Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beware of cat tails

Any regular readers will know that occasionally I digress into little snippets of real life. This one is rated 'PG' which means that my mother should probably skip it.

The scene - Fitness class on Hallowe'en. We were told last week that we could wear costumes, but most of us came as 'work-out' people. I did wear an orange tank and black shorts to somewhat salute the day.

Two women actually got dressed up; which is a challenge when you're also having to work out. One came as a mime, with a black bowler cap secured around the chin with an elastic, white T with bow tie, and black capris with black suspenders and white gloves, the latter of which she eventually had to remove for the weights portion of the class.

The other costumed woman wore a great cat outfit with well-secured cat ears, makeup whiskers and black nose, and a long, black, stuffed, somewhat curly tail attached to the black belt which she wore around her waist.

Cat lady was in front of me, so that tail was somewhat distracting as we bounced up and down during the aerobic portion, but I managed to follow the instructor.

Finally it was time to lay down on our backs, with legs bent waiting for the crunches to start.

Suddenly a howl of laughter erupted from the whole class as we all stared at Cat Lady. It seems that she had shifted her belt around to position her tail in the front, in order to lay more comfortably on her back. There she was, long black, somewhat-bent tail at a 45 degree angle between her legs.

Needless to say, belt and tail were quickly removed.


Swift said...

There is a psychological term that might describe the cat lady's condition ,but just in case your mother is reading I will refrain from mentioning it.

Check out Stephen Taylor's comments on Garth's predicament. It couldn't happen to a nicer fellow.

liberal supporter said...

She should have moved it just to the side.

Actually she should have removed the tail during warmup, and put it wherever she stashes her water bottle (under the step if you're using those, or at the side of the room)

But the important thing is:
What party does she support?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Swift - on both counts.

L.S. - They're all Liberals here in Kitchener. I feel like Calgary Grit in reverse.

Swift said...

I don't think you feel quite like Calgary Grit. After all CG has to defend Dion's actions. Just imagine.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ha! Thanks, Swift! Now I feel better. :)

liberal supporter said...

I don't think you feel quite like Calgary Grit. After all CG has to defend Dion's actions. Just imagine.

Well CG would get laughed at out there no matter who the Liberal leader was.

Here, I would suspect people will at least listen to you, even if they don't agree. I only go hahaha on blogs, and only where I am somewhat known.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

L.S. - You are always welcome to go hahaha here. I admire your loyalty.

Here in la-la land, Liberals can do no wrong.