Thursday, October 04, 2007

Howard, don't blame Tory - Blame MSM

(Update at end of post)

Howard Hampton seems to be getting somewhat tired of jumping up and down and shouting, "Hey, I'm here too!"

Today he blew a fuse and started blaming reporters and John Tory for diverting attention from the really important issues such as the abysmal state of neglect in many Ontario nursing homes (CNews) - H/T National Newswatch:

With the election less than a week away, Hampton pleaded with voters of all stripes to elect more NDP candidates to the legislature so the Liberals don't end up with another majority government and a "blank cheque" to run the province.

He accused Progressive Conservative John Tory of letting down the province by ignoring the real issues and allowing the controversial debate over whether to provide public funding for faith-based schools dominate the campaign.

While I agree with Hampton that MSM has been guilty of stoking the fires of this emotional Faith-Based funding debate, the last person I would blame is John Tory. He had the idea - yes.

But Dalton McGuinty knew all he had to do was keep pounding at this issue and creating a firestorm of fear, and then it would be an easy slide to victory.

The media, ever hungry for whatever sells papers, hopped on board the bandwagon without a second thought.

Even Conservative bloggers were drawn into the debate, and expressed frustration and anger. I know. I bought into it briefly as well, until I realized how I was being manipulated.

John Tory has been clearly trying to bring forward other issues, but the media seems to want to dwell on just one (Globe):

He (Tory) said he tried to talk about other things but reporters wouldn't play along. "What am I going to say?" he argued. " 'I refuse to answer questions on that today?' How long do you think that strategy would work?"

So Howard, blame the media; blame the spin-masters; blame the electorate for giving into the fear-mongering; heck you can even blame me right now.

But don't blame John Tory for the media's insatiable appetite for the scent of blood.

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Update: Check out Lorrie Goldstein - Hamptons' telling the truth:

McGuinty, he said, "seems to have created his own ideal campaigning ground. You promise anything and everything, you let people down, you create cynicism and then you take advantage of the cynicism." Exactly.

Asked what he could have done to refocus the election on substantive issues, Hampton criticized himself.

"What can I say? I tried, I tried in the leaders' debate to get onto the real issues. I tried since day one to get onto the real issues -- it hasn't worked. So, I don't know what else I could do ... walk naked down Yonge St.?"

Oh, please Howard. At least wait until you're on Rick Mercer!

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Friday update - Star: 'Flatlined' Hampton strikes out at media. ("...Hojo is over...")

Globe - Schools issue has stolen debate, Hampton says.

Sun - Great letter here:

Re "Critics from all sides open fire on Conservative boss" (Oct. 2):

John Tory acted correctly in calling for a free vote on his proposal to allow Ontario's small minority of non-Catholic faith-based schools to join the public education system on terms similar to Catholic schools. Eliminating official religious discrimination that violates international human rights law is obviously necessary -- and the only politically viable way to fix the discrimination is to do so inclusively as Tory proposed.

But the Liberals have opportunistically exploited Tory's proposal for their own political advantage by fanning the flames of anti-religious bigotry and inflaming fears of the social breakdown that will supposedly occur if Ontario brings non-Catholic faith-based schools into the publicly funded and regulated school system. Tory's was a proper reaction, to allow the public debate to continue in a healthier way after the heat of the election subsides.

Michael Orr


Very well said. I love that line "opportunistically exploited Tory's fanning the flames of anti-religious bigotry..."

Excellent. And true.


Red Tory said...

I saw him indignantly blustering away (quite rightly too) on the news this afternoon and he seemed to be squarely blaming the media. Tory wasn't even mentioned. At least not in the clips that were played... on the dreaded media that you relentlessly trash each and every day (unless they say something you agree with).

Matt said...

Or the parts you choose to not see, red? click the link, it's there, and it's desperation.

Red Tory said...

I was referring to what was played on the national news.

Anonymous said...

Lamestream media vote for their friends in the Liberal Party, of course they're going to talk about the same issues their friends talk about and ignore the rest.

Red Tory said...

Blame the media... Boo hoo, hoo, hoo. It's the Conservatives' answer for just about everything.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well, I'll put some of the blame on many of the Ontario voters who don't take their responsibility to become informed very seriously.

They just absorb the superficial news of the day without question; and vote accordingly.

Easily led - just like lemmings.

And Warren Kinsella is a master at directing the lemmings. Just started reading his book, "Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics". I wish I had read that earlier.

Sorry, Ontario. Sometimes the truth hurts.

tori said...

we might blame the media, but at least we dont threaten and intimidate them like a certain someone from the ont. lib camp

admin said...

Joanne — They just absorb the superficial news of the day without question; and vote accordingly.

Easily led - just like lemmings.

And I'm sure when (if) Stephen Harper wins the next election you'll have the same scathing view of the electorate, right?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

And I'm sure when (if) Stephen Harper wins the next election you'll have the same scathing view of the electorate, right?

Yes, I will. I was referring to the Ontario electorate, which almost always votes Liberal.