Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What is Dalton McGuinty afraid of?

John Tory makes a good point - Dalton McGuinty has been campaigning inside a political bubble:

"Those people don't get inside Dalton McGuinty's political bubble,'' Tory said to applause. "The real people that have the real problems don't get inside his political bubble.''

That's an insult to every single person in Ontario, Tory said.

Indeed, it would seem that Premier McGuinty and his cohorts would rather insult cancer patients, bully parents of autistic children in court, and threaten media than have a frank discussion with them.

So what would John Tory do instead?

He (Tory) said four years ago Ontario was short 2,000 doctors and remains short by the same number with one in five people in Ottawa, for instance, still unable to find a family doctor. Overall, more than one million Ontarians were without a doctor four years ago and that number is more than one million today. Because of that poor leadership, he said, McGuinty deserves to get the boot from voters.

Tory said he will travel personally to the United States in a bid to persuade the 9,000 Ontario-trained doctors practising there to return home.

He said his party will boost spending on health care and still get rid of the health tax McGuinty imposed shortly after taking office. That tax unfairly hits lower income Ontarians harder than more well off taxpayers.

"You will no longer be paying the evil health care tax," he promised.

Do you want to be insulted for four more years?

Or would you rather see results?

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Update: Interesting insight here into political strategies during an election campaign - CNews:

"(McGuinty's) really limited his exposure to both voters and the media so he's run a very, very controlled scripted campaign. Tory didn't, and directly after that video came out, he shifted and mirrored the premier's campaign style."

What a bloodsport!

It just doesn't pay to be a nice guy in politics.

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Clive has a great post here with a link to a piece by Dan Gardner. Read how Dalton evades questions in an editorial board meeting.

National Post Election Blog - McGuinty claims he has spent plenty of time with 'mainstreet' Ontario.

Another reality check here.

Tory: Say goodbye to 'brush-off leadership

Thursday Update: Tory keeping up the pressure on leadership issue.


Anonymous said...

Tango Juliette sez:

I feel that the standard response to any questions coming out of a Liberal mouth about Tory FBS-funding, and the subsequent apparent "flip-flops" re: same, should be something along the lines of :

"I'll answer THAT in a moment, but first,

YOU TELL ME just what exactly is your position on "Fibber" McGuinty "segregating" our tax dollars to finance a vicious legal battle against tax-paying parents of Autistic Children in Ontario??"

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!

That -- and nail them with anything else that fits.


je me souviens Quebec 1976. Disillusionment with one party, another party's supporter sitting on their thumbs and not voting at all -- and voila! Renee Levesque.

Don't let the FBS initiative become the one single item that causes ALL Ont PC's and Conservatives to let Mcguinty retain power by default-- especially after he repeatedly "told us what the true issues are in this campaign" -- NOT!


t.e.& o.e.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Insults. Insults and lies. Standard Lberal bill of fare.

Just saw Ms. Scott Bryson swallow his face, when he got nailed for implying that all parental gare-givers of pre-schoolers raise nothing but criminals, and the ONLY way to avoid this problem is to re-institute the Liberal Universal Day-Care Plan??

Mom. Dad. Grammaw and Gramps. Neo-Con Fagins?? Who knew??

Thanks Bryson.

Would that condemnation apply to JUST the heterosexuals that "create criminals from the cradle, on up," or does this condemnation also encompass "other" and more "progressive" family units?



Anonymous said...

Dolton McGuinty is only afraid of teachers and other unions - without them this election might have been about issues.

bluetech said...

McGuinty didn't have to get out. MSM did all the leg work, focusing on Tory and the single issue. Since Dalton hid, no one could confront him about health care and law and order(aka Caledonia).
But then I guess the media wouldn't cover it anyway...they didn't make a big deal about that brave Mr. Brady, or Samantha that couldn't get a PET scan.If it wasn't for blogs no one would know about these incidents.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

MSM did all the leg work, focusing on Tory and the single issue.

That's right. MSM has been very complicit in all this. Howard Hampton said as much. I'm trying to find the link.