions.

It's more and more obvious that the Liberals and their mouthpieces in the media are power hungry and the hate they have for the CPC.That's all they care about. That is why they keep bringing these so called scandals out all the time. One doesn't stick so they try something else and on and on and on. They still feel they are "entitled to their entitlements".

Yes, we still need to hold them accountable. No more free ride.

Reid said...

I think it would behoove the right to drop this issue. The polls on it that I've seen show a good majority of people are satisfied with Lukiwski's appology and don't think he should resign. By letting the left bleat on about it it will just further alienate them to the centrist mainstream Canadians.

The only people not satisfied with things are the ultra lefties. And they're never going to support the Conservatives no matter what. So why do we care what they think?

frmgrl said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Jean Chretian that said" The more mud you throw, the more you lose ground."

I think the Liberals and the MSM should remember that and take note.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I agree, let's move on to talking about the idiot provincial NDP MPP who is introducing a motion to ban advertising of products aimed at children 13 years old and under

And aren't these the same people that rail against disallowing tax-payer funded film credits for porn and violence under the guise of 'art'?

Dave said...

How dare the opposition be so presumptuous to say that 'what this man said and did 17 year ago is reflective of his current thinking'.

I mean cmon, give me a break ... people can and do change for the better. Just because we may have said, and even believed 'stupid' things when we were young (or younger) doesn't mean we can't change for the better.

Heck, 17 years ago I was as 'Liberal' as they come, and voted as such! ... but, you learn ... you change ... you wake up.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to some good gnat-swatting in the HoC when PMSH stands up to the Libs and Dippers and I hope he can swat some media while he is it!!

wilson said...

msm promised revenge when PMSH went to war with them. That was a calculated risk he took.
The equalizer is Tory TV.

Libs only hope is instilling fear of a Harper majority, as they did in 2004 and 2006.
In these economic times, Libs will be hard pressed to convince canadians to spend spend spend.
The Conservative convention in November will set out the direction PMSH wants to take the country.
Libs makebelieve hidden agenda will be ignored.

Green mortgages, Libs stole the idea from the Dippers.
As pointed out by a commentor on Liblogs:

Not only did Jack Layton propose this idea in the '04 campaign, he pioneer it by actually putting it into practice on a commercial level in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Bored? Really? Those at the receiving end of such tirades are not bored - they're hurt.

Leader is a big word. Leader can be leader of a motor cycle gang, country, white supremists, girl scouts, dictator.

Too easily used.

A scandal by any other name is still a scandal. Wake up.

maryT said...

Re Green Mortgages, what about the many of us who have paid off the mortgage, what do we get. I see discrimination suits all over the place. Will these be transferrable when one moves to another province or city or job. In the meantime they want me to spend around 7000. to retrofit my house. Haven't these "experts" learned that when consumption goes down prices go up.
Utility companies cry about something called reduced profits.
I just bought new green venetians for the living room, does that count going green.
Canada is winning in Afghan, and msm are losing their war against PMSH.
The best thing about the medias war is that the truth of their biased, hateful treatment of this government is finally out in the open.
As for laws banning ads aimed at kids, how about a law banning positive stmts about the gay lifestyle, and tell the truth about its dangers.
Every time an opposition member comes OUT supporting ssm etc, or a media person, I ask myself-What is their hidden agenda, are they in a ssm relationship. Sorry, I will not change my mind and still think it is wrong.

Ruth said...

Well said MaryT.
If we let them, our country will soon be run by all the "groups" that keep demonstrating for their cause.

Reid said...

So Brad Wall IS NOT proceeding with a lawsuit after all. I'm willing to bet both he and his lawyers knew they didn't really have a case.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for the tip, Reid. I wonder what made him change his mind? Very strange...

west coast teddi said...

Reid ...I agree that there may not have been a case for Premier Wall to pursue (I'm not a lawyer), but I'll betcha that the Sask NDP made a few calls to their legal team and that the Canadian Press organization said "maybe we should have this type of issue clarified by the legals and have a memo put out to all staff". What I'm getting at is that there will be some cost to many parties in this and a "put on notice" to be more carefull making sure that the U-Tube mentality that is emerging is handled in a more professional manner.

There might just be a bit of win win for all sides.

Ruth said...

I think all the bloggers should be congratulated for keeping the story about Tom Lukiwski going. By what was said in Question Period today, it looks like he won't lose his job as a Parliament Secretary.
I'm sure by all the e-mails and blogs, the PM got a feeling about the mood in the country over this big scandal. Don't see Robert Fife around today either.

Reid said...


I don't think it's strange at all. I'm no lawyer, I'm but a simple engineer, but I do deal with legal issues on a daily basis. Whether it's contracts or government legislation and regulations... and just my gut was telling me there was no case for Mr. Wall to pursue. People made the comment that he must have had a case because he lawyers wouldn't have proceeded otherwise. But lawyers proceed with actions all the time when they don't have a basis to do so. Frivolous lawsuits happen every day.

I think what West Coast Teddi posted might have a bit of truth in it. This was most likely Brad Wall saying "hey, becarefull next time that you don't go too far because I won't stand for it."

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well said, both Reid and WCT. That very likely was exactly what was behind this. I'm hoping CP will be more careful in the future.

Gabby in QC said...

Bill Siksay, the NDP member who brought up the question of the taped comment and who "graciously" accepted the apology from Lukiwski, today read off during QP a list of at least 4 items important to the gay & lesbian community that the PM, according to Siksay, should implement to demonstrate that the Conservatives are not intolerant.

What this says to me is the following:
the provincial and the federal NDP orchestrated this entire thing not only to embarrass the Conservatives, but also to try to blackmail them into complying with some of the items on their agenda.

So, forget the posturing about "graceful" acceptances of the Lukiwski apology. What the NDP is seeking, with their manufactured outrage supported by the Liberals' hurt feelings, is exacting their pound of flesh.

And as Caz so ably put it in his comment, that vindictiveness on their part is completely contrary to the principles that they claim to espouse vis à vis rehabilitation.

fh said...

I hope the rightful owner of the camera and private party tape will do the right thing and step forward and claim this property and perhaps consider taking legal action against the NDP

If no one steps forward then this indeed maybe a case of this tape being planted deliberatly

this is a serious matter and should be investigated

Joanne (True Blue) said...

So, forget the posturing about "graceful" acceptances of the Lukiwski apology. What the NDP is seeking, with their manufactured outrage supported by the Liberals' hurt feelings, is exacting their pound of flesh.


Alberta Girl said...

"I'm hoping CP will be more careful in the future."

Which is difficult no matter who you are or which party you support as Tom L. was not a member of the Conservative party 16 years ago and given that what he said was commonplace back in the day, he would have had no idea that it would ever become this kind of a scandal.

I would bet that there are a good many in government today that are thinking - thank goodness I was never caught on tape.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Alberta Girl, I like John Moore's comment in the Post:

...Really, Scott? Have you honestly -- far from the madding lower house -- never chortled about how tedious "breeders" and their mewling children are? Are we sure there doesn't exist a video somewhere of you and some friends howling about the unseemliness of heterosexual sex?

Anonymous said...

PMSH spoke today in the I hope the matter will settle...of course until next weeks so-called scandal.

I still want to see Fife held accountable for unprofessional behaviour.

paulsstuff said...

Perhaps Taber can explain how Paul Martin went from anti to pro same-sex marriage, all after the age of 40.

Martin opposed same-sex marriage in a 1999 vote on the issue along with a majority of MPs,[9] but changed his stance on the issue in 2004, citing recent court rulings and his personal belief that same sex marriage was primarily a human rights issue

Alberta Girl said...

So my 32 year old daughter is visiting today - definitely more "liberal" in her views and while Mike Duffy was on discussing - of course - THE TORY TAPE (intersting that that was headlined at the bottom of the screen - since when did it become THE TORY TAPE - but I digress) - anyhooo - she said - and I quote - "things must be going pretty good in this country if this is all they have to complain about!!!"

She was appalled that they were going on and on and on about a 16 year old tape and made the comment that she has friends that joke around like this all the time. And I would bet every one of those friends think the Conservatives are rednecks.

I got a kick out of Mike saying how much the press gallery "appreciated" Brad Wall's apology - yet they continue to rail away that Tom's apology was "not enough".

I appreciated my daughters dismissal of the whole thing as a joke as we sometimes think we are all alone over here on the right.

Gabby in QC said...

"Perhaps Taber can explain how Paul Martin went from anti to pro same-sex marriage, all after the age of 40."

Paulsstuff, come to think of it, Trudeau himself changed from NO wage & price controls in 1975 (?) to YES wage & price controls in '76.
And the Liberals went from anti-GST to pro-GST, among other things.

And BTW, it wasn't just Paul Martin who voted no to SSM, and then changed his mind a couple of years later. As commenter Chuck80 stated on a National Post blog:
"In 1999, a vote was held in the House of Commons on this motion:

“That, in the opinion of the House, it is necessary, in light of public debate around recent court decisions, to state that marriage is and should remain the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, and that Parliament will take all necessary steps to preserve this definition of marriage in Canada”.

That motion was passed by a vote of 216-55. Want to know who voted for it? Do these names ring a bell? Goodale, Coderre, Jennings, Volpe, Paul Martin, STEPHANE DION AND JEAN CHRETIEN!!!

Four years later, in a sudden epiphany and "in light of recent court decisions", these charlatans were now voting against the same motion. Do you mean to tell me that the Liberals, these consummate parliamentarians, these "legislators" were just innocents in 1999? That they just didn't realize what their votes meant to the gay community?

Or perhaps, do you think that they were worried about losing votes to the NDP who voted en masse against the 1999 motion?"

Anonymous said...

Joanne, I agree with you.
Before i leave the subject though, i have one final thought for consideration.
Lets all recall the stories that came from Russia years ago during the cold war.
Do you recall how neighbors spied on neighbors, and told authorities about indiscretions?
An overheard remark would result in arrest or worse. People at that time lived in fear of being overheard and had to be very careful lest they get turned in.
Is that where we are going in this Nation?
How about the MP who peered over the shoulder of another MP to see what was on the screen of his laptop? Then she squealed long and loud without first finding out the facts.
then this Lukiwski affair.
Am i going overboard with my fears?
Am i paranoid enough?
I am not sure, but the trend is very disturbing to me.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Great comments here, everyone.

Lee, I don't think you're paranoid at all about all this snooping and reporting to media for the 10 second sound-byte on the evening news.

Alberta Girl, sounds like you have a pretty level-headed daughter.

Anonymous said...

Brad Walls chat with Duffy left me feeling very uncomfortable. I am not one to make jokes about gays, but I get the sense that by progress he meant 'politically correct' to the extreme. If we are 'progressing' than the elected Members of Parliament who stand for family values and our Chistian heritage would not be called knuckledraggers by a so-called professional journalist on national TV.
And since Wall and Lukiski have apologised for something said at a private party years ago I think the CPC should insist on an apology from Fife.
Where was the little faux blonde today?


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Bluetech, I just finished watching that Brad Wall interview, which I had recorded earlier.

I agree with you about this being a free pass to further the PC agenda at the expense of those that disagree with certain issues from a religious perspective.

What really struck me though was how Duffy referred to the 'half dozen' gays still in the closet, which he mentioned Friday as well. That was while making the 'knuckle-dragger' reference.

Not quite sure exactly what he was trying to imply there...

Anonymous said...

Sorta like this:
"Well if there weren't so many knuckledraggers in the CPC these poor victims would come out of the closet."
Am I way out in 'left' field on that one?


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Am I way out in 'left' field on that one?

I think you're 'right' on the money, Bluetech. ;)

The Trusty Tory said...

You see? They say BS like this and then whine when the Prime Minister cuts them off from Press Conferences for years. Both Mulroney and Trudeau did it. They have nobody to blame but themselves. We have such little standards for our journalists in this country, I mean, look at the CBC for Christ's sake.

maryT said...

CTV had a segment on today about some girl who is doing an art display in an undisclosed location in Toronto. It is on some roof. It is a large painting depicting Where' Waldo. I think she should change it to Where is Fife. I watched all ctv news today and he was nowhere. Don't get MDL so can't say about that. Is he on STRESS LEAVE, moving to Toronto for re-education, or moving to Global. My hope, he is filling out forms for UIC.

Alberta Girl said...

" Don't get MDL so can't say about that."

Hey Mary - you are in Alberta - right?

MDL is on CTV newsnet - it never says MDL just NEWS - it is on at 3 pm and then again at 6 pm in Alta. I have never seen a TV package that doesn't get it - not sure what you have but thought i would let you know in case you are actually looking for MDL on the TV guide??

maryT said...

Alberta Girl. Thanks for the info, but my cable system does not carry newsnet, only one CTV channel.
I would give up several of the religious channels for Fox News, cpac, newsnet to name a few.
Our cable is a local system, and they pick up pkgs from several suppliers, mostly US. I always link to anything from MDL. Could get him on the net but wont.
I finally figured out why so many cbc programs are advertised on my CNN channel. StarChoice does a lot of ads on CNN, and always mentions LMOP and The Hour. I think cbc has discovered where their audience has gone.

Alberta Girl said...

" StarChoice does a lot of ads on CNN, and always mentions LMOP and The Hour. I think cbc has discovered where their audience has gone."

I also have StarChoice and I too notice on TLC - all the ads for CBC programs - sometimes, I think someone has changed the channel on me. I wondered why CBC would be advertising on American channels?

Did you know that you can add any one channel you want to your package for only about 2.99 per mo - might be something you want to call Starchoice (did I understand that is what you have???) and ask.

My husband just added the "hunting" channel (don't tell the anti gun control people or it will be banned!!!) for $2.49/mo.

Take care and good luck on finding MDL - it's always good to have your daily dose of getting your blood boiling!! ha ha